The Delivery Boy – Part 1

At seventeen years of age Martin thought that he was in a dead end job, he was a delivery van driver working for a large company but only did deliveries round the city he lived in, he never got the jobs that would mean he went all over the country and would earn a lot more money and have more freedom, He was sat in his van stuck in heavy traffic as he was making his last delivery of the night before he could go home to bed. As he waited for the traffic lights to change to green he looked again at his delivery notes, he was delivering to the small corner shop owned by an Indian family, the shop would be closed but somebody would be there to take the order. The traffic lights changed to green and Martin eased the van forward and drove short distance along the road towards the corner shop, Martin drove into the rear yard of the shop and after reversing up to the door of the shop got out of the van to be greeted by the owners sixteen year daughter who he had nicknamed joker because she often told jokes, Martin started to unload the boxes from the back of the van knowing there would be a cup of tea for when he had finished, after he had finished unloading joker signed the delivery note and Martin sat down for his cup of tea, he noticed that joker had a serious look on her face, joker looked at Martin and asked him if he wanted to earn an extra fifty pounds, Martin smiled at Joker and asked what he had to do to earn the extra fifty pound and was totally surprised when joker looked at him and said ” fuck me” Martin just sat looking in surprise at joker then said to her” your going to pay me fifty pound to fuck you” joker said ” yes” Martin could see from the serious look on her face that joker was being serious and not joking” Martin smiled and told joker that he would do it, joker locked the door and took Martin into a room where there was a bed, Martin watched as joker stripped naked he then started to undress and when he stood naked with his eight inch erection on show to joker she smiled broadly lay flat on the bed and parted her legs, Martin smiled climbed onto the bed positioned himself between jokers open legs and eased his erection into her love tube then started to gently push in and out pushing in deep with each inward thrust and after a short amount of time he felt joker cum with her crying out “yes oh yes” when she did, Martin carried on thrusting away into the first Indian love tube he had ever had pushing in hard as joker groaned in pleasure and soon climaxed a second time, Steve thrust away going as deep and hard as he could and just after joker climaxed a third time Martin pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum over her body before laying down beside her on the bed, after a couple of minutes joker got up off the bed and went to a sink where she washed Martin’s cum from her body, Martin got up from the bed and after washing his dick got dressed then followed joker back into the other room where joker told him that there were quite a few Indian girls who would pay him fifty pound for him to fuck him and explained that Indian girls like white boys and would love to be fucked by a white boy, Martin smiled and told joker to point then in his direction, Martin left the shop with his fifty pound in his pocket and thought to himself, this might not be a dead end job after all as he drove away waving at jokers younger sister as he did. The next day Martin got a late job to make an urgent drop off at the Indian shop when he arrived he saw joker and her friend waiting by the entry door, Steve smiled as he stopped the van feeling his dick start to stiffen and thought  I will be late getting home tonight.