My girlfriend’s mom

One day I stay over at my girl house, name Linda. She lives with her mom, just them two because she got divorced from her husband. Her mom, Nancy is nice and kind, she is very sexy like her daughter. She told me, I don’t have to sneak in the house to see her daughter. Nancy says I could come anytime I want. So I did.  That day I stay over, me and girl having sex and thought we home alone but her mom came home early that day. So we still doing it and my girl was moaning so loud. After we done we went downstairs and saw her mom sitting there smiling at us! Linda ask her mom, why she smile at us, she reply she heard her moaning and the door wasn’t close, she see everything. So we kinda feel weird because her mom see us fucking and we don’t even know! It’s late my girl have to go in work to cover for her friend at night. I told her I can drop her off and pick her up, she say no. I told Linda, my girl that I gonna go home to see my mom first but if she do that she will be late to work. So I decide to call my mom and tell her that I’m going to see her tomorrow. After my girl left, I head to my room and rest! But I decide to take a hot bath and drinking wine. Then I notice I forgot to lock my door so I get up and I was butt naked walk to the door to lock my room door and I see her mom standing there, staring at me. I try to cover up my lil boy but it’s to late. So her mom smile and say nice one, wonder why, Linda moan so loud.  So she walk in my room and glance at me, see her wearing just a shirt because I can see her nipple! She grab my hand that cover my dick and she pull it out! I told her to get out but she don’t. After I look at her sexy face and her ass, my dick start to get hard and she laugh. Linda won’t like this if she know and her mom say she won’t know if we don’t say anything. So she grab my dick and stoke it and say she haven’t have this for awhile. She stoke it and start to come to me, then boom it happen. She kiss and I start to feel her. She go down on me and suck it like she never have it before. Cum in her mouth. I start to fuck her, she moan like her daughter. After we done, she smile and kiss me. Next day when Linda come home, we act normal. She ask us what we do and I told her I just watch movie and her mom say she went out.  Me and her mom still fucking each other when my girl not home.