How about in the car

They arranged to meet in the evening so it would be dark. As She drew into the carpark she could see Eric was waiting for her. She hoped Eric was as horny as she was. They’d been planning to meet for so long the anticipation of what may happen had built up so much she needed him inside her so badly, her pussy was aching for him. Eric opened his car door and She slipped inside, as soon as they locked eyes on each other she could feel herself getting wetter, they both knew what was going to happen.
He pulled her towards him stroking his hands through her hair whilst she kissed him passionately and ran her hands all over his hot body under his shirt. Eric had a nice surprise when he slide his hands up inside her thighs to find she was wearing no underwear, this made him long to be inside her right now.
Eric stroked her wet pussy with his hands whilst she undid his jeans to release his hard cock which was throbbing for her pussy so badly. She wrapped her hands around his cock and gently stroked it whilst kissing him, getting so horny from his expert fingers which were slowly rubbing her clit. She then gave him a treat and slowly slide her mouth over his dick sucking hard, savouring it whilst he continued to stroke her pussy below.
He was close to being pushed over the edge and She soon couldn’t take it any longer. She slide herself on top of him, took off his shirt and plunged his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. He couldn’t wait any longer and pushed the seat back so they could thrust harder, they were moaning so loudly as they fucked. They both saw car head lights driving nearby but they were both having too much fun to care about anyone seeing them.
She felt his cock pushing deep into her pussy, he was so close to coming it felt so good, Eric flipped her over so he was on top and thrusted into her until he came so hard, moaning with pleasure. She could feel an orgasm building up inside and with one more thrust an orgasm rippled through her whole body.