My wife and my friend – Part 1

I am 36, my wife is 34, we have been married for 12 years. Early in our marriage we decided to have an open relationship if the right opportunities came up, I had a friend that my wife had a major crush on and he really liked her as well, but I really doubted anything would happen since we didn’t tell others we were open, and I sure had never told anyone to have sex with my wife and fully expect anything like that could mess up a relationship.

We purchased a home in the Midwest during a time I traveled a lot for work, I didn’t mind mostly due to it paying better and it helped pay on the house and remodeling, the friend that my wife really liked did remodeling and carpentry and painting and I hired him, I eventually let him move in during a time he was living in between homes he was buying to fix up and flip. While he lived with us he was basically like extended family, we all hung out, had dinners together and drinks too, over time my wife flirted with him a lot, he got many hugs and goodnight/good morning pecks on the cheek as well, and she nicknamed him her “other husband”. For the longest time it was totally innocent and all in good fun. Some nights in bed the subject of having another partner came up and she would hint how she would offer him this or that if he would maybe do extra work on a project, she would joke like that to me, and I usually told her I knew she would just enjoy doing it, and told her if she thought she could she should and I was fine with it. I really could not think of a way to tell him he could, but I knew I would let him know it was fine if it got to that point.

About a month later we got a hot tub and he and I had been to a baseball game, we come home and she had dinner fixed, we ate dinner and sat out on the deck, on one of the tables she had a bikini on it, she told us how she had bought it for the hot tub, and planned to soak later, we both teased her about where were our suits if she was buying them, she told me I had trunks, one thing he didn’t bring when he came to stay were trunks, he said he hardly had time to go swimming so never thought of bringing any since we had no pool near us, we had a few more drinks and she went to change into her bikini. I didn’t see her at first but heard him say “WOW” and turned to see her in her bikini smiling, she said she was ready to soak, she said I could lend him a pair of my trunks so he and I went to the bedroom to get them, I guess I have always been the type to change clothes more privately around guys, and I gave him a pair to put on and I was getting mine to go change in the bathroom and out of the corner of my eyes I see my friend undressed and about to put the trunks on and I notice he is quite hung and seemed aroused, I had never seen him naked before that, he noticed I glanced and saw him, I really didn’t know what to say, but joked how my wife would probably get a kick out of him if he just went in naked, we laughed and got in our trunks and went down to soak in the tub, we were still laughing when we got in and my wife was wondering what was so funny, I finally told her how I had joked to him that he would shock her if he came in without a suit, she wasn’t really sure why and I was too shy to say he was hung, but she slowly figured it out and joked that he should of, the more we drank she started suggesting he should of more, or that I should of while I was out getting us drinks, and finally started teasing us for not surprising her and coming in naked, I told her she was the one who went and bought a special bikini, she could of saved her money and we could of all just went in naked, normally I would of been to shy to be nude with another guy around but after drinks that night I was more relaxed and I told her I would of went in nude had she done it, and she asked him if he would of, he blushed but said probably if we had all been naked, my wife was just tipsy enough and said she would lose her bikini if we took our trunks off, she took her top off before we could even say okay, and she suggested we all lose our bottoms at the same time to be fair, we all stood up long enough to take them off, we all caught glimpses of each other, my wife had a big smile after seeing his cock.

We ended up talking and having more drinks after that, she was getting tired from a long day and the drinking and decided she needed to go get sleep, she acted tired and as she went to get out she sat across his legs and hugged him goodnight, and did the same for me and I helped her go to the bedroom, I was just drunk enough I really gave it no thought I was walking around naked, I went back to the tub to grab the suits to hang to dry, my friend was still soaking so I just got back in, there was a bit of an awkward moment about what had happened, he was as surprised as I was about it, he just wondered if she would remember etc and if he should ever mention it again, I told him I only will if she does. He told me it had been a fun night, and how she was pretty, and I told him she really liked him and might regret forgetting she saw him in the buff, he kinda laughed and said as she was getting out of the water her hand grazed his cock, and he admitted one reason he stayed in the tub was that it aroused him, he said it was awkward since we were all friends and she was my wife and he had never been in a situation like that, I told him it was all okay. He was pretty drunk by the time we got out of the tub and I told him he should just stay the night, I got him a blanket and a pillow, and I went to bed, I was drunker than I thought since I noticed how some of the sheets were a little wet since I was still wet from soaking and fell into bed and asleep never noticing it, my wife was irked about it as she woke up and went to have her morning coffee, a few moments later she came back quietly giggling and saying I had to come see something, I was still kinda hungover and in no hurry to move but I did, we looked over our loft rail and could see my friend laying on the couch snoring with morning wood, even I was slightly in awe.

We went back to the bedroom and I told her she should go for it if she really wanted to, she wanted to but seemed shy and hesitant, she said it just didn’t seem right and concerned about me being there, I told her I would leave, she could tell him I had an invite to golf and left early, then I left, I came home 5 hours later and they were both naked in the hot tub, I acted like all was okay, they acted like everything was all innocent, but eventually my wife told me what all happened.

More to come……………..