The Run

It was the day of the school annual run that always attracted many entrants from among the students with many parents gathered in the school grounds, the run took place over a twenty mile course, the runners were given maps and had to find check points where they got a card they carried stamped with the first team back the winners. The students were running in groups of two. Sara who a sixteen year old loud mouthed bully had entered the run and when the draw was made to see who would be running with who she was drawn to run with Martin the school creep who was Sara’s age and hated. As the coach was taking the runners to the start point Sara gave Martin a warning that he would get a kicking if he tried any funny business, after being dropped of at the start point and getting a final safety talk the students set off on the run back to the school, it was not long before the groups had gone off in different directions, after two hours Martin and Sara had got ten stamps and decided to take a break and were sat at the entrance of an abandoned mine when Martin was totally surprised when Sara said to him” I was told that you have a massive cock is that right” Martin looked at Sara and nodded his head, Sara then said ” show me it” Martin was totally surprised by what had said and just stood looking at her, Sara said ” come on get your fucking cock out let me see it” Martin lowered the front of his shorts letting his eight inch erection fall out, Sara looked at it then said ” fucking hell man that is fucking massive” Sara sat looking at Martin’s dick then said to him       ” get a hard on” Martin stood there with his dick on full view with Sara staring at it and after a short while Martin’s dick started to grow stuck out Straight then went up fully erect at ten inches sticking up like a mini flagpole,  Sara sat looking at the biggest dick that she had ever seen her mouth wide open, after a minute or two Sara stood up and told Martin to follow her then went further into the mine with Martin following, Sara stopped looked at Martin and said ” that cock is fucking massive and I want it ” Martin smiled Sara then said to him ” come on you can fuck me but you tell anyone and I will kill you” Martin watched as Sara took her shorts off followed by her jumper and then lay down on the ground parting her legs as she did, Martin looked at her admiring her ample boobs and shaved love tube, he then stripped his shorts off and knelt between Sara’s parted legs then rubbed the tip of his dick over the lips of Sara’s love tube and then gently pushed his dick in going in as deep as he could, Sara let out a moan as she felt the massive dick slide up her love tube, Martin started to thrust in and out pushing in as deep as he could with Sara moaning and breathing heavily and after a couple minutes Martin felt Sara cum but carried on thrusting away making her cum a second time before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the ground, Ten minutes later the pair were back at the mine entrance, Sara looked at Martin said that was good I enjoyed it, the pair continued the run and finished third and collected a twenty pound voucher each. A few weeks after the run Sara was in Martin’s bedroom kneeling naked and sucking Martins dick for the third time in three days, her nipples were fully erect as she thought about what Martin would be doing with her in a few minutes. Martin swallowed a Viagra tablet as he enjoyed the blow job he was getting looking forward to ramming Sara’s love tube after she had finished sucking his dick.