My Newest Coworker

For the past several years, everything had been going steady for me. I worked a high paying job at the same law firm for over seven years and was also in the perfect relationship with Mandy for ten. Her luscious blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and best of all, D size breasts made me love her more every day. Her looks were not the only thing she had going for her either. She was very intelligent and had a highly successful career in law as well. My favourite part about our relationship, was that when it came to the bedroom, Mandy was much different than other girls. She was willing to try out many things that I suggested, things that normally would have made a normal girl run out of the room. She even took control a majority of the time during our activities, a complete rare trait in females.

Little did I know, the dynamics of our relationship as well as the rest of my life were going to be changed by someone else, and one I would definitely not have expected at first. Her name was Monica Danvers, who had recently joined my law firm and was working in HR. The moment she was introduced to me, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of scorn towards her. She looked she never cracked a smile in her life and she wore thick glasses and a mud-colored shirt that must have went out of fashion ages ago. She wasn’t exactly unattractive but she didn’t wear any makeup and clearly didn’t care about her appearance. I would have been very surprised if she had a boyfriend. Appearances weren’t everything but I quickly discovered that her personality was just as unlikeable. She took her job incredibly seriously, even for a junior position. When I told her that she could relax a little bit, she gave me a humiliating lecture, right in front of everyone, about how she was not here to goof off and that I should be ashamed of myself. I wasn’t the only person who despised her at work either. After a month of joining our firm, I noticed that she had not even made one single friend nor did she even care to try.

While she was unlikeable, she kept to herself for the most part, so people eventually just began to ignore her. However, with me, it was different. I didn’t know why at first but I disliked her with an intense passion. Within just a few days of her joining our firm, I teased and picked on her a lot, doing things such as hiding her supplies and poking her in the ribs whenever I walked past her. I had never behaved like this in my entire life but something about Monica just made her so dislikeable. In addition to teasing her at work, I would always talk about how much I despised Monica to Mandy, after I got home. Being the great girlfriend that she was, Mandy listened to me eagerly, wanting me to continue further. It felt incredibly exhilarating to talk about Monica to her and it didn’t take much thinking for me to discover that the reason for this because they were pretty much polar opposites; Mandy was attractive and charming while Monica was dull and boring. The astounding contrast between the two had made me appreciate Mandy even more and ignited the passion in our relationship to a whole new level. In a way, Monica improved my relationship with Mandy but nonetheless, I still continued to torment her at work.

When I got back from work one day, I was completely exhausted, as I just finished my most difficult project yet. I was planning on celebrating later with Mandy and some coworkers but not before I got some rest. I was planning on just crashing on the bed when I noticed the entire house was eerily dark and silent. The only light that was on was in our bedroom. Curious as to what Mandy was up to, I started walking upstairs. As I got closer and closer, I whiffed an intoxicating aroma of her favourite perfume. Even that was enough to get my motor running, as I felt myself slowly getting an erection.

“This must be good,” I thought, walking slowly to my bedroom.

Once I went inside, I blinked and stared in awe. Mandy stood there, in nothing but a black mini dress. She walked over to me while I just stood there shocked, and kissed me lightly on the lips with her thick, red ones, smearing lipstick all over them. Speaking to me in a soft, seductive voice, she said, “Hey babe, I think you deserve a reward for your hard work today. Don’t you?”

At the sound of that, I quickly wrestled off my shirt, without taking my eyes off her for one second, and, trying to remain cool, said, “What do you have in mind, my slave?”

She laughed, “Oh, tonight, I’m the master and you’re the slave. I just thought my slave deserved a reward for how hard they’ve been working,” giving me another kiss.

I shrugged and grinned. Since I was exhausted from work, I definitely preferred her to be the dom so I didn’t have to put in much work. Besides, I knew that from my past experience, she was an excellent dom.

“Why don’t you lie down after you’ve taken off everything,” as she pointed at the bed.

I was definitely in a hurry now. I rapidly undid my belt buckle, and slipped off my pants and boxers, showing off my manhood. She glanced at it appreciatively before nodding beside her, beckoning me to join her. I sat down and she pushed my shoulders down and straddled me. I felt her grab my hair, in an arousingly forceful manner and kissed me once more. She pressed against me hard, wrapping her legs around my waist. Her tongue danced around in my mouth, constantly moving around to keep me on edge. I tried to match my pace with her but she clearly wanted to remain ahead of me and kept me from reaching her. She playfully bit down on my lip, not too hard but not too soft either, before slipping back into the comfort of my mouth. My cock grew rock hard and was pressing against her body but she was too focused on her kiss to notice.

Finally, she drew back and I briefly felt a spurt of disappointment. On the bright side, I knew that was only foreplay, and I was eager to get on with it and relieve myself. Rather than get me off, she whispered into my ear, “Before we get to what you’re thinking about, how about a little massage?”

Now that I thought about it, a massage was a great idea. My penis might have been aching but it had only been doing that for a few minutes. On the other hand, the rest of my body was still tired from work. I nodded and she slowly got up and let me lie on my stomach. As she sat on my back, I could feel the creamy texture of her thighs press against my sides and even that was arousing.

Her fingers soon found themselves on my shoulders, pressing into them with firmness. I shuddered in relief as this was almost as good as an orgasm. Her hands moved around fluidly, relieving me within seconds. Despite my hard-on, I didn’t want her to stop.

While I was enjoying myself, I heard her say, “You know, I wish Monica will be as lucky as you one day.”

I asked drowsily, “What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s been telling me that she’s having an awful time at work right now. She’s tired every time she gets home and she doesn’t have a boyfriend to make her pain go away. Unlike you.”

“You met her?” I asked incredulously. “How?”

The massage continued on, and although it was blissful at first, it getting less enjoyable now since our conversation was making me more uneasy.

“Actually, I know her from a long time ago. We’re good friends.”

I suddenly bolted upwards in shock although the weight of Mandy’s body stopped me from rising upwards more than a few millimeters. She continued on, in a sympathetic voice. “She just went through a terrible breakup just before starting her new job at your workplace. She was hoping she could just work there, relax and take all that stress away. Unfortunately, she told me that she gets bullied every day. Imagine how sad it was when I learned that it was you.”

At first, I was too stunned for words, but when I recovered, I finally blurted out, “Okay, I’m sorry. If I knew that was what she was going through, I never would have played those tricks on her. Still, I couldn’t help it. She dresses and acts like a schoolteacher from the 1960s!” Mandy replied, “You shouldn’t judge a person from her cover. She’s actually a very sweet girl and you would know that if you took the time to know her better.”

Mandy noticed my growing discomfort and said, “It’s okay, baby. I just wanted to bring that up so you could be less cruel to Monica. We’re still going to continue on with what I’ve got planned.”

Relieved, I agreed. “Okay, I promise to be better to her, so let’s go back to what you’ve got planned.”

She stopped massaging me and spoke in a voice she often used when she was the dom. “Well, you’ve been a naughty bully and I think it’s time you’ve been punished. Don’t you agree?”

I nodded eagerly, desperately wanting to see what was going to happen next. I felt her get off me for a brief moment, before she sat back down on me, right above my waist. I realized that she was now facing the other way, towards my feet. I still didn’t know what she was going to do until she said “A couple of spanks should straighten you out, don’t you think?” while rubbing my ass.

My heart pounded in excitement. Spanking was one of the unusual fetishes I had, after all. “Yes, I think I deserve to be spanked, Miss,” I said, not even bothering to hide the anticipation in my voice. Mandy laughed as she delivered her first spank.

“Ow!” I couldn’t help yelling out. Her hand struck my ass with such force that I wiggled around in place reflexively. She spanked me a lot harder than the she had before and I didn’t know why. Still, as much as it was painful, it was also enjoyable. She then spanked me again, this time hard enough so that the sound even echoed throughout the whole house. I whimpered and now, I wasn’t sure if I could handle even two more of those. She taunted me, “Poor baby can’t handle two spanks?” Angered by her taunt, I argued back that I could and she brought up her hand once more. As soon as it landed on my now incredibly sensitive bottom, I was powerless to prevent myself from flinching. I couldn’t take it after that and begged for her to have mercy by asking her to tone it down a bit. She disagreed and said, “I need to make sure you learn your lesson, you naughty boy!” At this point, I suspected that she was really trying to get back at me for being a bully to Monica but at the same time, she also did want to get me off. I was going to have to resist the pain, and if I did, the orgasm would be much more enjoyable than any orgasm I ever had. She continued with a few more spanks across my butt cheeks, to the point where they were glowing bright red and I was howling and whimpering with each spank. My terror and unwillingness to continue was increasing each time but I managed to overcome it and tell her I could handle more, which caused her to continue methodically slap each cheek in succession. I wiggled around underneath her, helplessly, until I couldn’t take anymore and pleaded for her to stop. Satisfied that she broke me, she finally stopped and I laid there, stunned and in a bit of pain. During all this time, my erection was not only still there, but seemed to have grown even more.

After waiting for me to recover, Mandy bent down and whispered in my ear, “I think you’ve learned your lesson, don’t you think?” I nodded with fervor, now seeing a side to her that I didn’t know existed. I definitely did not want to get on her bad side from now on. She glanced at my ass and said, “Poor baby, I think you will need something to help you ease that pain now, right?” She got off of me and I was able to sit up and face her. I knew where she was going with this because this was the voice she always used when she was going to get me off. Still, I was wary after what she had just done, so I asked her what she was going to do.

“What we always do. Sex is off the table for now but a think a handjob is still good,” she said. Grateful, I lied down and Mandy pulled out four bundles of silk rope. She slowly started slipping the ropes around my arms while bending toward me, allowing me to get a glimpse of her incredible breasts. She continued to expertly tie my arms to the bedposts and after she was done, she got off and said, “Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from.”

She quickly tied my legs to the bedposts in the same fashion and at last, she had me right where she wanted me. Turning around, she ignored my penis at first, and instead, placed her hands on my thighs. It always amused her to watch me get an erection when she didn’t even have to touch my penis and sure enough, my cock started perking upwards at her face. She laughed and teasingly gave it a light touch, making me harder to the point where it almost hurt. She played around a bit more, giving my rock-hard dick a few touches. Just when I was about to beg for her to stop with the teasing, she took my cock and finally began. Spitting into her hand and using that as lube, she stroked slowly and carefully, building up the suspense. She gave my head a few pinches followed by a few swirls. I involuntarily moaned since the foreplay had been too much for me to handle, which evoked some giggling from her. It wasn’t long before she switched to more intense strokes, her hands gliding up and down my shaft like it was nothing. Pre-cum started to drip out slowly and I was on the edge of finally getting an orgasm when she took her hand away and stopped stroking me.

Desperately, since I was so close to relief, I moved my body up and down, hoping that would be good enough to get me to cum. It was close but nothing happened. Laughing cruelly at me, she said, “Oh baby, I said that I would give you a handjob. I didn’t say I would make you cum.” I was outraged but before I could say anything, she covered my mouth with her hand, muffling my protests, and continued speaking to me. “You will get your handjob eventually. I promise you that. But for now, you’re on a time-out. After all, I said I was going to punish you for treating Monica like that, didn’t I?” She removed her hand, letting me speak. Although I was angry about what had happened, and wanted to last out at her. I realized I was in no position to argue back. I was still tied up and if I pissed Mandy off, who knew what she would do it me? There was also something else. For a while now, we had argued about which one of us was a better dom but now, I knew it was no competition. Mandy was in complete control and somehow, I was fine with it. Watching Mandy dominate me like this was a huge turn on.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, both in fear and anticipation. Without answering me, she walked over the drawer where we kept our sex toys. I still had no clue what she was planning until she took out a chastity cage. I was incredibly confused since I had never seen that before and was certain that we never bought one. Looking at the shock on my face, she laughed and explained, “I just got this today for this very occasion. I couldn’t think of a more fitting punishment for you.”

“No!” I yelled in frustration. Denying me was one thing but to lock up my cock was beyond cruel. I was getting denied control of my own cock and could only cum when Mandy decided to let me.

Giggling, she walked over and continued, “I’m going to lock your cock in this for the next week. If you can handle that without breaking down into insanity, and if you’re finally being nice to Monica at work, I will remove it and you are going to get the best handjob you will ever receive. If I hear bad things about you from Monica, you’re going to remain caged for another week until you decide to behave like a good boy!”

It was infuriating to have my dick caged but the promise of that handjob did sound amazing and I knew I would be able to stop teasing Monica at work. I decided to stop struggling and let her trap my cock completely in the metal cage. She snickered at the pathetic sight, causing me to blush, and said, “Alright, I’m going to go hide the key now. Don’t go anywhere.” I was still laying there feeling horny and already, I was starting to regret my decision. I was really not sure I could deal with a week’s worth of chastity. Not when I lived with and slept with that gorgeous blonde with her D size breasts. Another problem was Monica. Even if I decided to be nice to her, she could just lie to Mandy out of spite and I would still be caged. I realized that I was at the complete mercy of not one, but two women. I had to do everything I could to please both of them.

Mandy returned and said, “Well, let’s just look at what we have here, shall we?”

She then began to strip off her black dress from the top down, revealing every inch of her pale, smooth skin. She straddled me and proceeded to grab and squeeze her breasts, moaning loudly. I knew she was doing this to torture me and tried to resist getting aroused but I felt my cock press hard against the chastity cage within seconds. However, that reaction was nothing compared to when she pressed her breasts right on top of my face. At that point, I thought the cage would burst open from my ever-growing erection. She stopped and looked back. I tried hiding my horniness in order to show her that I wasn’t going to let her get the better of me but I unable to. She laughed and said sympathetically, “Oh babe, this is going to be a very long week for you.”

She walked over to the drawer once more, and took out a vibrator. I knew what she was going to do and for the first time in a while, I started struggling wildly. As shameful as it was to admit, she had broken me. I flailed around in my restraints and wanted nothing more than to get my hands free and my penis out of the cage so that I could cum. Her grin grew wider as I struggled in my restraints even though they weren’t loosening on bit. Exhausted, I collapsed back when I ran out of energy. There was nothing I could do as she pressed her vibrator near her clit and moaned even louder than before.

“This is truly hell,” I thought. Somehow, I managed to last the entire length where she brought herself to orgasm and moaned so loudly so that I imagined even the neighbours could hear us. My penis throbbed with incredible pain but I could do nothing to relieve myself. When she finally satisfied herself multiple times, she finally put the vibrator away and dressed up, this time in her pajamas, before untying me. “Good night, babe. Have a great week.” she said, giving me a quick pat on the groin along with a taunting kiss on my forehead.

I thought about trying to run off to find the key but I knew Mandy was cleverer than me and would put it somewhere I would never find. Besides, if she found out I was trying to find it, she would punish me in a way that would make today seem like a picnic. There was nothing else I could do but join her in her in her sleep.

For the next week, each day seemed to last forever. Every time I went home, Mandy was waiting for me, dressed in revealing clothing and finding multiple ways to stimulate me. I simply could not escape her and was forced to endure a raging hard-on that would not be relieved by at least a week.

As bad as that was, the worst part was when I was at work, away from Mandy. The first day I went to work wearing my cage, I met with Monica to apologize for everything I had done. I needed to get on her good side and have her tell Mandy I had really improved. What I didn’t expect was that, while I was chatting with her, I noticed her continuously glancing at my crotch and stifle a giggle. I quickly realized that Mandy told Monica what she had done to me and that my cock was trapped like a caged animal. I felt like I was going to die from embarrassment and wanted to run away from her but I somehow managed to continue apologizing. Finally, when I was done, she spoke, with her hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a laughing fit, “Okay, I accept your apology. I know that you’ve been…`locked up’ with a lot of work, so I’ll let you get on with it.” I walked away quickly, my face blushing with shame.

The same pattern repeated for the rest of the week. Each day I would get verbally taunted and teased by Monica followed by having to go home to see Mandy, who would tease me relentlessly. There was no way out of my situation and I felt my manhood slipping away as both Mandy and Monica were in control of me.

It seemed like an eternity but the week was finally over and I couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as I went home, I stripped off all my clothes, got on my knees and begged for Mandy to take off the cage. She looked at pathetic sight of my naked body with my cock still in its cage and said, “My my, you really couldn’t wait, could you? Lie down.”

I obeyed with enthusiasm and she said, “Okay slave, I’ll show you some mercy. I’m going to tie you up again. Then, you will get the handjob you’ve been waiting for.” Without waiting for even a second, I laid there obediently and I found myself tied to the bed once more.

Rather than taking her dress off, or even climbing onto the bed, she called out, “Alright, he’s tied up now. Come on in!” Before I could even ask who she was talking to, Monica walked into the room, making me gasp out loud. My face also blushed intensely as I was already beyond embarrassed at this point. Monica was seeing me tied up naked, with my chastity cage still locked on my dick, with my girlfriend right beside her. The two girls shared an amused look and I could see that Monica had cleaned up a bit, by putting on some makeup and dressing more attractively.

“Really, this is it? For someone who acts so tough, I was expecting something big. But come on Mandy, this is so puny!” as Monica pointed at my cock.

“It really is but let’s not tease him anymore. It would be too cruel and after all, he’s had to live with that small dick for his entire life!”

My face blushed beet red and I was beyond humiliated at this point. The two women exchanged some more jokes at my expense until they finally decided to get down to business.

Mandy said, “So, you’re wondering why I brought her here right? Other than to laugh and take some pictures of you like this? Well, she’s here to give you what you’ve been waiting a whole week for.”

I looked at Mandy then at Monica and asked, “Are you crazy? I’m not letting her do it!”

Mandy and Monica just exchanged a glance and Mandy said, “Alright, if you want her to leave, that’s fine. But you’re going to have to stay in that cage for another week, babe. I’m not giving you a handjob myself.”

“B…but you promised!” I whimpered in desperation.

“What I promised was that you would receive a handjob. I didn’t say I would be the one giving it. So, your options are to let Monica do her thing or you’ll have to stay in that cage for another week,” she said sternly.

I realized that these two women had planned this from the start. I was screwed either way. If I let Monica give me a handjob, there was no way I could even look her in the eye afterwards. On the other hand, I needed release badly. I already went through an entire week of hell and had no intention of going through it again.

“Okay, go ahead,” I muttered in defeat.

Monica had a mischievous grin on her face and before I knew it, she grabbed my member and started stroking it gently. Mandy watched from the sidelines but mentioned, “Babe, just as a warning, although she might not look like it, Monica is actually really good when it comes to this. She only finishes guys off once she’s made them admit that they’re her bitch.”

I had been embarrassed enough. First I was spanked until I begged Mandy to stop, then I was denied and locked into a chastity cage, next I was teased by both Mandy and Monica and finally, they both made jokes about my cock at my expense. But it was going to be a cold day in hell before I would say that I was anyone’s bitch, much less Monica’s. “There’s no way in hell she’s going to make me say that!” I was confident that I would be able to hold out and cum long before I begged to Monica. After all, despite everything that’s happened, I still thought of Monica as a loser, just like I did when I first met her.

Confidently, Monica continued her handiwork. I had to admit I was getting quite nervous because she was doing a surprisingly excellent job of arousal so far. She kept one hand at the base of my balls, slowly massaging them while her other hand glided a teasingly slow pace on my shaft. It was infuriating but I still knew I would be able to hold on for a long time. Then Monica changed her pace and her hand lightly tapped my balls instead while her strokes moved from my shaft to the head. The head was by far the most sensitive area and she kept circling her hand around it like a madman. I let out an involuntary whimper which she noticed. I could feel myself losing control and was close to getting an orgasm but I was still satisfied that I had not begged yet.

The relief must have shown on my face because Monica spoke for the first time. “You think that’s all I’ve got. I’m just getting started!” With that, she suddenly switched back to her slower paced method. As soon as that happened, I started to squirm around. The sudden drop in arousal was incredibly torturous and I knew she purposely did this to make the process of getting me off last longer. She repeated the same method another time and said, “I can keep doing this all day. I will let you cum by the end of the day, since that was what was promised, but can you last that long?” I glanced at the clock and saw that there were several more hours until the day ended. I knew I was not going to last for that long but I still tried to endure. Unfortunately, one more cycle from Monica was all I could handle before I conceded defeat.

“Please let me cum!” I begged. It was shameful how I couldn’t even maintain just one bit of my dignity after all this but I really had to cum at this point. Not being able to cum was the worst feeling I had ever felt in my entire life.

Monica put on an expression of mock surprise and said, “What was that?” “I said, please let me cum…” I whimpered.

Still stroking me gently, she said, “Do you promise no more teasing at work?”

“Yes!” I cried out.

“And do you promise to call me Miss Danvers at all times?”


“And do you promise to obey what I tell you to do at all times?”

I hesitated at this last request but a few extra strokes made me submit right away.

“Yes, I do!”

“Now for the final part,” as she took a brief pause to torment me even further. “Say that you’re my bitch. Mine and Mandy’s.”

“I’m your bitch. And Mandy’s bitch. For life!”

With a look of smug satisfaction on her face, she brought both hands to my shaft and stroked deliberately quickly until I finally came.

“Ughhhh!” I moaned. My cum had poured out rapidly, soaking onto the bedsheets, my body and even on Monica’s hand.

I was left in pure bliss for a few seconds after that. The girls were giggling heavily and watched me lie there, in a drowsy, euphoric state. I wished that I could remain like that forever but I slowly returned to reality. I noticed that Mandy had not untied me yet and Monica was holding the chastity cage in her hand. Before I could react, Monica went over and locked it over my dick once again.

“Why? Haven’t you tortured me enough?” I nearly screamed. Mandy raised her eyebrow, “Hey watch your language. That’s not how a bitch talks to its masters.”

I reluctantly apologized and said, “Sorry, my mistresses. I’m just wondering why I needed to be caged again.”

Mandy explained, “This is just for insurance. After the week is done, you’ll come back home where me and Monica will be waiting. We’ll do the same thing that we did today and I’ll lock you up again. This will continue for a week. Once I’m satisfied that you know your place, you can stop wearing the lock. Agreed?”

At first, I wanted to say `no’ but I didn’t really have a choice. If I disagreed, the two women would just leave me here with no way for me to free myself. So, I agreed and was finally untied.

Whenever I went to work afterwards, I was forced to obey Monica, or Miss Danvers as I had to call her. If Monica wanted me to get her lunch for her, I immediately complied. My behaviour made my coworkers laugh; after all, it was pathetic how a senior member like myself was taking orders from her. I managed to scrape away some good from my current predicament at the end of the week, where the cage would get removed and I had Monica get me off in exchange for having me confess to being her slave. Even after the month was over, and I was finally free again, I was still in Mandy and Monica’s control. I never got to behave as the dom anymore and every time we had sex, Mandy set the conditions for me. At work, I still called Monica `Miss Danvers’ and obeyed her every demand. From that point on, not only did I never tease Monica again, but I realized how pathetic I was since all it took for Mandy and Monica to assert their dominance over me was take control of my cock.