The Help

Dawn was on her way home from the youth club, her best friends dad had refused to give her a lift because he said that Dawn was a very bad influence on his daughter and would get her into trouble, Dawn had even missed the last bus so was now walking alone through town, as she walked she saw Joe who lived next door to her sitting on the bench as Dawn got closer she saw that Joe had a few beer cans at his feet, Dawn went up to Joe and saw that the beer cans were empty and Joe was drunk or well on the way to being drunk, Dawn picked the empty beer cans up and dumped them in the rubbish bin then went back to Joe and pulled him up saying ” come on you drunken old bum lets get you home” Dawn walked along the road supporting Joe who had one arm round Dawns shoulders after half a hour of struggling with Joe the pair arrived at Joe’s house, Dawn found Joe’s house keys after searching through his pockets, she unlocked the door and kicked it shut after taking Joe inside, Dawn struggled to get Joe up the stairs but once she was had got him up the stairs she put him on his bed and removed his shoes and socks then tried to lift his jumper over his head as she did Joe cupped Dawns boobs called her by his wife’s name, Dawn brushed Joe’s hand away and said ” I am not your wife you drunk old bum she died a few years ago” Joe put his arms round Dawns neck and pulled her down onto the bed muttering his late wife’s name and other stuff that Dawn could not understand at the same time as muttering Joe was rubbing Dawns boobs Dawn tried pushing him off her but was finding it hard, Dawn the felt Joe’s hand go under her tee shirt and find her bra less boobs which he started to rub Dawn tried to get up but could not and felt her tee shirt being raised and her naked boobs come out which Joe started to suck, Dawn fought a bit harder to get up and get Joe off her but failed, Dawn felt her skirt being raised and her panties pulled to one side and thought to herself oh shit and pushed harder at Joe who she found was quite strong, Joe rolled over on top of Dawn as he did Dawn felt his dick on her leg and thought when did he get that out Joe started to fidget about and Dawn felt his dick on the lips of her love tube and tried even harder to get Joe off then felt Joes dick slide into her love tube and felt him start to hump away pushing in deep after a few minutes Dawn started to enjoy it and relaxed as Joe pounded away into her now wet love tube after five minutes of Joe pounding away into her Dawn climaxed then after another ten minutes she climaxed again then a third time before Joe rolled off her, soon Dawn heard Joe snoring and was able to climb off the bed and after adjusting her clothes went downstairs thinking I have just beenĀ  fucked by a fifty year old man and enjoyed it, Dawn went into her own house thinking I wonder if he will remember fucking a sixteen year old school girl.