My Hot Taxi Hook-Up

I am a Indian girl in USA, working, single. One day my friend called me and said she is in the same city as I am and we planned to meet. I need to go meet a friend, I can’t drive. So I called for the Taxi.
Taxi arrived and I told him I need to go to this restaurant showing him a address as I don’t know where it is. He looked at the address and said 30 minutes madam.

“He is very handsome, lively and smiling – triggered something in me”
I sat in the back seat, he started Driving. I Know he can see me from the mirror he is so hot that I can’t stop thinking about him. We have arrived at the place and he asked me, if I would need a ride back.
I said yes- I would need a ride for sure. I am taking money out – he said ‘I will wait for you, we can settle that later’. I went inside the Restaurant but Can’t stop thinking about him.
Met my friend, we are talking about our families and ex-Bf’s.
But my eyes are looking for him , finally caught him smoking at his taxi.

He is very tall – I guess 6’2, well build body, wore shorts and a blue t-shirt – smoking hot as he smokes the cigarette.

My friend ordered some food , we ate a bit and then I said I have to go as I have something important to do as I saw my taxi driver is talking to 2 girls.
She said “OK, but we expecting 2 more friends in a bit.”
I said ” sorry, but I have to hurry” I left some money on the table and rushed out. I got at the taxi and said, “hey I am ready to go while he talking to 2 young girls” I don’t know, what they talked about he looked at me and opened the car door for me to board in.
I sat in the back seat while he got in and started driving,

I am 5’4, Busty, 152 lbs, black medium length hair, brown eyes, Tan Skin, Wore a red dress above my knees, tight fit and red wedge heels.

I just can’t control my self so I started rubbing my boobs on my dress and kissing on my cleavage – made sure he can see.
I got one of my boob out and started to cares it like rubbing it, holding tight , kissing on top and noticed he getting hard as I can see he started sweating even though its cool inside.
I put one leg on seat pushing my dress back, other to his seat on his pants rubbing his cock with my heels, looking in the mirror, sucking my 2 fingers I said

“Stop the taxi – I want you”.

He got a exit and stopped it to the side of road, where it is so quiet as nothing goes in that way.
I took my leg back and taking other boob out while asked him to “Take your shirt off and come here” He is very quick – just slide his shirt off and standing in front of me like in seconds he got in back seat – looking at me playing with my boobs. “Do you like me?” asked him with a winky face.

He holded my face and started to kiss me as he kissing me more he holding my hair my hands around his neck, creasing his head with no hair. Then he got his hands on dress and started to unzip it while hugging me tight he unzipped me and I removed my dress exposing my big boobs no bra and a red panty. He pushed me to the door and holded my boobs tight with his 2 hands.

“OMG! these are big, I always love busty girls”

and started to kiss and and suck my nipples, my hands on seats back sticking to the car door. He is soo good, sucking my nipples and biting them gently I am moaning in pleasure supporting myself for his pressure applied on me
“aaaahhhhh- Yesss”
he looked at me,
“enjoying it sweetie” ,
while pinching my boobs
“aaaaaaaaaa – yes”, looked at him.

He then kissing me on lips while sliding his one hand on to my pussy sucking my lips and reaching for my tongue as he rubbing on my panty. I then pushed him back a little and said ” remove your shorts and boxers” he got naked while I remove my panty and here we are both naked. I bend to his cock, holded it with my hands kissing on the top, rubbing it. His hand on my back and one on front seat, he could reach my butt with his hand. Started to lick his cock, while he moaning ” yeahhh” then I took his dick head in my mouth and sucking it, he is so enjoying it, he grabbed my butt hard and as I took it off my mouth he slapped my butt I moaned

I started to lick all his cock while holding his balls tried to suck it ,
it is so big that I cant suck it all so I took as much as I can in my mouth as he grabbed my hair and pushed me on to it.
Choking and deep throat his cock while holding and slightly pressing on his balls he pulled me out and kissed me, told me
“Spit on it and lick baby – You doing soo good”.
I spit on it and started to lick it all and also his balls sucking his cock again, he now grabbed my hair pulled me up to kiss me and said
“ride me sweetie”.

I sat on his cock, he holded me and helping me while I ride him. He is pushing me up and down with his hands down my butt
both enjoying it as he pounding me hard
“aaaahhhhh, yeahhhhh”
“just like that”
“fuck Me, fuck me”
he took his hands out to hold my boobs and suck them as I ride him. I am riding him slowly as he sucking my boobs and I say “eat them hottie” he bite on them little hard and I maoned loud

I pushed his head between my boobs hugging him tight he now put his hands down my butt and started to pound me hard, fast while I holded his neck tight I moaning in pleasure
“AAAHHHHHHH, Yesssss- FUCK me”
“fuck me hard, Give me what I deserve”
“fucking fuck me hard”
he pounded me hard and fast as I can feel his balls slapping my butt he then pulled his cock out and I rubbed it to get the cum on both of our naked bodies he shoot a load of cum that my boobs and his chest filled with his cum while my cream dripping down his cock. we both smiled at each other while he put 2 fingers in my pussy to get my cum out, as he finger fucking my pussy – my cum dripping down his fingers.
I moaned
he said
“I loved it”
I smiled and “mee too”.

We rested for 5 minutes. Got dressed and he drove me home.

part-2 coming soon