The first time I had sex

I was 16 and a very horny guy, our highschool sent us on some practice courses at a hotel. I was the only one who showed up that day. I was assigned to the 9th floor with a girl that was about 16/17 to clean up after a party. We were alone there. She was very attractive, she had beautiful green eyes and a beautiful smile. She used a lot of swear words but I didn’t mind. I was extremely nervous around girls. I told her i needed to go to the toilet. I took my time pissing. Just as I got out with my cock still hanging outside(as I said there was no one else there so I thought that I shouldn’t hurry) I saw her standing by the door with her tits out. I freaked out, like any person would do in such situation. She approached me and got on her knees, my cock was hard as a rock at this point, mainly because I was stroking it after I pissed. She grabbed my cock with her hand and started stroking it. It felt so good. I was still freaked out. None of us said a word. She kissed my cock and before I knew it, my whole cock was down her throat. I loved it. I grabbed her hair and guided her mouth on my cock. She got up and I started licking her tits like no tomorrow. Then she revealed her pussy, it was a bit hairy, she wasn’t even wearing panties. Liquid was dripping out of her pussy. She laid down on the floor with her legs spread. I proceeded to eat her pussy out. It was so sweet. The sexy smell of sweat was making it even better. Her visible orgasm was a big turn on. I started slowly rubbing my dick against her pussy. After a few seconds I slowly penetrated her vagina. I never felt something so good. She moaned loudly. Her pussy was very tight and wet. We fucked like this for a good 15 minutes and then she got in a doggy position, spreading her asshole. I hesitated for a bit, but the temptation was too high. I slowly got my dick in her asshole. It was even tighter than her pussy. I was almost ready to cum. She got back on her knees and started sucking my cock. Just as I was about to cum I pulled out my cock from her mouth and cummed on her face. She licked all the cum from her mouth. We stood there for a few moments, no one said a word, i was watching her play with my cum. I got up and left. I didn’t know what to do and I don’t think she did either, but it felt so good. I never came back to the practice courses, I barely knew her name. When I got home I laid in my bed, thinking about what happened. I can’t understand what happened even at this moment.