Having fun during trip with married colleague

Hello friends, hope you are all well and enjoying your life. Myself Joker, little fat guy with somewhat good look, no dressing sense but little attractive. Without wasting time and spoiling your mood lets start the story. This is story of my being lucky to have fun with sexy married colleague.

About my married colleague, she is 35 but looks 25 and have awesome figure of 30-32-30 for which my friends die for. Many of them tried there luck but none of them were lucky. This incident happened on last week of August 2017. Me and my friends decided to go for trip to Udaipur. 8 boys and 3 girls. We planned for the trip but getting leave for 2 days and that also for 11 person was difficult but anyhow our supervisor managed head counts and gave us leave for 2 days. We all were happy and we booked hotel in Udaipur for 1 night stay. One of my friend booked travellers and we were all set for the trip.

We started our journey to Udaipur at 9:30 considering to reach at 5 AM in morning. I only smoke and drink occasionally (trip, party & functions). We had a stop on highway to get fresh. Only me and my 2 friends went to parlour to get some cigarettes and refreshments, we were smoking and I heard a voice. There she was, she said me that she wants to go to washroom and was afraid as there was no one around as it was highway. So she went to washroom and I was waiting outside and she came outside and it was somewhat far from the place where my friends and traveller was. So we started walking back and she started asking me questions as no one knew I smoke and drink so I told her that I occasionally drink and smoke and as we are on trip I smoked. We started chatting casual and reached travellers and started back our journey. Everyone was sleeping as it was 1 AM and we planed to cover more places as much as we can in whole day so we wont get time to rest. I was surfing Facebook and received a friend request. I saw and it was her. I accepted the request and she messaged me, we started chatting and asked each other numbers. Then we started chatting on whatsapp and we got frank. At 3 AM driver stopped the car for tea and getting fresh. We all woke up and came down from travellers and ordered tea. All were in sleepy mood except me and her. I don’t know what came to her suddenly she winked at me, I thought she was making fun and after some time I also winked at her and she gave me a weird smile. After having out tea we started our journey and we reached a temple in morning and got somewhat fresh and worshiped god and started out trip. We first went to bath as no one was feeling comfortable. One of my friend was from Udaipur and he knew a place where we can bath. We went there and there was an awesome waterfall, we all were happy and appreciated him. Boys started taking there bath and girls also came with us, we all were dressed and were bathing and we decided to go behind water fall. The way to waterfall was little slippery and we have to hold our hands and to move forward slowly. I was at last and she was ahead of me, she was holding my hand. Suddenly she started slipping and I grabbed her and don’t know how but my one hand was on her big breast and other on her sexy belly. I kept some pressure on her breast as I was slipping with her, then somehow I balanced myself and helped her out and reached behind waterfall and started having fun with friends. While taking bath she was in front of me and suddenly she hugged me and got separate, I was shocked but no one noticed that and after some time I gathered some courage and grabbed her from behind, she sticked to me. I got a boner and she noticed that and pushed her ass against my boner and started rubbing it, then everyone told lets go now. We started heading back.

The whole day we were winking at each other and making faces but tried that no one notice us. While visiting historical places we both were together and there was one time when she kissed me, it was dark so no one noticed, I was so happy and after that we kissed more than 10 times. While ridding to hotel me and my 4 friends started drinking in traveller, one of them got high on just half bottle and another one on 1 full. Me and my 2 friends had 2 full beer and still was ok. We reached hotel and got fresh. 2 of my friends went to wine shop and we all went to restaurant to have our dinner. They both came together, one was high, we ate our dinner and went to room, me and my 2 friends ordered our dinner at hotel as we were going to drink in hotel. My 3 friends slept as 2 were high and one was tired. Remaining all of us set in room and we 3 friends started drinking and remaining 2 boys and 3 girls were chit chatting. After our drinking was over my roommate was very high, he was even unable to walk properly, we had our dinner and I took my roommate to room and gave him earphones as I wanted to watch match. It was near to 12 and I received message from her that both the girls of her room have slept. So I opened my room and after sometime she came, I was standing near to door as soon as she came inside I grabbed her and started kissing her wildly and she also started kissing me wildly as we were hungry for each other more than 10 decades. I slowly started pressing her breast, she was rubbing her hands on my back, then I removed her t-shirt and she did the same, she was not wearing bra and her milky boobs were hanging, I sucked it wildly and gave bites on her nipple, she started moaning, my hands were going down, to my amaze she was not wearing inners and her pussy was clean shaved. I started fingering her and she caught my dick and started rubbing, I removed her leggings and my shorts as well we both were nude and kissing each other madly, she jumped on me and tied her legs around my waist, I carried her to bed and thrown her on bed, climbed on her and started kissing again, my hands were playing with her shaved pussy, she started getting wet, I took this opportunity and went down and started sucking her wet juicy pussy, she was shaking her body like a hell, she started breathing heavily and pushed me towards her pussy and locked my face to her pussy by legs, after few minutes she busted her cum on my face, I drank as much as I could and cleaned her pussy.

Now it was her turn she came down and started sucking my dick, there was already some pre cum on my dick, she was sucking like she was having a lollipop. As we all know, after drinking alcohol you cannot cum too early, same happened to me, it took time for me to get that excited to cum, her mouth was so warm that I was near to cum, suddenly I woke up and started kissing her and controlled my ejection, we started kissing and again I went down and started eating her cunt, after a while she got excited and came again, she was tired a little, then she came down and started giving me blowjob, after a 15 minutes blowing I was near to cum, so I tried again to lift her and start kissing but this time she told no and told me that I want to drink your sperm first then only I will let you play with me, after 2 to 3 minuets of blowjob I exhausted my sperm in her mouth, she drank all the cum and I came so much still she didn’t even let a single drop to waste, she cleaned my dick and we started kissing again, she told me, the sperm I exhausted was equal to 2.5 times than her husband’s sperm. We both started kissing, she was awaking my penis and I was caring her vagina, an idea stuck in my mind to tease her and carve for my dick, I rubbed my dick near her cunt, she was starving and saying please insert it… please… still I was teasing her, don’t know what came in her mind she climbed on me and kept my dick near her pussy lips and pushed my dick inside, in a go my whole dick was inside her because she was already wet, she started jumping, I was pressing her boobs, she kissed me and still she was jumping, as I recently came, it took time to cum again that quickly, after some time her speed increased and I was feeling some warm liquid pushing my dick, after 3 to 4 jumps she came and slept on me, we were kissing, we both got up, had some water and again jumped on bed, this time I fucked her in doggy position, after a fuck of 20 minutes I was going to burst, I told her that I’m going to cum, she told me to fill her womb as its safe, we changed out position and started riding her, after 5 minutes again I felt warm liquids forcing me, she had her 4th orgasms and as soon as she completed her mine started and filled her womb. We both were exhausted and tired, I slept on her for a while and then we both went to clean ourselves and in toilet as well we kissed each other and then she worn her cloths and went to her room, I slept wearing my clothes. As I already had 3 beers and more than half bottle vodka and after that more than 2 hours of sex as soon as I fell on bed I slept and woke up in morning.

It was the best sleep I ever had, next day we started our journey but that day we could only kiss each other nothing else, then we returned back to our town, we reached nearly at 4:30 in morning, there I got lucky, as her husband was at job and there was no one to pick her up, I told her that I will drop her home, while going to her home she hugged me from behind and was kissing my neck, finally we reached her home, she gave me a warm hug and long lip kiss, we bid good bye to each other and I went back to my home.

Our trip ended but my and her journey began.

Hope you all enjoyed a lot, pardon me if I have made any mistakes. You can give me feedback on jpcker15695 at gmail .com . Have a fun full life my friends.

Shortly I will write a new story where we both had sex in Navratri.