Going for Gwen – Part 1

This story is totally fictional. Any references are coincidence.

My name Max and I am 25 year old and 6” 5′. I lived in San Francisco. My girlfriend broke up with me over month ago, I had been lonely ever since and lacking a sexual life. It was my birthday so I had decided to treat myself. I was going to go to ‘the Palace’ the hottest strip club in the red light district.

I was preparing for the night. I decided to where tight jeans and loose t-shirt. I had got a wad of 50, 10 dollar notes to spend. I set off

It was 7:30 by the time I had got there. I parked in the car park and the walked in. At the entrance was a middle aged women dresses in a small top that barely covered here large tits. She charged me 20 dollars to enter but if that was the standard of the receptionist what about the strippers, it sure would be worth it. I walked in and pushed through a crowd of men like me wanting some fun and women trying to be our babes. They were rubbing their asses and tits all over me. I got to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. Then I sat down and started to watch the show.

The stage was lined with golden poles glistening with vaginal fluids. First on was a dancer called Lola. She was slowly twisting round a pole and throwing her clothes into the crowd until she was nude. Then she began to rub the pole between her butt cheeks then a drunk young man kept on to the stage as she turned around stuck a 20 dollar bill in her mouth and started finger fucking her as she moaned in ecstasy. He started with one and gradually added more until her pussy was stretched enough for four fingers. Then he slowly withdrew and then suddenly rammed his whole hand into her pussy and fucked her really hard. Eventually a load of cum gushed out. Then he withdrew walked off the stage and sat down again as if nothing had happened. Lola walked off the stage nude and a group of Asian chicks came onto the stage. They started to hump the poles and rubbed the between their topless tits. They were ok but not my style. I ordered another gin and tonic and carried on watching. This time a whole group of old black men ran into the stage and started sucking the women’s breasts. Eventually they tucked money in their bras and walked of the stage. A few seconds later so did the dancers.

It was an hour or so later I was bored ,my trip had been unsuccessful, I was about to leave when the next dancer caught my eye. Her name was Gwen. She was 5” 3′ and had massive 36F boobs. Her tits really were gigantic. She has long curled blonde hair, a slim waist and a large curved ass. ¬†She was scantily clad in lacy black bra, a sexy black miniskirt and I caught a glimpse of a lacy black thong under her miniskirt. She had cherry red lipstick on and tall red high heels. Man was she hot. She started twirling around the pole and pushing her self up it while spinning. I stood in awe, maybe this wasn’t a waste of time after all. Then she lifted herself up and did the splits while clinging onto the pole. She was showing us into her skirt, making us look at her sexy body. Then she started sexily shaking her ass at us while dancing around the pole. Then she started to strip, slowly throwing each piece of clothing into the crowd then dancing a bit more and throwing another thing. Finally she was nude. I ran into the stage and shived 25 bucks into here hand and started finger fucking her tight hole. Eventually I got my whole hand in and vigorously fucked her till she cummed. Then I left the stage while she went off stage.

I stayed on and had another drink waiting for her to perform again. Then to my surprise she walked out of the backstage door and over to me. The hottie GWEN, back in her costume, coming to me! She came up to me and said, “you wanna lap dance honey?” I then replied,”How much does it cost babe?” “For you it would be free after all you were amazing to me back on stage,” Gwen answer. “Then I am in babe!” I happily exclaimed.

Then she sat on my lap and started gyrating around my crotch, practically dry fucking my erection. Whilst doing this she rubbed her tits all over my chest. She got me super turned on. After a while she stopped. Then she asked,”you want some proper stuff honey. In a room round the back.” “you bet I would.”I replied. “That’ll be 250 bucks.” She said. “Is that all,”I answered,”that’s good value.”

After handing her the money, I followed her round behind the stage and into a corridor. She then took me by the hand into a room with a king sized bed by the wall and a golden pole, like on stage in the centre of the room. First of all I took my t-shirt off and exposed my muscular chest and arms to Gwen. Meanwhile she was rubbing the pole in between her tits and cunt. After a short time she came and started undressing me, whilst I undressed her. She was sliding my jeans and boxers if while I was uncliping her bra letting her 36F boobs flop down, then sliding her sexy black thong down, exposing her hairless pussy and revealing the small remainder of her cute ass. She exposes my 8 inch cock, which is still erect from her lapdance.

Now the foreplay started I began fingering her again as she gave me a handjob. I a after with two fingers an Rxd built up till my whole hand was fucking her pushing in, out. Eventually when she was precariously on the brink of an orgasm I stopped, wanting to save that. Meanwhile she was massaging my member making it further erect. She started by pulling the foreskin back and then rubbed under it and along the rest of my penis till she felt some precum, then she stopped to tease me like I had to her.

Then I bent down and started to eat her pussy. I started sucking on her clit and then just as she was about to cum I stuck my young into her vagina and began violently tounge fucking her. Then she cummed as she shook with ecstasy. Then I lapped up every drop of cum till there was none left. Then she said,”I wanna taste myself,” and started licking her cum off my face. Then she started to give me an epic blowjob. She kissed the tip of my manhood before pulling back my foreskin and licking the head. Then she slid her rosy lips over it and started sucking it. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as she deepthroated me. Then I cummed in her mouth and she swallows every last drop.

Then she began to tittie fuck me. She shived my cock between her to tits and wrapped them around it. Then I started going up and down, just as I was about to cum she took her tits of me, leaving me on the brink of orgasming. Then we kissed, she passionately explored every inch of my mouth with her smooth tounge.

Then I jumped onto her and started penetrating her well lubed cunt, straddling her beautiful hips on me as I impaled her on my shaft. In, out ,in, out. I slowly slid in each penetration a little deeper until I was fully in her my balls rubbing her lips. Her tight pussy beating around my hard cock. Then I started vigorously rubbing her clit as I  penetrated her at high speed. Then we released cum at the same time as we orgasmed together, our bodies interwined. Then we started having anal. I shoved my shaft into her anus grunting while doing so as she moaned in pain and pleasure. Eventually I released my seed in her bowels and withdrew.

We got up and dressed before leaving, but not before swapping details. This was going. to be an interesting relationship…

This is my first porn story so I may add a part 2 if I have time.


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