Teen fucked in the park

Memories from my youth? You want things that I did when I was young? I am a respectable 50 year old now with a husband and family but when I was young I was always over in the park at nights with the other kids. I loved getting fingered and felt up and loved wanking the lads off, and once I had felt a mans cock in me there was no stopping me for at least 5 years. One night I had been wanking some lads off and one lad had been fingering me so well I had almost orgasmed so I was in a very highly sexed up mood when one lad asked me to over into the long grass with him. I knew he wanted to fuck me and I was really ready for it. We went over into the long grass and we were soon fingering kissing and wanking each other. He was very hard but his cock was quite thin. He slid my knickers off and finally got between my legs, his cock went up into me very easily as I was so sexed up it was almost painful. But, he was young and very excitable and almost as soon as his cock went up inside me it was spraying my inside with his sperm. He suddenly heard something, pulled out of me and was gone. Just as I was sitting up a man in his 50’s quickly sidled up beside me putting his hand on my leg. He asked me if I was OK and if the boy had forced me and I said no. Then quite casually he slid his hand up between my kegs and onto my pussy and as his finger pushed up inside me I got a fabulous tinging up inside me as his finger was almost as thick as the boys cock. His finger wriggled around inside me until he said “He shot up inside you eh” and I nodded. I had felt he was doing something with his other hand then he took my hand and pulled it across to him until it landed on a cock and when I automatically took hold of it was just amazed at how big and fat it was. 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Once his helmet was inside he stopped for a moment and adjusted his position then slowly pushed his fat cock all the way up inside me until I could feel the hairs at the base of his cock against my pussy and his balls against my bum. I had a full grown mans cock up inside my body and he was going to fuck me and fill me with sperm. That was all I could think of, that was how depraved I was back at that age. I am still amazed that my pussy could accommodate the fully swollen and fully erect cock of a mature man but it did and I actually liked it. He laid on me with his cock deep inside me for what seemed like ages before he pulled back and began fucking me and like the little slut I was enjoying it even though it was stinging a little. I really couldn’t believe how good it felt as his cock pushed in and out of me but my body began responding on its own as I could feel my hips begin pushing back up at him as he pushed in. 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I can still remember that time like an hour ago as I laid there with my legs spread fucking back at his cock like a little slut. But I was just lost in sex. I had dreamed about being fucked for a long time. The boys cock was stupid but there I was with a full grown mans cock in me fucking me like a woman and I was really enjoying it. As my climax faded his movements got a lot jerkier and to my horror I suddenly realized he was probably going to shoot in me. I said “Please don’t shoot in me” at the exact moment I felt his cock start throbbing inside me and a second or two later felt a sort of ball of warmth high up inside my pussy and realized he was already filling me with sperm. Even though I was scared of getting pregnant I was still fascinated at the feeling of his cock shooting into me. His cock finally stopped spurting inside me but he left it inside me for a few more minutes until it shrank back and slipped out of me. As he was doing himself up he asked “Did that feel good” and I giggled and said “yes”. At home I panicked until my periods started. Now I think back to those times and I was always insatiably horny a week or so after my period finished which coincided to when I would be ovulating. Over the next 6 years I let many boys and even more fully grown men fuck me before my sex drive slowed down just a little.