The Girls

16 year old Abdul walked out of the detention gates on an early Friday morning, none of his family were there to meet him which did not surprise Abdul as they had disowned him, he had been caught carrying drugs and refused to tell the police who was a courier for despite promises of protection and rewards Abdul kept quiet, Abdul had received a twelve month detention order. After arriving back in East London Abdul made his way to the flat where he was to meet a friend, Steve was there to meet Abdul, Steve’s July sister who was a couple of years younger than Abdul was there as well, after talking Steve took Abdul to a house that was to be Abdul’s new home the lease was in his name. A couple of days after moving in Abdul got a visit from Amy who was on her way home from school, Amy asked if she could have a shower, Abdul told her of course to his surprise Amy started to undress after a short time Amy was in bra and panties only when took her bra off exposing her boobs Abdul smiled Amy then took her panties off standing naked before going into the shower returning 20 minutes later still naked after drying Amy looked at Abdul said ” want me to suck you off” Abdul looked surprised, Abdul undid his jeans letting his erection spring out Amy knelt and started to suck on Abdul’s dick after a couple of minutes Abdul squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth Amy swallowed it all, as she dressed Amy told him any girl in the gang would look after him all he had to do was ask, later Amy got a text message from Abdul saying” can I fuck you” a hour later Amy was breathing heavy as she lay naked on Abdul’s bed being pounded by him, next day Amy and 2 of her mates were all at Abdul’s house totally naked with Abdul pounding into one while Amy and her friend lay with their legs open, Next day Abdul was just getting up when Cindy Amy’s 16 year old sister arrived at the flat, Cindy said ” Amy told me you been fucking her and some of her mates and that your good at it” Abdul smiled and told Cindy I do my best to please, Cindy smiled said ” ok lets see just how good you are” and started to undress soon Abdul was looking at a naked Cindy one of the hottest girls in town her nipples standing up fully erect from her large boobs which Abdul was soon sucking, after a few minutes Cindy was laying on the floor Abdul with Abdul banging into her making her groan after twenty minutes Cindy had cum three times before Abdul squirted his cum up her body, after they had dressed Cindy told Abdul she would have to visit again as she was not sure how good he was. That night Abdul was laying in bed not long after Amy had left telling him it was the first time anybody had fucked her bum, Abdul thought what a life sex sex¬† and more sex.