Hitch-hiker fun

I was 49. I was travelling out of town for a conference. My husband and I had a huge argument. I’d been driving about an hour deep in thought a third of my way through the three hour trip. I’d always had a fantasy about picking up a hitch hiker and fucking him. The Heart song “all I want to do is make love to you.” came on the radio. The thought making me so horny. I was wearing a yellow dress. It was tight around my bust and stomach with off the shoulder sleeves. The dress was gathered and loose it sat half way up my thighs as I sat. I looked down at my cleavage been pushed up by my yellow bra. The straps visible as they sat over my shoulders. My high heels sat on the floor by the passenger seat.
There he was. Tall handsome backpack on the ground beside him. He wore shorts and a Tee shirt and had short hair. I stopped asking him where he was going. Turned out he was going my way.
We drove and chatted. He was 24 German with excellent English in a working visa, He was nice. I did notice his glances at my thighs and cleavage. I didn’t mind it turned me on. My pussy moistened up. We stopped at a cafe and had lunch. We talked and laughed. I wanted him. We got into the car another hour to drive. He was glancing down at my thigh. I reached over getting his hand putting it on my thigh sliding it up my skirt. Then placed my skirt over his hand. I smiled at him.
“I don’t mind.” I said. He slowly moved it up my thigh. I opened my legs my skirt been lifted as he moved up my thigh. He reached my groin his fingers on my panties he rubbed over my knickers over my pussy. I groaned as he rubbed my clit and pussy lips over my knickers. He then looked at me as he slid a finger under neath touching flesh.
“Oh god” I said as a rest area came up. I pulled over and parked behind some trees. “Back seat” I said. I got out of the car and sat in the back seat as did he. We kissed and went at it like two horny teenagers. He lifted my skirt sliding my knickers down. I lay on the seat him between my legs. My pussy in view as he took my panties off. I fondled with his shorts pulling them down his hard cock springing out. I sat up sliding it into my mouth sucking it. He groaned as I sucked. A few minutes later he knelt between my legs sliding it in my pussy thrusting me. He unzipped the back of my dress loosening it pulling my shoulder sleeve down and my bra strap. He then undid my bra my breast fell out he caressed it and sucked my nipple ad he fucked me I groaned and lifted my skirt rubbing my clit feeling his hard cock thrust deep inside me the tips of my fingers feeling his hard cock as I rubbed my clit. He kissed my lips as he caressed my breasts. I orgasmed as he fucked me thrusting hard. He then pulled out I turned over and we positioned so he could fuck me doggy my skirt over my back my arse cheeks in the air as he thrusted me not much room but we made it work. I was to horny for it not to work. I was in heaven feeling his hard cock thrust me in the back seat of my car. Even better a hitch hiker fucking me my fantasy coming true. Eventually he cum filling my pussy with cum. After cleaning up with the towel I keep in the car we dressed and another car pulled up. I got into the drivers seat and he got back into the passenger’s seat. I gave him my knickers as a momento. I pulled another pair out of my suitcase and put them on. His semen seeping into them. That fantasy coming true. We reached our destination and I dropped him off kissing him goodbye and thanking him.


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Hi there. I am a 56 yr old woman. I am a divorced woman now living the single life but still enjoying sex. I have two children. Daughter 30 yrs Son 28 yrs. I am sharing my true experiences. All my writings is true and happened to me. So please enjoy.