The Surprise of My Life

Ok, I’ve been around for a lot of years and to say I thought I had seen it all would be a gross understatement. But low and behold even at my age I was surprised once more. Let me give you a little background.

I had been dating a girl from work on and off for about a year, she had two children, and one was a girl who was 18 and a boy who was 17. They had been in the custody of their father for the last four years but he couldn’t handle them so he dumped them back on her. They were dysfunctional children and always had an excuse for not going to school and fulfilling their responsibilities as children. I had begun to build a pretty good relationship with her daughter Bridget and really thought I could make a difference in her life.

Susan and I had a great relationship until the children moved back in and it was like everything started to fall apart. Basically I had to walk away and told her that when she got her life back in order to let me know and maybe we could peruse this relationship further. Susan and I had dated for about 7 months the first time, during which time we had no sexual relations, finally I walked away because of her inability to get over a past boyfriend, probably the reason for no sex. I wasn’t about to play second fiddle to anyone. But low and behold, after 5 months of being apart and realizing that she had fucked up royally, she came to her senses and asked me out to lunch during which time she begged me to come back. Reluctantly, but mostly out of curiosity, I reestablished contact with her. After about two months she said she wanted to prove to me that she was ALL IN, and for the first time in over a year of knowing each other we had sex, amazing sex I might add, and spectacular sex. It went on like this for several months as we grew closer and closer. When I got Susan worked up, which was not hard, she was like a wild woman. She loved the 69 position and loved me straddling her chest and cumming all over her face. But then fast forward to the kids returning and me breaking it off. We were broken up for about three weeks when one morning she came in my office in tears telling me how much she loved me and how much she wanted to make things work. One thing about Susan, when she begged it caused my cock to get hard. I couldn’t help it that was just the reaction I had. Anyhow, I contemplated what she had said all during the morning and after lunch I was so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it. So I marched into her office, leaned forward on her desk and said, “Your place in 30 minutes”. She gasped and her eyes lit up as she nodded her head ok. I waited about 15 minutes after she left the office and followed her home. The front door was open when I got there and I just proceeded up stairs and entered her room where she was standing waiting for me. I grabbed her and kissed her hard and asked her if “this is what she wanted”, panting and shaking she said yessss. With that I told her to get on her knees and suck my cock. She couldn’t move fast enough as she pulled my pants down and hungrily sucked me as I talked to her. You like sucking my cock, I chanted? Yes, yes the muffled reply came from her mouth as she refused to take my cock out. Pulling her to her feet I told her to undress me, she quickly removed my shirt and trousers and threw them across the room, I did the same to her. When we were both naked I pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs and dived headfirst into her pussy. It took her all of about 10 seconds to start cumming. She howled like a basset hound as she came over and over again. She kept chanting, Oh gawd she moaned, I love when you eat me, I love when you hold my hand, I love when you look at me, I love when you fuck me, I love the man you are. She was out of her mind by this time and was thrashing around uncontrollably all over the bed; it took all I had to hold her in place where I could continue to eat her pussy. After 5 climaxes, I mounted her plunging my cock deep inside her in one brutal thrust. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me she panted as I continued my assault on her drenched pussy. Let me grind it, pleassssssssssssssssse, let me grind it she screamed. I laid still and let her grind her pussy on my cock and she exploded again. Oh shittttttttt she screamed as she continued to howl, I’m cumming, I’m cumming she moaned. Then I began to taunt her again. When I’m in your mouth, the only cock I want you thinking about is mine, not Paul’s, not Rex’s, not Jim’s, you hear? Yes, yes, yes she panted. When my cock is in your pussy the only cock I want you thinking about is mine, understood? Yes, honey, yes she moaned. When I shoot my cum down your throat the only cum I want you thinking about is mine, just mine. Yes , Steve, yes, only yours she screamed as she came again. Just then we heard what sounded like a door closing, we thought one of the kids came home but upon investigation we saw nothing to support that. It wasn’t till a day later that she found out from her crazy ex husband that her daughter Bridget has skipped school that day and was hiding in the house when we came home. She let no one know she was there. Well doubtless to say, all hell broke loose. The accusations flew like fiery darts, but the bottom line was that the little cunt had been where she should not have been, doing what she should not have been doing. Well, this put quite a strain on our relationship in the months to come. Bridget would not even look at me and was cold as ice. She condemned her mother; criticized me; and of course everything was our fault. Fast forward two years later. Because of that incident with Bridget everything cooled down considerably. Of course Bridget and her mom reconciled but I was on the outside, just not fucking fair. Susan and I were cordial to each other but the love and romance was gone for me. She still stated she loved me more than anything in the world and had this fantasy in her mind that our relationship still existed. We spent some time together on occasion but nothing extreme. On occasion I would cuddle with her at her home but no physical contact. Now for the moment you have been waiting for, the incident that gave me the “surprise of my LIFE”.

I was getting ready to leave town and had enjoyed a movie with Susan that afternoon. Afterwards I dropped her off at her home and came in to use the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom Susan was lying on her bed and wanted to know if I wanted to come and cuddle for a little while. Of course I said and joined her. At that point she asked if she could bless me with a backrub. Hey, you never turn down a backrub, so I said yes. It lasted about 20 minutes and I then offered to return the favor for which Susan readily accepted. Taking off her shirt and bra I proceeded to give her a great backrub, front and back, no sexual contact however. When I finished she crawled over and got into my arms with her face toward the window and her back toward the door. At that point after two soothing backrubs we dozed off. I don’t know what stirred me but I woke up. Slowly opening my eyes I turned my head to the right and was startled to see Bridget standing in the doorway. The look on her face was very confusing to me; it was half of surprise and half of mischievousness. Then she stepped into the room and facing me with a blank look on her face and keeping eye contact with me, she began to unbutton her blouse. Doubtless to say I got an immediate erection. Remember, this little cunt had not spoken to me in over two years. One by one the buttons began to free themselves from the restraints that held them. Bridget never took her eyes off mine as the last button was undone. She then unbuttoned the sleeves and pulled her arm from one and then the other. Holding her blouse in her left hand she tossed it into the hallway. She then reached around and undid her bra and holding it in both hands pulled it away from her chest. I felt Susan begin to stir and I rubbed her back and she fell back into a deep sleep. Meanwhile Bridget took both her big breasts, one in each hand and began squeezing them. I smiled and she smiled back at me as she nervously licked her lips and began to tweak her nipples. As she squeezed them I saw her gasp slightly and then release them. Never taking her eyes off of mine she lowered her hands and took hold of her belt buckle and began to undo it. This little fucking cunt I thought. What the hell is she doing? Then I felt Susan place her right hand on my crotch. I jumped at the sensation it created and she just looked up at me and smiled as she began to massage my cock through my jeans. As I looked back at Bridget realizing Susan was oblivious to what was going on behind her, Bridget had pulled the belt from around her waist and had unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Susan began to squeeze my cock harder as she undid the snap and unzipped my jeans. Reaching in she freed my cock from my shorts and pulled it out. It was standing at attention as she began to stroke it slowly and methodically. Bridget was watching all of this as she began to wiggle her hips pushing down her jeans over her plump little ass and then down to her knees. The look on her face changed completely as she saw her mom move her head to my lap and take my stiff cock in her mouth and began to bob up and down on it. I kept my hand on Susan’s head as she methodically sucked my cock because I didn’t want her to pull her head up or turn around and see her daughter behind us who by now had stepped out of her jeans. Bridget got bolder as she realized what I was doing and I saw a sense of urgency on her face. It took everything I had within me not cum cause I knew if I did Susan would get up and the little show behind us would be over. I wanted to see how far Bridget was planning on going. Slow down a little honey I whispered I don’t want to cum yet. Susan slowed down as I saw Bridget place her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pull them down and off of her young wide ass. Hands free I whispered to Susan and she removed her hand from my cock and placed it on my balls. That’s it baby I complimented her. By now I saw Bridget’s panties hit the floor and she stepped out of them. She then looked over at me as if to say…… “What would you have me to do next”? I mouthed the words, “spread them”. Taking one step outward with each foot Bridget effectively spread her legs to the point I was able to see her fat little labia. I could swear I saw a little drop of liquid glistening from between them as she raised her eyebrows and mouth the words, “well?” I could see Bridget was intently watching her mom as she hungrily sucked my cock. I didn’t’ know how much longer I could hold off as she continued to bob her head up and down. I looked over at Bridget and smiled, but she did not smile back, instead she raised her eyebrows again and mouthed the word, “well”? The little cunt wanted me to talk her though it. So I mouthed the words, “play with it”. With that she took her left hand and moved it to her labia and placing her hand on it she spread the lips open, then with the index finger on her right hand she began to rub up and down the inside of her lips. Her eyes rolled back into her head as I saw her finger come to rest on her clit and she began to rub faster. And yes, I was right, that was liquid I saw glistening in her pussy cause it started to drip down the inside of her leg. Just then I felt myself begin to swell in Susan’s mouth. I’m ready to cum Susan I screamed, are you ready for me to fill your mouth with my cum? Mmm huh she managed to mutter with my cock in her mouth. Is Susan ready? Mmmmmmm she moaned. Here it comes baby. My boiling hot cum began to shoot in Susan’s mouth and I could feel her struggling to swallow it all. Oh gawd I moaned as my cum continued to unload in her mouth. I looked over and Bridget was leaning against the wall, her eyes were the size of saucers and the look on her face was priceless as she rubbed her pussy and I knew she was cumming. Her face was contorted and her mouth was in an oval shape but no words or sounds came out. This made it even worst for me as I continued to hold Susan’s head in place and cum in her mouth. Finally I was done but I held Susan’s head steady as my climax finally subsided. I then looked over at Bridget who had finally regained her composure and I motioned her to get the fuck out. She was shaking and her legs were like rubber as she bent down, grabbed her jeans and panties and tip toes out of the room. She looked at me with a half smile on her face as she disappeared from my view. That was great baby I complimented Susan and made enough noise that Bridget could get down the steps without being detected. I’m glad baby, Susan replied, I just wanted to give that to you before you left. Well honey, I sure won’t forget tonight, that’s for sure. You better not she said as I could see the remnants of my cum running out of the corners of her mouth. Does Susan like my cum? Mmmmmmm, I sure do baby she replied. You didn’t’ miss anything did you honey I asked? She moved her mouth back to my cock and began to lick the end making sure not a drop was wasted. We both got up and used the bathroom and proceeded to put our tops back on. Just as we had finished we heard the door open and Bridget called out, mom, I’m home. Ok honey, we will be right down. I smiled to myself. Very creative Bridget I thought, very creative. When we proceeded down the steps Bridget was sitting on the couch working on her laptop. She looked up like the same smug little cunt she had been for the last two years, completely freezing me out. I’m going to walk the dog , you want to come? Sure I said as we walked out the door.

Upon my return to town about a month later we were at work and our IT guy was in and Susan had forgot her laptop at home as he was going to upgrade it. She called my office and asked if I could run over to her house and get it as she had a counseling appointment coming in shortly. I asked her if Bridget could do it and she said she had already text Bridget to do it and she was at work. I reluctantly agreed and left the office to go to Susan’s house and pick up her laptop. As usual, I was greeted at the door by her barking dog, I pet him and made my way up the stairs to Susan’s room where she kept her laptop. When I opened the door and went in, to my surprise, there was Bridget sitting on her mom’s bed. Being a little pissed I said, I thought you were at work Bridget and you couldn’t bring your mom’s laptop to her. Guess not, the smug little bitch replied. Nice little show you put on the other day I quipped. Did you like it she said? Well did you like the little show I put on for you Bridget, I countered? Did you like watching me fill your mom’s mouth full of my cum? With that she stood up and said, you make me sick the way you talk. Oh really you little hypocrite? I think the orgasm you had makes a strong case that you are full of shit. Besides I’ve seen your little blog on Tumblr, and your pics you little fuck. Fuck you Bridget snapped. Fuck me? Fuck you Bridget. I moved toward her and grabbed her by the head of the hair and pushed her back down onto the bed. Holding a handful of hair I moved my face toward her and said, the way you were rubbing that little slit of yours I’ll bet you wished it was YOUR mouth I was cumming in. She just stared at me with squinted eyes. Then I moved my mouth to hers and attached my lips to hers and kissed her hard. She began to protest but when she opened her mouth I inserted my tongue and began to move it around. I heard her whimper as my tongue made contact. I continued my oral gymnastics in her mouth when I felt her tongue began to respond to mine. I then turned up the heat and began to suck on her tongue as she started to move it in and out of my mouth in response. I then removed my tongue and pulled my head away. She was panting like a dog. I got into her face and eye to eye I said. No more fucking games Bridget, you hear? She didn’t respond. You hear I growled? She nodded yes. Don’t nod, say the words Bridget. Yes she whispered. Louder, I can’t hear you. Yes. Yes what Bridget? Yes, I hear, no more games. Looking into each other’s eyes I moved in and placed my lips on hers and kissed them lightly. The tenderness of the kiss took her breath away and I heard her gasp. I continued to lightly kiss her when I heard her start to whimper. That’s when I knew she was mine, but I was going to choose to treat her tenderly, I wanted as much from her as I could get. I was going to fuck her heart and head up good for all the hell she put me and her mom thorough. I was going to give her what she had wanted all along and just didn’t know it. I pulled away and looked her in the eyes, she was breathing heavily as I spoke. Do you know what your little show did to me the other day Bridget? She shook her head no. Well it made my cock as hard as a rock. She gasped when I used that word. It’s a good thing I had your mom to suck it. She didn’t respond. Do you wish it was your mouth my cock was in Bridget? I’ve never ahh……….. What, you’ve never sucked a cock before Bridget? That’s not what you imply on your blog you fucking little tease. No she whispered. With that I asked her a question. Bridget, tell me what you want? I, I, I don’t know. You don’t know? Then why are you shaking? Are you excited Bridget? Are you anticipating what’s coming? And furthermore, what was the little show for then? I wanted to……….. To what Bridget? I wanted to show you that I was a woman. I leaned in and kissed her softly and passionately again, she caught her breath. Well you did a good job Bridget I said when I finished kissing her. Now I’m going to ask you once more, and I want an answer this time. What does Bridget want? Stuttering she replied. I want you to make me feel like you make my mom feel. Really I smiled? She began to turn beet red with embarrassment. Are you ready to make me feel the way your mom makes me feel? I don’t know if I can was her reply, but I will try if you teach me. Are you ready to shut that fucking smart ass mouth of yours and do what I tell you to do? Well that depends she replied. Depends my ass Bridget? You need to do exactly what I tell you I said as I leaned in again and kissed her tenderly. When I broke the kiss I asked again. Can you do what I tell you too? Yes she whispered. Good, now we’re getting somewhere. It was going to be a pleasure to tame this little smart ass, to make her whimper like a baby and beg like a dog. Here are the rules Bridget. If you want me to make you feel like your mom then you will do what I tell you and when I tell you. Understood? Yes she whispered. No bullshit, no mouth, understood? Yes she replied. You’re longing to be real women aren’t you Bridget? Yes I am. You want to feel what a real woman feels, don’t you Bridget? Yes she nodded. Bridget, I’m going to teach you how to suck cock, how to cum by having your pussy licked and how to fuck, she gasped each time I said the words, cock; cum; pussy; fuck. I could tell she had never remotely had any sexual contact up to this point with another person. I would have this little bitch screaming those words before this afternoon was over. Are you ready for that Bridget? I don’t know she replied. I leaned in and kissed her tenderly once again. Finishing the kiss I reached back and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked, her eyes flew open in fear and I asked her again, Is Bridget ready for that? I think so. You think so? I snapped. Ok, I know so she cooed. Good honey. Good I smiled. Stand up Bridget I commanded her. We’re going to have a little reenactment of a month ago. Bridget stood up with her hands to her sides. But this time I will tell you what to do every step of the way. I knew this pleased her cause her eyes lit up. Unbutton your shirt, slowly. One by one the buttons came loose until the shirt stood wide open and her bra was exposed. Take it off, quickly. She hustled to get out of the shirt as it fell to the floor. Now undo the bra. This particular bra had the snaps in the front so when she unsnapped it, it opened up and her fat little tits fell free. Good Bridget I complimented. Now squeeze them nice and hard I growled. She began to squeeze her tits and I could hear her begin to breathe hard. Now lower your head and lick your nipples. With her hands she pushed her breast up as far as she could and then lowered her head and sticking out her tongue she began to lick her nipples. She shuttered from the sensation. Then I stepped toward her and told her to hold them steady as I lowered my head and took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to lick and suck it. She moaned with pleasure as I gently bit them and sucked them. Looking up I asked Bridget if she had ever had a man’s tongue on her nipples and she moaned no. Do you like it Bridget? I asked. She nodded her head yes. I then moved away and told her to remove the bra completely. She quickly shucked it off her shoulders and it fell onto the bed. I made her wait for the next command as I watched her fidget standing there not knowing what to do with herself. Off with the sweat pants I said and she placed her hands in the waistband and pushed them down over her ass, down past her knees till they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. I then looked at her and raised my eyebrows and said, well? She quizzically looked at me. You know damn well what to do now, so do it. She placed her thumbs on the sides of the black bikini underwear and began to wiggle them off her ass. She slightly bent her knees as she pushed them off and down her legs, over her knees and stepped out of them. Give them to me Bridget I commanded. She reached down, took hold of them and handed them to me. Rule number one Bridget, don’t ever wear panties in my presence again, do you understand? Yes she choked. If I come in this house and you have panties on you leave the room immediately and take them off, you understand? Yes she said again. Good, now that we have that straightened out spread those legs and play with your pussy the way you did the other day. Better yet, sit down on the bed, lay back, spread those legs and then play with your pussy. That being said, Bridget obediently sat down on the bed, laid back, spread her legs and began to fondle her pussy. I’ll bet you love making yourself cum this way don’t you Bridget? Yes she responded. As she continued to play with herself I moved toward the bed, fell to my knees and was looking straight at the action. I could see she was about ready to cum and I told her to stop. She grunted but stopped her fingers from rubbing herself. Now take your hands and spread those fat little pussy lips of yours I said. She took her fingers and gently spread her labia, her little hole was bright pink and wet, oh so wet and her clit was swollen. That’s when I rocked her young world to the core. I leaned in, stuck out my tongue and licked her clit. It was like a bolt of electricity shot through her as her legs shot straight out and her ass vaulted up off the bed. I can’t even describe the sound that emanated from her mouth. I then put my arms under her legs till they were resting on my shoulders and buried my face in her cunt and started to lick. It didn’t take 5 seconds for her to start cumming. She was screaming like she was dying, I reached up and took her panties and shoved them in her mouth as I continued eating her pussy. As she continued cumming her juices were squirting all over my face and down her legs. I chuckled inside as I continued to lap her as she came, over and over again. At this point she was crying like a baby from the intense pleasure I was giving her. I could see the tears running down her cheeks as she continued to buck her ass trying to get more and more of my tongue. I finally removed my mouth and said…… Did Bridget like that? Oh my gawd; oh my gawd, oh my gawd was all she could say breathlessly, over and over again. Her breathing was labored and her pussy was drenched. I then leaned up and kissed her as her arms flew around my neck and she squeezed it and kissed me back passionately. Finally breaking our kiss, I looked Bridget in the eyes and said. Is Bridget ready for her first cock? I could see the combination of fear and excitement cross her face. Well? I asked again. She nodded her head yes. Ok Bridget, rule number two. When I ask you a question I want a VERBAL answer, not a head nod, you understand? Yes she murmured. Ok, let’s try I again. Is Bridget ready for her first cock? Yes she hissed. I then stood up in front of her and told her to undress me. Hurriedly she removed my shirt and unbuckled my belt, pulled it out and undid my trousers and pulled them off. When she did, she got quite the surprise. Being that I do not wear underwear my cock sprung out and almost hit her in the face. Stepping out of my pants I grabbed her head with both hands and held it steady. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I said, open wide Bridget. She did and I inserted my cock into her mouth. Now suck it baby I commanded, and watch your teeth, don’t scrape me. She may have never sucked a cock before but it didn’t take her long to get the hang of it. Good girl Bridget I said, now take your hand and massage my balls as you suck. This girl was a natural cocksucker, just like her mother Susan. When I thought I would explode in her mouth I pulled out and looked her in the eyes. That was real nice honey I said, now get upon that bed and spread those legs nice and wide so Steve can fuck you real good. She got up off her knees, fell back on the bed and opened her legs. I climbed onto the bed between her spread legs and stretched myself out over her till I was face to face with her. I kissed her gently and she swooned. Bridget, I know you’ve never been fucked before but you use tampons so you don’t have a cherry, right? That’s right she replied. Are you on birth control I asked? No I’m not. Ok I answered. Ok, so listen, my cock is really big and your pussy is really small but nature has made it that when I insert myself into your pussy it will open up or dilate so you can receive me, you hear? Yes she said but I’m scared, you know I’ve never done this before, right? Of course you are, but I will make your first time wonderful if you cooperate, it’s all up to you, OK? Ok Steve she replied, I trust you. Now take your hand and put it between us and take hold of my cock. Like this she said as she put her hand between us and took hold of my rock hard cock. Now rub just the head of it up and down your pussy. She did, and when it hit her clitty she jumped and her eyes became wide. That’s only the beginning of the pleasure that this cock is going to bring you honey I quipped. Now take it and put it right in front of your hole. Moving it slowly to its target she held it steady. Ok Bridget, I’m going to insert just the head inside you. Her hand was shaking and her lip was quivering and she stiffened up in anticipation of what was about to come. Relax honey I said, it will be fine as I leaned down and kissed her on the lips while at the same time I moved my hips forward till my cock head entered her. She gasped and stiffened up for a second and then relaxed when she realized it was not going to hurt her. I kept my mouth on hers and was tonguing her as I gently moved in and out of her with just the end of my cock. Lifting my head up I told her she could remove her hand now and to put her hands on my ass. Obediently she moved her hands to my ass and gently squeezed. Do you like that baby I asked? Yes she said as I could feel her pussy adjusting to this new intruder. I know you don’t’ think it’s possible Bridget but when we are done you are going to be able to take my entire cock inside you. I’m going to go gently and do a little at a time till you adjust and then some more. Ok? Ok she replied as she opened and closed those puppy dog eyes. With that I pushed my hips and another inch slid inside her. Her eyes lit up with excitement when she realized that I was right and that her pussy would adjust accordingly. I continued with the same rhythm as I moved my hips back and forth, slowly and methodically. Another gentle push and I was four inches deep in her. I looked in her eyes again. Bridget, you know what I’m going to you, right? Yes she answered as I watched the pleasure on her face. Tell me, what am I doing to you honey? You’re having intercourse with me. Yes, Bridget, officially that is what it is called, but that’s not the word I like to hear, try another word She blushed when she knew what I wanted her to say. I knew she was struggling to get the words out so I bend down and kissed her gently on the lips and pushed another two inches inside her. Then I picked up speed as I pushed in and out of her. I could see the effect I was having by the look on her face. The little cunt was loving it. Then I pushed one last time and I went balls deep in her. She gasped when she felt my balls hit her ass and she knew I was all the way in her. I held steady for about 30 seconds to let her adjust and then I pulled all the way out and pushed gently all the way back in again. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth opened wide as a moan emanated from it. I did it again and again and then I felt her hips start to move and push back instinctively. Her arms came up and she wrapped them around my neck, pulled me down and started to kiss me passionately as I continued to push in and pull out. I could tell she was close to cumming but I was going to make her suffer for this one. Then I pulled out till just the head of my cock was inside her and stopped. Her eyes flew open as she looked at me. What are you doing she said? Just waiting on you Bridget. Waiting for what? Waiting to hear you tell me what we are doing? Her face turned beet red. No Bridget, I retract that statement, I want you to tell me what YOU WANT ME TO DO. She tried moving her hips toward me so she could get some relief but I just kept moving backwards so she couldn’t. Rule number three Bridget. You tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it or I will get up and leave you high and dry, do you understand? A tear formed in the corner of her eye and trickled down her cheek. You got till the count of three. One………….Two………….Th…. Ok, ok. I’ll tell you she relented. Good honey, now, every time you say it, I will move into you, and when you stop, I will stop. Ok? I could see her trying to form the words on her lips but it was very hard for her. But finally the words came out. Fuck me…….. With that I moved my hips forward. She moaned as I gently slid into her. She looked up at me with those pleading eyes and I just raised my eyebrows. Then she said it again. Fuck me. I pushed a little more and she quivered all over. Ohhhhhhhh she cooed. Oh Fuck me Steve. Her words compelled me to push again. That’s it, baby, you’re getting the hang of it. Now let’s hear it. Oh Steve she moaned, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. By this time I drove it all the way in her and began to move it in and out of her in unison with her verbal promptings. Fuck me, fuck me she panted. I could feel her getting ready to blast off. Does Bridget want to cum I said? Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yesssssssssssssssssss she shrieked. Think I should let you cum you little whore? Yes, oh yes, please, let me cum, please let me cum. Tell me I screamed in her ear. Yes, let me cum, fuck me Steve, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. She screamed as her climax hit her like an earthquake. She pulled my head down and started kissing me as she screamed in my mouth. I was fucking this little bitch with all I had and she was keeping up with me every step of the way. Then another climax hit her and then another and then another. She had her legs wrapped around me so tight I thought she would break me in two. She was crazy out of her mind. Then I couldn’t hold off any more. My cock started to swell and I screamed. I’m cumming Bridget, I’m cumminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. With that proclamation I began to shoot loads of cum inside her. Oh gawd, I feel it, it is so hot she chanted. It is so hot. I could feel my cock like a fire hose dumping everything I had stored up in my balls deep inside this little bitch. Finally there was nothing left. Exhausted and spent I collapsed on the bed beside Bridget and rolled over panting like a dog. She turned her head and looked at me, when I opened my eyes I could see the look on her face. I had seen that look before; this little bitch was in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? I said. Steve, can I ask you a question? Sure Bridget, anything. Can I cuddle up in your arms like Mom did that day? You can if you ask properly. What do you mean she retorted? Didn’t your mama ever teach you any manners? Of course she did. Then use them I said. Please Steve, may I lay in your arms? You may I answered. With that she rolled over and cuddled up to me putting her head on my chest and one leg over mine. Her pussy was against my hip and I could feel the cum seeping out onto me. Did you like that honey I asked? Yes she whispered, totally mesmerized. I put my hand behind her head and pulled it forward. She willingly moved it as I placed my lips on hers and kissed her long and hard. The little bitch was moaning like a wanton whore as we played tongue tag and swapped spit. Pulling her face from mine Bridget looked at me and asked. Were you happy with me? More than happy Bridget; actually thrilled. A little tear of joy formed in the corner of her eye and trickled down her cheek. I extended my tongue and licked the tear from her cheek. Now I know why Mom loves you so much she said. You think I retorted. I think, she replied. So then I’m assuming it was a good first time for you? I don’t even know how to describe it she cooed. Does that mean you want more of Steve’s cock? She actually twitched when I said that. Looking her straight in the eye I asked her again. Does Bridget want more of Steve’s cock? She slowly closed her eyes then opened them again and whispered…….. yesss. You know Bridget that what we did tonight was mere foreplay. What? She retorted. Mere foreplay my sweet Bridget. There is so much more. Her eyes started to twinkle when I said that. Does Bridget want to learn more? Do you want to learn what made your mom scream and moan in the bedroom that day you hid in the house? She just swallowed hard. You know what I think your problem was that day and the days following? I think you were just fucking jealous. Am I right? Maybe she muttered. Maybe my ass I said. I think you’ve wanted sex for so long that actually hearing it drove you fucking crazy. I’ll bet your little pussy was wet for days. Bridget began to squirm as I talked. Wasn’t it Bridget? Yes she whispered. Why do you always talk so dirty she asked? Dirty I responded? I like to call it sexy. And by the way, you’re pretty good yourself. Did I have a choice she said? Not if you wanted fucked I said. She twitched again. Bridget, I think you are ready for lesson two. Her eyes flew open when I said that. Lesson two? She said. Yes, lesson two. Start sucking my cock I said, just like mom did that day you were in the room. But no hands. The only place you can put your hands are on my balls. Understand? Yes she said. With that she started kissing my chest, my nipples and worked her way to my already semi erect cock. She opened her mouth and took the head of my cock into it and started to lick it. Nice Bridget I said, now make it hard, I have a little surprise for you. A little grunt emanated from her throat when she heard that. She sucked hard and began to massage my balls and my cock was rock hard in no time. Look up here Bridget and don’t take my cock out of your mouth. She slightly moved and was looking straight up at me. Ok baby, here’s what’s next. You’re going to straddle me and you’re going to take hold of my cock and insert it in that hot wet little pussy of yours. Then I’ll tell you what to do next. You like being told what to do don’t you Bridget? She nodded her head as she continued to suck me. Ok Bridget, assume the position. She got upon her knees and threw one leg over me. When she did her pussy started dripping juice all over my leg. You’re a hot little bitch, you know that Bridget? Please don’t call me that Steve, please. I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want to do you understand that I growled. I don’t like it. You will learn to like it I said. Now get in position and get my cock in you, NOW, I growled. She straddled me and took my cock in her hand, positioned it at her target and moved her ass downward. I bottomed out in her in a second. My, my, Bridget, you did that real nice. That pussy of yours must like Steve’s cock. It opened up real nice. Looking her straight in the eyes I reached up and grabbed hold of her tits and started squeezing them. Then I took the nipples and started to tweak them, that’s when I felt her pussy twitch. Mmmmm you like that Bridget? Yes she cooed. Ok honey, a little while ago I had to do all the work and you just laid there. NOW, you’re going to do all the work and I’m just going to lay here. Ok? Ok she said. Start moving up and down Bridget, I want to feel you fucking me. She gasped when I said that. I loved the way she reacted to my verbiage. Come on Bridget, fuck me. Fuck me like you love me. When I said that she caught her breath. You do love me don’t you Bridget? You’ve always loved me haven’t you? Yes Steve I do. I love you. By now she was bouncing up and down on me and I was lovin it. Good girl Bridget I taunted, good girl. You’re fucking me real, real good. Bend down here Bridget I commanded. She bent over and I locked lips with her as I started moving my hips up each time she went down on me. Her little ass never lost rhythm as I answered her every move. Then she moved her mouth from mine and buried her head in the nap of my neck. You’re ready to cum aren’t you baby? Yes she said. Ok, stop moving your ass, just stay still. When she came to a stop I started to move my hips up and down and my cock drove in and out of her. First she started to whimper; then she started to moan; then she started to scream; oh, oh, oh, oh, oh fuck she screamed, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Her pussy tightened like a vise around my cock as she started to spasm over and over again. Cum baby cum, cum for Steve. She continued to squeal and howl in my ear as her climax finally subsided. Roll over on your back Bridget I screamed. She dismounted me and rolled over on her back still panting. I quickly got onto my knees moved up and straddled her chest. Her eyes about popped out of her head as she saw me start to stroke my still rock hard cock. I took my left hand and put it behind her head and moved it up off the bed. You wanna know what mama likes Bridget? You wanna know what makes her fucking crazy? This does, I yelled, as my cum started spurting out covering her big tits, her face her hair. Her eyes and mouth were tightly closed. Open that mouth Bridget I commanded. Fuckin NOW I yelled. She opened wide and I gave her a nice surprise. She started to choke and tried spitting it out when I grabbed her nose and she was gasping for air swallowing every drop. When I stopped cumming I took my right hand and rubbed my cum all over her face. Best facial you will ever have Bridget, pure protein I laughed. Mom likes this she said? She doesn’t like it Bridget, she fucking loves it, and you will too. I don’t know she said. I know baby, I know for sure. I rolled off of her and pulled her over as she put her head on my chest and cuddled close to me. We both fell asleep. We were awaken by the ringing of my IPhone. Hello? Hey honey, are you coming? It was Susan. Yes baby, I’m coming, I’ll be there shortly. Looking at the clock it may have seemed like hours but it had only been an hour and fifteen minutes. That was your mom Bridget, she wanted to know if I was coming. So tell me Bridget, was I coming? Ohhhhh yea, ohhhhh yea. With that I leaned down and dove between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit Steve, I’m cumming againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I ate her through three orgasms till she begged me to stop. She laid on the bed panting as I got dressed, I gave her a long soft kiss and left to go back to the office. I had no soon gotten out of their complex when my phone buzzed alerting me to a text message. Glancing down I saw it was from Bridget……. I LOVE YOU!!!!! it said. Of course you do, I chuckled. Mission accomplished!!!

The next two weeks were amazing. It seemed that Bridget could not get enough of her new found sexuality. My phone was buzzing every two minutes with her telling me how much she loved me and how she needed me, right now. LOL. Doubtless to say I played this to the hilt. I had her where I wanted her and I was not going to let her go till I taught her a tough life lesson. Never fuck with the big boys. Probably one of the highlights of the next two weeks was the night I had her on her hands and knees and was fucking her like crazy. Her vise tight little asshole was starting me right in the face and I could not take it anymore. I reached over and grabbed the KY jelly that was sitting on the nightstand and proceeded to squeeze out a few drops and let them fall on to her tight sphincter. What are you doing Steve? I’m taking your virgin asshole, you got a problem with that I snapped. No, but please be gentle. Of course my dear, gentle as usual I said as I slowly slid my cock to the hilt in her vice like ass. You know Bridget, when I first saw your posts on Tumblr with your little ass in the air wearing the red panties and the white panties I fantasized about doing just this. With that I began to slide slowly and gently in and out of her ass. I really didn’t give a shit if he liked it or not, because I did, and that was all that mattered. So by now, I had violated every hole this little bitch had and I was about to cum in this one making it my Triple Crown. 0h gawd I groaned as I erupted into Bridget’s hot, tight, virgin ass. When I pulled out with a pop all my cum came running out of her ass like a fountain. I took two fingers, got them nice and wet with my cum and pushed them deep into her pussy and started finger fucking her vigorously. Then she began to shake all over as she buried her head in the pillow and started to scream. Are you mine Bridget, all mine I yelled? Yes, oh yes Steve, I’m all yours, all yours. That’s right, this little bitch was ALL MINE!!!!!