Neighbour’s son. My younger man

One hot sunny day I am home alone. I am wearing a black string bikini and been  six months pregnant my stomach now getting larger. Pregnancy making me quite horny. I am sitting reading a book , I hear a knock at the door.  I walk to the door and open  it standing there was the neighbour’s son. He is 18 and a bit of a nerd, ginger hair, his glasses at the end of his nose, but he is  quite tall.  His  deodorant smelt really nice. We have been neighbours for 6 years.

He tells me he’s locked out and can he call his parents.

“Sure” I say letting him in. He has already run his eyes up and down my body.  He walks to the kitchen and picks up the phone and dials. I go to the sink and get a glass of water listening to the conversation. His Mum will be home in an hour is what I heard.

He puts the phone down and I say “An hour away ?” I question.

“Yes” he says. “Do you want a drink” I ask. I know his eyes are finding it hard to keep off my cleavage, pregnant stomach and arse. I was feeling horny quite horny.
I sit down with him handing him a drink. ” So your pregnant” he says rather nervously. “Yes” I say looking down past my breasts rubbing my stomach. “Six months” Cool he says sipping his drink. We chatted for a while. His eyes keep going back to my stomach ” Do you want to touch  my stomach ” I say to him.”Ok ” He said nervously, he reached out touching my pregnant belly rubbing it. “Wow ” he said as he felt my baby kick.

I put my hand on his guiding it around my belly he looked at me and smiled. I then slid it up to my bust rubbing it against the bottom of my breast. He flinched as his fingers grazed my bust I smiled at him with a reassuring ‘its ok’ smile, I kept guiding his hand around my stomach slowly.  I ask him if he likes my breasts. “Yes ” he said I lift his hand off my stomach and put it on my bust holding it close. “Feel them ” I told him his fingers tense. I smile and he loosens up. He wrapped his fingers around my bust.

Richard caressed my breasts fondling my cleavage. My nipples now erect  as he got more confident  carressing them. He sat closer sliding his hand inside my top. We kissed, french kissing, I slid my hand to his groin fondling the bulge in his pants. I groaned as he kissed me fondling my breast. I slowly undo his trousers as we kiss and he caressed my breasts. I guide my hand in his trousers feeling his hard cock. I stroke it inside his pants

I stood up and straddled his lap kneeling over him.  He guided his hands over my breasts and stomach.  “Do you want to fuck me” I asked. “Yes he said”

He leans in kissing my cleavage reaching behind my neck undoing the tie to my black halter neck bikini top. It drops exposing my breasts. He caressed them sucking my nipples as he played with them. I groan tipping my head back holding his head into my bust.

After a while I stand up taking my top off. He takes his shirt off as  I kneel between his legs sliding his pants off.  His hard cock springing out to full attention. It was surprisingly big. He looks down at me as I guide his knob into my mouth sliding all the way down his shaft. Listening to him groan as I give him a blow job. I lick my tongue up and down his hard shaft stroking it and I suck it circling his knob with my tougue. He holds my head as I suck. He groans and opens his legs as I suck. After a few minutes I feel him tense up. I suck harder knowing he’s going to cum, I let him cum in my mouth. I lick every drop of cum off his cock. I smile as I look up licking my lips. I stand up and lead him to my bedroom.

I get on the bed and lie back inviting him to my pussy. He pulls off my bikini bottoms and admires my shaved pussy. He licks my clit and plays with my pussy lips then slides his fingers inside me finger fucking me. It drives me crazy as I look down at him working on my clit. He circles his tongue around my moist clit groaning as to sucks up my juices.  I caress my breasts as he licks my pussy.  I groan as he slides a hand up over my pregnant stomach to my breasts caressing them, I hold his head pulling it into my pussy as he explores my womenhood.

After a while he gets on the bed  straddled over me and we kiss. He rubs my pussy and we get into a 69 on our sides. I caress his cock as he plays with my pussy. I suck his cock that has  now rehardened. I lick up his  shaft sucking his knob as he licks  my pussy out. He slides his fingers inside me. I roll him to his back and straddle him in a 69. I take the full length of his hard cock in my mouth as he spreads my arse cheeks. He licks my pussy .

I get off him and he lay on has back so I straddle him sitting down guiding his cock inside me. I ride him as he looks up at my size 12 body and my D cup breasts as I slide up and down his cock. He caressed my breasts as I groaned as I rode him. I lean back resting my hands on his knees my feet by his side. He seemed to be enjoying the view.

After a while I’m on my back  him entering me. I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him in as he fucks me, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. ” Fuck me hard ” I tell him as he thrusts in and out of me. He kissed my lips and neck caressing my breasts with his hand. “Yes ” he says.  After a while we move to the couch. I lay on it my arse on the arm on his side my legs hanging off the end . He enters me standing at the side of the couch watching his cock slid in and out of my pussy. This guy half my age fucking me. I have let go,  my body is his as he slaps against my groin He looks at my pregnant belly, my breasts bouncing with each thrust. My 18 yr old neighbour fucking me while my husband is at work. He smiles as our eyes meet I smile back, as his hard cock fucks me my pussy lips hugging his shaft as he fucks me in and out. After 5 minutes I look into his eyes.

“Cum” I said to him. He smiles as he thrusts harder and harder. Eventually he cums filling me with his juices. We gaze into each others eyes and smile.  We then shower and play in the shower.

After showering we dry each other and kiss before walking downstairs to the lounge naked.  He dressed and we kiss goodbye.

“Thanks I say to him as his mother pulls up the driveway as I close the door. I lean against the closed door listening to him walk away. I rub my pussy and breasts to catch my breath.


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My name is Dee. Husband's name is Raymond. We are loving sharing our sexual experiences as we have had many. We have a open relationship and support each other in our sexual desires and wants and needs we love the opportunity to explore our sexual fantasy and share our experiences. Our Real Sex Stories and True storys and Wife stories and voyeur storys are true and actually happened to us. We like to push boundarys. Sex is ti be enjoyed