With my friend’s brother

Hi this is me Manju. I’m 19 year old. My friend invited me to her native for a local festival. I went with her. There I met his cousin Vijay. He is 22 year old. He is very charming. He told me he is single at the very first meet. His eyes sparkled when he saw me there in a light tee shirt and a tight jeans. We came to their house in 15 minutes from the railway station. It was a small house with two bedrooms. Where one room’s door lock won’t work. Everyone went leaving me to take rest at home. After sometime I heard her cousin passing through my room talking on his cellphone. I got an idea. I was so horny back then. I removed my bra over my t- shirt. My nipples became perky on one touch and it is piercing through my white tee. I went out he was sitting on the couch. He turned off his phone and saw me. I was staring at his lips desperately. I went near sat beside him. He noticed I am bra less. I kissed his shoulder to see his response. He started kissing on my lips. I moved his hands towards my hip. He slowly dragged my t-shirt up and pressing my boobs. He began softly. I moved fingers slowly behind his ears and one hand on his left tit beyond his thick shirt. He got turned on. He pressed very hard removed t-shirt and started biting my nipples. I started moaning. He undressed himself. And started rubbing his dick over my pussy. We both cummed within 40 seconds. He fucked me so hard that I entered heaven and came back. How he handled my boobs is beyond imagination. Quickly we went and dressed up. When I came outside another hot guy was standing there. He said “Hi can I fuck you too” I was stunned he saw us doing it. His cock is already right and poking his pants upward. There was a dark area behind the stairs we went there he started putting his cock into my vagina. Oh my god. That is the best beast sex day in my life. Thanks to my friend for giving me this chance. That second guy nibbled my nipples so hard that I started moaning loudly. After we finished I asked to come again tomorrow with a condom. As it was totally unsafe with two of them. If you were a boy I would like to get my nipples sucked and bitten by you too.!