Take Over

The school was a special school for young people who had behaviour problems most were out of control and often ran amok causing no end of problems, they drank cheap booze which was often stolen an smoked dope, the school was designed to bring the young tearaways back under control and lead a productive life … Continue reading Take Over

The Sect

Amy and Cindy were two 16 year old girls who had grown up together, they both had reputations of being trouble makers who smoked dope and drank cheap cider that they stole from the local shops, the girls supported each other in everything they did, if you argued with one or had a fight with … Continue reading The Sect


16 year old Tina was in the family change room at the swimming pool getting her young niece changed after they had been swimming. After changing her niece Tiny looked at her sister July who was a few younger than her, July was stood with her towel wrapped round her body, Tina grabbed July’s hands … Continue reading Freebie