My first time

“So, tell me about your first time.” She asked.
“All of it?”
“All of it.”
“Well there we were, all alone at last. We were sixteen as far as i remember. There she was, in that black sleeve less frock with white spots, a bit tight on the bosom, a bit, just a tiny bit on her cleavage exposed. Along with black see through tights. I liked her that way, i really did. She was wearing a red lipstick and just a tiny bit, just a tiny bit of glitter on her cheeks. With all of that and streaked hair, you could imagine that I wasn’t going to resist for long. “So, here we are…” I said. She looked just a bit nervous, and she had the right to be. We weren’t thinking about that just yet, we didn’t even have that in mind yet. All it was till then was just a dat, but what followed was inevitable.

The cafe was empty. It was one of those glamorous kinds, but a very tiny one. We were on the upper floor, so there was no staff there either, and yes, the washroom was on the same floor. We hardly talked at first. We just kind of kept on staring at each other, as if waiting for the other to make a move. I held her hand, she didn’t hesitate. It was as if i had made the much awaited move. I stood up, and took a couple of steps towards her. She stood up too.
I held her shoulders and kissed her gently on her lips. She seemed surprised but also seemed okay with it. She replied with a gentle kiss. I opened my mouth a bit and yeah, our tongues were in each other’s mouths.It stayed that way for some time, till i decided it was time to step things up, so i started gently touching her body, starting from the abdomen, then to her thighs. My left hand was busy rubbing her back, while my right was on the side of her thighs, aah her thighs, specially with those see through tights, aah. i teased my hand close to her privates but then moved it away, resulting in a grin from her. I then gently moved my fingers towards her ass, and started rubbing it with my hand. She started biting her lips with her eyes closed. I then gently removed my right hand from her ass. Clutched her tightly through the help of my left hand, and then placed my left hand on her ass. Gently moving the right one towards her vagina. And oh yes, she felt it. The gentle rubbing of her vagina with her ass clutched tightly by my left hand, she was loving it. The noises were now beginning to come. Those gentle moans, eyes closed, lips between the teeth and an occasional smile on her face. Oh yes, she was loving it. Now i had my hand grabbing her ass, my hand rubbing her genitals and my tongue in her mouth. That’s when she decided to step the game up. She undid my belt, unzipped my pants and started to rub my penis with her hands, despite it being under my underwear. This led to me speeding up my rubbing movement and also led to me clutching her ass even tighter. “I hope you have your condom on.” She said jokingly. “Ofcourse i do.” I replied with a smile. And just like that, we began moving towards the restroom, patiently, gently.
Taking off her frock wasn’t easy. I had to unstrap the belt and then take it off. It took some time but I didn’t panic, i made sure she didn’t notice the delay as i kept on rubbing her genitals whenever any of my hands was free. She was getting wet, i could feel it despite a layer of tights and underwear between me and her genitals. And ofcourse i kept the kissing going. And there it was, the frock was off and believe me, i had never before seen a sight as beautiful as her in a black bra with those black see through tights. It’s beyond everything one could imagine. Meanwhile she was unbuttoning my shirt and managed to take it off. As soon as this was done, i leaned on her and help her downwards, we were both on the floor now with her below me. I moved downwards and started kissing her belly softly, she started breathing heavily, and i remained calm as her belly rapidly moved up and down due to it. I then moved a bit upwards, began kissing the part exposed off the bra. My head buried in her chest, my hand still rubbing her genitals. Aah, it felt amazing, and ofcourse, my own genitals were craving for some action. She instantly rolled me over and was now on top of me, without hesitation she began kissing my chest as i grabbed hold of her ass. And then ofcourse, was my turn. We rolled over again, and i gently took off her bra, continued the rubbing, and began sucking her nipples. Oh what a feeling that was, sucking her nipples, kissing her breasts, while rubbing her genitalia. It was now she who again rolled me over, now with a smile on her face. She took off my trouser, and before she could do anything else, i pulled her towards me and took off her tights with her still on top. Her black underwear was soaked. And we were both ready.
She remained on top, Took off her underwear and damn, i kinda fell pride in the fact that i had been rubbing that for the last few minutes. Next, she took my underwear off, rubbed my penis a couple of times leading to a slight moan from me, she grinned, as if meaning to show me that I’m not the only one who can handle genitals. She then inserted my penis in her hole with a bit of help from me. That was by far the best moment of my life till then. In a cowgirl position, she gently moved up and down, the up and down movement of her hips included a slight to and fro motion. Her own hands pressing against her breasts. Her bosom leaning outwards. And in this position, i made sure i played my part, grabbing her ass and opening it slightly. And then inserting the tip of my middle finger slightly into her ass hole. That resulted in a reaction, a grin, and then, not really what i had expected, she got off me and leaned in a doggy style position. Her cute butt was there in front of me like a magnet material waiting to be magnetised. “Try the doggy style.” She said, with her head turned towards me, in a smiling fashion. And you know, i always had this mantra, if a girl asks for anal, give her anal. But before inserting my penis in there, i decided on some oral. As i began gently kissing her butt cheeks, and then moved my tongue in the back of her butt hole, she let out a tiny moan, as i kept on moving my tongue inside her. And that’s when i decided it was ready. And there i was, inserting my penis into her second hole. For a minute, i kept it casual, speeding it up every second. And as every second past, her moans began to get louder. I decided to take it to the next level. With my penis in her butt hole, i straightened her body, and started fingering her vagina with my right hand, while my left hand was busy in squishing her breasts. Her moans were getting louder, and i felt as if i didn’t have much time left as well, and again i always had this rule that i would never ejaculate in a butthole. So i turned her, lifted the whole of her, yes, the whole off her, she was completely off the floor. She stretched her legs. With what it had gone through in the past twenty five minutes or so, i was sure her vagina was craving for more. That’s when i went down on her and inserted my tongue in her. After a few seconds i took my tongue out, lay her on to floor, and starting rubbing her vagina vigorously. I could she that she was loving it, as both of us exchanged smiles during her constant moaning. And now, it was ready.
I took her off the floor again, with her legs stretched out, inserted my penis into her vagina and vigorously began pounding it with a to and fro motion. She was screaming now, screaming with pleasure, and my time was almost there, we didn’t care about being caught due to the screams, we were just living the moment, and rightly so. I increased the intensity, now it was all about the climax, her and me, we were both reaching it. To my immense pleasure, she slowed down the movement of her hips and there it was, the fluid was all over the place, and it was still coming out of her, the sight and the feel of it was just out of the world. But I wasn’t done yet, i took my penis out of her vagina, took my condom off and to her immense pleasure, began ejaculating into her mouth, and she happily swallowed as many of it as she could. As for the rest of it, i ejaculated on her breasts, and instantly she began spreading it throughout her breasts and abdomen. Unsurprisingly, we were both smiling, we were both overjoyed.”

“Wow…” She said.
Despite not believing a word of what he had said, and rightfully so, she was aroused enough to actually end up creating the story with him which he had just told her.