The Loan

Tracy was sat in the lounge of the house where she lived, her mum was in the kitchen talking to the loan shark that she owed a thousand pound to knowing if she defaulted on the payment the sum she owed would raise to two thousand pound and keep going up, at sixteen Tracy was well liked in the area with many boys wanting to get her in bed, Tracy had told her mum she would sleep with the man to pay off the debt. Her mum had sent Tracy’s twelve year old sister to her friends house to keep her out the way, Tracy looked at Mark the loan sharks son who was in the same class as her sister and his brother Colin who was a couple of years older than his brother they were waiting for their dad to finish talking to Tracy’s mum and did not have to wait long their dad walked in to the lounge looked at Tracy and said to her ” so you are prepared to let me fuck you to pay off the money what your mum borrowed from me” Tracy looked up at him and said ” yeah that is right” the man looked at Tracy then said to her ” I am not interested in fucking a school girl like you but I am sure my boys would be” he then looked at his two sons and said to them ” is that right boys or wrong” both boys said in unison.” that is right” he looked at Tracy smiled said ” so if you want to help pay the debt off you better get all your fucking clothes off and I mean everything” Tracy looked at the two boys and knew she would have to and stood up then pulled her tee shirt up over her head and off letting her naked boobs fall free, both boys smiled when they saw Tracy’s boobs loving the sight of them, Tracy undid her jeans and along with her panties slid them down and off, both boys stared straight at Tracy’s hairless love tube at the same time feeling their erections straining inside their joggers, the boys stood admiring the naked beauty that was in front of them, the loan shark said to his two boys ” what are you waiting for you want a written invite get stuck in” the boys were soon rubbing Tracy’s naked boobs Colin had one hand between Tracy’s legs rubbing her love tube, the loan shark told Tracy to lay on the floor and open her legs, Tracy lay on the floor and parted her legs, Tracy looked at Mark and saw a three inch erection and when she looked at Colin was surprised to see a seven inch erection,  Mark moved between Tracy’s legs and she soon felt his dick at her love tube but it was to small to go in very far and after a minute Tracy felt it twitch and realised the boy had dry cum, Mark stood up and stepped back while Simon moved in and got between Tracy’s legs and was soon pushing his erection deep into her love tube, he pushed in deep then started thrusting away going in hard and soon Tracy was breathing heavy, Colin thrust in as hard as he could with each inward thrust and after five minutes he felt Tracy cum and not long after he pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirted his cum over her body, ten minutes later the loan shark was leaving with his two satisfied sons, as he left he said to Tracy’s mum if you ever want more money I am sure my sons will agree to terms. Tracy was stood under the shower thing to herself that she would have to see Simon again some time he had been good.