Zoey Returns

Todd awoke the next day feeling down, Zoey was the first thing that popped into his mind and he was ashamed of how he had taken advantage of her. But that didn’t stop his cock from stiffening as he remembered her tasting his cum or at image of her beautiful bald lips. He sighed and rolled out of bed, his foot hit Zoey’s bag she had left knocking it over. He heard things rattle around in the bag as it flopped over, sounded like toys or something. His curiosity was peeked but he decided against looking in the bag, it was her stuff after all and besides what could she have in there that would interest him. He got up and went into the kitchen to make himself a bowl of cereal. He was just sitting down when his phone pinged a message. It was Kristen asking about the bag, if Zoey had left it there. He texted back an affirmative. He slowly chewed the cereal while he watched his phone, it was a few minutes before a return text came.

“Good..can I ask you to watch Zoey again today? Have a lot to do and easier if I did it alone.”

Todd’s palms began to sweat as he read the text, he could feel his heart beating in his chest and his breath quickened. He quickly typed back that he’d love to have her over. His mouth was dry as the Sahara as he waited for a response.

“Drop her off in an hour k”

Todd shot back a ‘K’ in response, he felt giddy…like he had just done a big hit off of a nitrous balloon. He gobbled down his cereal and tossed the bowl into the sink. Cleaning himself up some and shaving off the whiskers as fast as he could, he swapped out his night clothes for shirt and jeans. He was just cleaning up the mess from shaving when a small knock came at his front door. His heart lept in his chest as he looked at the time, only forty minutes had passed since the text from Kristen, she could be here already he thought. He rushed to the door and yanked it open scaring the hell out of a young girl who was not Zoey. It was his papergirl, an energetic nine year old trying to grow up to fast. He couldn’t remember her name at the moment as he looked at the girl.

“Oh WOW! Jeez…Wooah that scared the crap out of me mister.” The girl babbled as she placed her hand over her heart, a huge smile crossed her face as she gave a quick excited laugh at being scared.

“I’m sorry!” Todd said feeling like an ass, “I didn’t mean to scare you…I thought you was someone else I was expecting”. Todd looked down at his feet an toed the doorframe feeling so stupid for acting like a horny teenager answering the door for a sure thing. He was lucky it hadn’t been Kristen and Zoey, Kristen might have wondered why he was so egar to see them. He also realised as he was standing there that he had an erection from anticipation of a visit from Zoey. Mortified he covered his crotch as nonchalantly as he could while looking up at the girl.

” Oohh I see…. You were trying to scare someone else.” The girl stated with a playful smirk on her face as she wagged her finger at him. “Scaring people isn’t nice you know?” Her hand returned to a strap hanging across her chest, she grabbed it and pulled it out slightly from her torso. Todd saw it was attached to a paperbag slung low behind her back, it hung so the opening of the bag was off her left hip and the rest of the bag rested on her rump and upper legs. From this position she could either grab a paper by reaching across her body with her right or twisting her left hand back and retrieving one. Oddly enough he didn’t see her bike anywhere, he knew she had one because he’d seen her on it several times.

“Yeah I know scaring people isn’t nice and I didn’t have any intention on scaring anyone… even you,” Todd said as he looked her over, a new habit now that he’d been with Zoey, ” What brings you a knock’n anyways?” Her hair was light brown and long, it looked like it would reach the middle of her back if it hadn’t been braided up in a ponytail. Her forehead and cheeks were speckled with freckles on top of light tan skin, it looked like the rest of her skin would match up to her freckles by the end of the summer giving her skin a deep golden tan. Her eyes were hazel and glittered in the sunlight as her eyes darted around, two thin well shaped eyebrows raised and lowered with her excitement level. Her cheeks were slightly chubby but not from fat, more from smiling, laughing and grinning. When she smiled two big curved lines appeared on the sides of her face, bunching her cheeks up into two cute little freckle speckled balls under her eyes. Her lips were thin but well defined, a cute archers bow of an upper lip perfectly offsets the tiny bulge of her lower lip. The tips of the top of her lips, the “archers bow handle”, formed a narrow valley that run up the bottom of her nose. Her nose was slender with a slight point and two well defined flares for nostrils, a few freckles adorned the skinny bridge of her nose. Her chin was cute and had a little jut to it, like a small spot to place your thumb and fingers to grab it.

” I’m here to collect for next months papers,” the girl said as Todd looked her over, ” I got a lot of houses to hit up today before I can get a paycheck.” She gave Todd a weak smile and shifted the bag around some in a small jerk of the handle, she had obviously been carrying it in the same spot for a while and was getting uncomfortable with it.

“How much?” Todd inquired as he absent mindedly felt for his wallet, his eyes drifting lower to the girls bright shirt, it was a burnt orange but intensely vivid. He noticed she was holding the strap away from her breasts, maybe the strap was rubbing her nipples raw.

“Twenty Five dollars Mister.” She said emphasizing amount, like she has had to repeat it way to many times already today. Todd realised his wallet wasn’t on him and turned to retrieve it saying as he turned.

“My name is Todd… Not Mister.” Finding his wallet and taking a twenty and a ten out, he returned to the door.

“Oh…my name is Bonnie.” She said with a slight smile as Todd handed her the money. She fished a small bank pouch from her pocket and placed the money inside, then looked for his change.

“Where’s your bike at?” Todd asked looking around for it. Bonnie’s shoulders gave a little slump and her face soured.

“My stupid brother broke it yesterday.” Bonnie pulled out five one dollar bills and handed it to Todd along with a receipt she must have already had filled out. “Him and some of his friends built some ramps yesterday and they didn’t want to test them with their bikes, so he used mine and broke it on the first jump, he’s too big for it.” Todd could see the anger building in the girl and felt sorry for her.

“Come here, I have something you can use.” Todd said as he pushed past the girl and turned towards his garage. He stepped inside the walk in door and pushed the garage door button,he waved the girl over to the opening as he walked deeper into the garage. He never parked his car in the garage, just not something he did, instead it was a depository for all kinds of things he rarely used. One such thing happened to be a bike that just might work for Bonnie’s needs. He pulled the bike from a pile of wood and boxes he had placed in front of it, it was dusty and the rear tire was low, but otherwise a good solid bike. “Jump on and see if the seat is to high.” Todd told Bonnie as he dug out a tire pump to air up the flat. Bonnie just stood there staring at Todd and the bike, she had a hard time believing her ears. Todd gave a chuckle and slightly shook his head at the girl’s reluctance to sit on the bike. He gave the seat a good slap, making the girl jump at the WHAP, but it broke her of her inability to move. She swly walked over to the bike and threw one of her cute legs awkwardly over the bike, it was obviously taller than her bike. Todd held onto the bike while she tried to see if it would work, a worried look crossed her face as the seat pushed firmly into her taunt ass just as her feet barely touched the pedals, the seat was too high for her. Todd told her to hold on as she hopped off the seat and stood a stride the bike bar, the bar just brushing against her bike short covered crotch as she moved about looking at the ‘new’ bike. Todd found some wrenches and lowered the seat for her. Once the seat was adjusted he told her to take it for a test spin. Bonnie tosses her paperbag onto the garage floor and pedaled out of the garage, a little wobbly at first then she was perfectly fine on it. As she rode back a down look on her face made Todd wonder what was wrong.

Bonnie didn’t feel right taking the bike from Todd, he seemed nice but she didn’t know anything about him and her instincts were warning her to be wary. But then again the thought of walking the rest of her route didn’t sound appealing at all, the strap from her bag was making her chest hurt especially her nipples. She hadn’t worn her training bra today because she hated how it felt on her, now she wish she had just to spare her sore nipples. As she pulled back up to Todd she was torn on whether to take the bike, what harm could it do just to borrow it for a day or two.

“Something wrong Bonnie?” Todd asked as she stopped next to him and got off. She reached down and grabbed her bag, slipping it over her shoulder as she opened her mouth to say she didn’t really need it she would walk. Then the harsh strap slid roughly across her tender nipple, making bonnie wince at the fresh reminder of what she had to look forward to for the rest of the day. Todd seen her wince from the strap and decided to offer up some advice.

“Strap rubbing you raw?” He asked in a kind worried voice. Bonnie gave him a short nod but turned her body away from him shyly. ” If you don’t mind I know something that will help,” Bonnie gave him a really look. Todd went to the small medkit he kept in the garage and fished out a pair of Band-Aids. He handed them to Bonnie who gave him a weird look like what are these for. “Stick’m on your sore parts it will help.” He intentionally didn’t say the word nipples because he didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable than she already was.

Bonnie’s hand slid under her shirt with the readied band aid but she was having trouble getting it to stick right since she couldn’t see what she was doing and didn’t want to pull her shirt up. A pained look crossed her face as the sticky tape part came into contact with a sore nipple then pulled away as she tried to place the bandaid in the proper position. Finally she managed to get the band aides in place and gingerly brushed her hand down her shirt testing the new protection out. A small smile appeared on her face when she didn’t feel the uncomfortable scratching of her shirt.

“Thanks Todd.” She said softly as she tested the strap over her chest. She looked at the bike and decided to take it since he seemed so nice. “I’ll bring the bike back when I’m done with my route.” Bonnie hopped back on the bike and pedaled away just as Kristen’s car pulled up in front of his house. His heart stopped for a second as Bonnie gave a quick wave to Kristen and Zoey, he hoped he didn’t have a jealous little girl to deal with.

Kristen got out waving to Bonnie then gave Todd a ‘who is that’ look as she walked around the car to the rear passenger door to open it. She unbuckled Zoey from the child seat and helped her out of the car. Todd held his breath as Zoey’s little form started to come into view, light pink sneakers appeared under the car door. Her ivory white ankles was the only flesh he could see of her and it was enough to make him want her already. Time seemed to slow down as Zoey stepped out from out behind the car door, Todd let his breath out in a long shaky exhale as he drank in the child’s beauty. Zoey had on a denim bib overall shorts with an yellow heart outline embroidered on the bib, the yellow stood out vibrantly from the light blue denim. The overalls covered a pink T-shirt that was a few shades darker than her shoes, she looked so damn cute in the outfit that Todd had a pang of guilt that was quickly crushed by desire.

Zoey looked right at Todd with a huge smile and actually pushed her mother out of her way to run towards him. Kristen stepped out of Zoey’s way as she felt the little girl try to shove her way past her, surprised at her daughter’s eagerness to see Todd. Zoey ran full bore into Todd’s legs, trying to gripping them as tightly as she could. She hit Todd with enough force to make him take a step back to steady himself, pulling one leg from her grip before she could lock it down. Zoey latched onto Todd’s leg like an anaconda, her right hand landing on his firm cock from her arm reaching around. The feeling of her small hand gripping his cock through his jeans was exquisite, the warmth of it as she closed her hand intentionally around its form. He felt a soft hum of satisfaction emanate from the little girl as she settled in to him, her cheek nestling into his thigh warming it. Todd grinned like a fool as he looked down at whitish blonde hair, resting his left hand on the back of her head.

“Awe! Isn’t that adorable?!! Smile…..” Todd heard Kristen say, he looked up to see her holding her phone up to snap a picture. After she took the picture Kristen walked up and gave him a smooching peck on his cheek. ” Thanks for watching her again so soon. I have a lot of shopping to do and its just too much when I take Zoey with me.” Zoey turned her head towards her mom and stuck her little tongue out at her for a second. Kristen crinkled her nose at her daughter in disapproval but didn’t say anything. Zoey gave her mother the stink eye right back at her in response to the nose wrinkle, she felt safe latche onto Todd. Todd could see trouble brewing between the mother and daughter so he made an effort to defuse the tension.

“Hey how about a cup of coffee?” He chortled to Kristen, Kristen stared at her daughter for a second until Zoey turned her head slightly in silent resignation.

“Sure! One quick cup then I gotta go.” Kristen quipped merrily to Todd as she turned towards the house. Her ability to switch moods in an instance baffled him, he was just glad she was leaving soon. He went to take a step thinking Zoey would release him, but found that the little girl wasn’t giving up her hold on his leg. Luckily she was still light enough for him to move his leg with her holding on, Zoey wrapped her legs around his leg and gave a loud peal of laughter as he began to walk with her holding on. Kristen heard her daughter’s excited laughing and turned to see what was going on, she gave her head a slight shake at what she saw. Kristen just turned back around and walked into the house leaving Todd to lim to the door.

By the time he got inside the doorway his leg was aching and burning from Zoey’s weight, once inside he told her that enough he needed a brake. Zoey gave his leg a hard squeeze before letting go, she walked to the front room and turned his TV on. Kristen had already started the coffee and was leaning against the counter,she was holding an envelope in her hand. As Todd walked up to her she handed him the envelope.

“That should be all that I owe you.” She said with a smirk on her face, she was obviously proud of herself for paying him back. Todd grabbed the envelope and looked at the contents then tossed it on the counter.

“Cool thanks.” He said nonchalantly, he could care less about money right now, the only thing that kept crossing his mind was the blonde angle in the other room. Kristen had a glob smacked look on her face, pure disbelief of Todd’s lack of interest in money shown clearly in her eyes.

“Christ most people are happy when someone hands them a shitload of money, but you… Oh no it’s no big whoop!” Kristen exclaimed with a touch of anger in her voice, if he only knew what she had to do to get that kind of money. Todd reeled back from her slight outburst, he put his hands up in a defensive gesture.

“Hey whooh…I’m happy you paid me back. I wasn’t worried you would,” Todd lied, he often wrote off what he gave her as to never be seen again, “I didn’t want to make any big deal out of it because we’re family.” He added a weak smile to his statement hoping Kristen wouldn’t make any more fuss about it. Kristen gave him a foul look for a second before shrugging her shoulders.

“Whatever.” Kristen huffed, she was obviously upset with him but Todd failed to see what the big deal was, he wasn’t going to push the issue though, he had Zoey on his mind right now and that was all that really mattered. “I’m going to go, I have a lot of shit to do today.” Kristen’s voice was heavy and acidic as she picked up her small purse and flipped her pink hair around in agitation. Todd felt bad for putting her in a foul mood but didn’t know what to say or do to make her feel better. Then on impulse he picked up the envelop and pulled out some money.

” Here take fifty buck for you and fifty for Zoey, buy yourself and her something nice.” He offered Kristen the cash with a cheesy grin hoping the free cash would put Kristen in a better mood. Kristen stopped her dramatic exit and looked at the money in Todd’s hand, then directly at him. Todd held his breath for a second as he waited for her response, his breathing returning when her face softened and a look of remorse crossed her face.

” Shit Todd… You don’t have to do that. I’m just being a little bitchy right now…. It that time.” Kristen’s cheeks reddened when she mentioned her time of the month. Todd didn’t flinch a bit, he still held the cash out as a peace offering. Kristen slowly reached her hand out and took the money, she never could say no to easy cash. “Thank you.” She said quietly as she shoved the money in her purse. Feeling embarrassed Kristen gathered the rest of her things and made her way to the door. She called to Zoey that she was leaving and for her to be a good girl. Then turned to Todd who was walking up behind her. “I’ll text you when I’m on my way to pick her up, make sure she remembers the backpack this time OK?”

“Yeah I’ll make sure she remembers it.” Todd held the door open for her as Zoey came rushing into the room and hugged her moms legs. The dispute between the two from ten minutes earlier seemed to have evaporated as the tiny girl held onto her moms taunt firm legs. Kristen knelt down and gave her daughter a hard hug and a smooch on the face before heading out the door. Todd waited till she got to the car and waved before closing the door. He looked down at a smiling Zoey.

“Now what?” He asked her hoping for a sexy response.

“Come on Adventure Time is on!” Zoey bubbled in response before peeling out in a full sprint back to the couch. Todd watched her practically vault over the back of the couch, only her mid torso drug on the fabric slowing her jump over the couch and stopping her from sailing over. Her tiny legs stuck out in a superman pose as she slowly slid over the back of the couch. For a brief second Todd had an unobstructed view straight down her shorts to a small glimpse of what looked to be hot pink panties. His cock gave a lurch as she slid out of sight, he knew it was gonna be a fun day.

Todd sat watching the cartoon with Zoey not understanding the show in the slightest, mainly because his mind was on other matters. Zoey was intensely interested in the mindless plot and was quite content to watch TV. Todd wanted to do other things obviously but was in a quandary as to how to proceed. Yesterday had happened so spontaneously it left him to wonder how he should approach the subject of sex. The fact she was a mear feet away made it even more difficult for him, he wanted to reach over and just start fondling and groaping the small girl. He instinctively knew that wasn’t a good idea though, if she wasn’t receptive today as she was yesterday he would be in deep shit. He kept looking her over as she watched TV, he was like a starved wolf staring at a tasty yew or fawn. His mouth was actually watering as he thought about her bald clam shell, he could almost smell her sex from where he sat.

Zoey caught his eyes staring at her and she laughed at the silly look on his face, she had seen guys look at her mom that way before but never her. It made her feel funny, nervous and giddy at the same time. Her crotch began to tingle, she felt a little lightheaded and her stomach was fluttery. A smile crept across her face as she sat there, she knew Todd wanted to do more naughty things with her but she was still nervous and shy about initiating anything. She began to figit around in her seat, her thighs began to open and close as she felt the seam of her denim overalls bunch up in her crotch. The rough seam felt good to squish against her tiny crotch, the rough fabric pushed into her pantied crack when she squeezed her thighs together. Her cheeks began to flush as she silently masturbated next to Todd.

Todd watched the little girl begin to move about in her seat, it wasn’t until he saw her cheeks begin to flush that he realised what she was doing. His cock had been semi hard from the anticipation of playing with Zoey again but when he saw she was getting herself off without her hands made his cock roar to full hardness in his pants. He gave a slight groan at how hard his cock was, it actually hurt a little, making Zoey look his way. He grabbed his dick through his pants when the little girl looked at him, a small peel of laughter escaped her when she saw him grab his junk so aggressively. She turned her body towards him slightly and her finger went to her lip as she squeezed her thighs together hard making herself feel really good, she felt so naughty and she liked it.

Todd took Zoey’s body turn as an offering and slowly crawled over to her, Zoey giggled but didn’t move anything except her thighs as Todd drew near. Todd reached out and grabbed her bare knee pulling her small leg up on the couch. Zoey gasped as the rough fabric of her overalls rubbed against her soft pud as Todd parted her legs. She sat there with on leg hanging off the couch and the other on it, her legs spayed wide open. Todd drank in the sight of the girl, she seemed so sexy with her legs spread wide, a look of naughtiness and uncertainty on her face.

“Are we gonna do the slide thing again?” She asked in a hushed almost hopeful whisper. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt like she needed to make herself breath harder, like she was out of breath. Her stomach was a pit of butterflies, it made her feel slightly sick but also very excited.

“Yeah we are…kinda.” Todd said in a soft voice as he began to stroke the girls soft leg. His fingers lightly glazed over her perfect skin, enjoying the nubile softness of youth. Zoey giggled when his fingers brushed over her calve, it tickled slightly but the feeling of his fingers made her crotch tingle more. “Just relax and enjoy okay?” He said as he leaned down and gave her calve a light loving kiss.

“Okay.” Zoey said softly as she watched Todd kiss her skin, his lips felt wonderful to her as he began kiss her leg. While he kissed his hands glided up and down her bare skin making the small girl flex and stretch her legs at the loving caresses. A light gasp came from her as he intensified he skin worship. She loved how this felt and for a brief second was angry with her mom for keeping such wonderful pleasures secret from her, she was so glad she had Todd to show her.

Todd had never been much of a leg man, sure he like a good looking pair but never really considered then to be sex objects. Zoey had changed that for him in an instant, her soft leg was the most exotic thing he had ever seen and just touching it made his cock ache even more. He hadn’t even had the chance to feel her pussy and yet he was almost ready to blow his load in his pants just from kissing her leg. She had him so worked up he wanted to rip off his clothes and hers, he wanted to shove his cock inside her in anyway possible.

Todd worked his way up her calve kissing, nuzzling and even licking her skin, his warm wet tongue bought another set of giggles from Zoey. Only this set of giggles was different, deeper, more intimate than her usually childish giggle. It said I know this is naughty and I like it. The sexy giggle made Todd press further up her leg, his face and nose now rubbing against the denim shorts, his nose pushed some of the fabric out of the way revealing soft girl thigh flesh. His hot breath blew up her shorts tickling her skin and making her pussy twitch. Zoey’s breathing had become heavy and her mouth dry as she watched Todd, a deep itch was forming in her pussy and she had a strong urge to rub it. Her hand slowly slid down her side and under her bib, she felt her shirt edge and then the small patch of skin between it and her panties. She stopped on that patch of skin, loving the way her own hand felt against her skin, her fingers warmed against her stomach skin. When Todd began to kiss and lick the lower inside of her thigh she slid her hand deeper into her overalls, her fingers feeling the thin elastic band on her panties. She slid her hand over the band and pushed her fingers into the cloth of her panties, her soft squishy folds welcomed her finger with a delightful sensation of pleasure. She gave a soft coo as she slowly worked her finger around her crotch while Todd licked and kisses her skin. She was in pure bliss and never wanted it to stop.

Todd felt something move near his forehead and glanced up Zoey’s body to see her crotch moving around, then he spotted her arm inside her bib. His cock gave a hard flex when he realised she was touching herself while he was making love to her skin. It was so damn sexy to him to see a little girl pleasuring herself, he watched her play with herself for a second before returning to her thigh. The fabric of her overalls made it difficult for him to proceed much farther than the bottom of her thigh, the shorts were just tight enough that he could only push them so far up before them began to bunch and bind. Giving up with trying to make progress that way he moved farther up her clothed thigh, rubbing them with his face and hands. He suddenly moved his head over to her crotch rubbing his face around over her hand and pussy. Her scent was exquisite a mix of fabric softener, soap, and little girl juices, it made his head light and his cock leak.

Zoey gave a sigh as she felt Todd’s face move around her crotch, it felt so right to have someone rub their face there to her. Her head lulled back and her hand quickened it pace in Herr crotch, the fabric of her panties was getting damp from her rubbing, small squishy noises came from inside her overalls. Todd could hardly believe his ears as he listened to her pussy squish about under her fingers. He reached up and fiddled with the button latches on her bib, quickly popping them loose and began to peel her bib down. Her pink shirt came into full view as did her arm which snaked down her body, the bib then revealed the small patch of skin between her shirt and panties. Todd raised his head and kissed that patch of skin making Zoey gasp out, her eyes were closed and her hand moving quite rapidly. Todd grabbed her arm and pulled it from her shorts, the girl fought him for a second until Todd grabbed her cloth covered crotch placing his thumb directly over her small slit. The pressure from Todd’s thumb made Zoey forget about using her own hand, his felt way better. Todd gripped the girls overalls and slipped them over her prone body, Zoey lifted her other leg up to facilitate the removal of her clothes. Todd slipped the overalls off and tossed them onto the floor, his eyes locked in on her pink panties and the small dark patch of moisture over her pussy. In a quick motion he pulled her panties off too, cute as they were they were no match for Zoey’s bald pussy. She gave a slight giggle at the look on Todd’s face as he gazed at her bald snatch, it made her feel funny when he looked at her naked pussy.

Her giggle was like a bell ringing for him and Todd dove his face into Zoey’s soft folds tongue first. Zoey couldn’t help but shriek a little at Todd’s sudden assault, his tongue touching her was amazing better than it had felt yesterday. Her legs closed around Todd’s head in a slight squeeze as his tongue burrowed around in her small slit, the tip flicking around her satiny folds enjoying her taste. He wormed his tongue down to her small hole teasing it a little, Zoey jumped slightly when she felt his tongue poke her. It hurt a little but made her breath catch in her chest at the same time, she moved her hips a bit to try and get Todd to quit poking her with his tongue. Todd sensed she didn’t like his prodding tongue and figured he better leave her love sleeve alone, he was playing with enough fire as it was. He went back to licking her soft folds now wet with his saliva and spit, her pussy glistened from it. He closed his mouth over her small pud and sucked lightly, this made Zoey arch her back and hiss through her teeth as she breathed in. Todd loved how she reacted to his tongue, so real and uninhibited, everything he saw was a true expression of her pleasure and experience. Not like with grown women who tend to try to hide or exaggerate their pleasure, Zoey was raw yet still childish in her throes of ecstasy. He suckled on her smooth snatch making the girl buck and huff as he artfully used his lips to manipulate hers,he treated her pussy like it was her mouth. He felt a small nub at the top calling for attention so he focused his sucking lips on the minuscule piece of flesh. Zoey reaction was instantaneous and almost violent, her legs kicked and her arms shoved his head away, a sharp gasp as if in pain escaped the girl.

Todd pulled back afraid he’d gone to far, watching as Zoey’s small legs curled up and her body twist into a little ball. She shivered somewhat as she lay there, her breathing fast, hard and shallow. His raging cock which had been threatening to mess his pants now relented, the sight of Zoey curled up had to same effect of a cold shower on him. He was scared he had fucked up in a major way, that Zoey’s interest in their sex play might have been damaged.

“Hey… Sweety you okay?” His voice quivered as he asked in a soft comforting voice.

“Y..yeah..” Zoey’s voice was croaky and quiet, barely audible from her curled up body, “It felt really scary when you did that.” Zoey sounded a little spooked, Todd felt his heart sink a little, the last thing he wanted to do was scare her. Todd leaned over and hugged the half nude child in a soft embrace, Zoey relaxed a little when she felt his strong warm hands hold her. She slowly uncurled and rolled over to hug Todd back, her small arms gripped his torso and her head rested on his chest. During this Todd was still acutely aware she was naked from the waist down and even though he still had his pants on her nude skin felt exciting to him. As she lay beneath him hugging his body Todd couldn’t help but move his hips a little, his rough jeans rubbed against her skin. Zoey began to match his movements some, her small pelvis undulating up to meet his in small circular motions.

Todd reached down and unsnapped his pants, his hand brushing against Zoey’s skin as he did. With the fly open he worked his pants down along with his underwear, the whole time Zoey lay there with her head in his chest. It was difficult for him to remove his pants and support his weight, he had to push away from her for a short bit to work his pants down his legs, still Zoey held on and kept rocking her hips. Finally he got his pants off, his hard cock bobbing between them. Sometimes Zoey’s bare skin would graze his cock sending electric shocks through it, her skin was smooth and soft it was almost torture for him. With both of them nude from the waist down now Todd wanted to see the whole picture. He slowly pulled Zoey from her embrace, she reluctantly lay back and looked down at his large throbbing cock. She had seen it already but it so much different now, bigger and almost angry looking. Todd fixated on the sight of his cock hovering over her impossibly tiny pussy, the size difference was astounding. Her tiny slit made his cock look like a huge pornstars, his girth was as wide as her whole crotch. He knew there was no way he was going to get his cock in her, not with out a lot of pain and suffering.

Zoey lay there staring at Todd’s cock, her finger went to her lip as she always did when she was nervous or excited. Seeing Todd’s cock hovering over her made her feel giddy and scared at the same time, she had no idea what he was going to do with the large throbbing piece of flesh. She didn’t know what to do next exactly so she waited to see what Todd was going to do. He surprised her by grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling up over her stomach. She realised he wanted her to take it off so she leaned up a little as he pulled it over her head. Now completely nude she felt exposed and a little cold, her arms crossed in front of her chest to keep herself warm.

Todd drank in her nakedness, chuckling to himself when she covered her chest. He sat back on his heels grabbing her legs as he did. He lifted her feet into the air and crossed her ankles making the girl present her ass and cunny to him. With her legs raised up she couldn’t see his cock anymore so she looked at his eyes, there was a glint there that she wasn’t sure about. She watched him shuffle about on the couch and felt his warm thighs touch the back of her legs. Then she felt something hot poke into the back of her knees, just above her calves, she was just about to ask him what he was doing when she felt the hot thing push between her closed legs. Suddenly his red angry cock burrowed from between her legs and popped out just below her knees. It felt funny to her, it was hard yet soft at the same time, almost velvety on her skin.

Todd groaned as he pushed his cock through the back of her legs, her cool skin easing the fire in his cock. His cock slipped in the more boney area of her knees and he didn’t care, her legs felt so good to him the even the rough hard bones satisfied him. He wanted softer skin obviously but the fact he was doing this to a six year old made every part of her feel good. Hell she could probably sink her teeth into his cock and he’d still enjoy it somehow, just the fact it was a six year old doing it. He moaned and groaned while he used her legs to masturbate, Zoey watched enthralled by the peek-a-boo show going on between her knees. Soon though the feel of her boney knees wasn’t enough so Todd withdrew himself and slid off the couch, he held Zoey’s legs in the air as he did. Once he was on the floor he repositioned himself in front of her, now his cock was lined up for better territory. If he had be so inclined he could have tried to penetrate her, but he didn’t want to hurt her in anyway so he lined his cock up with the meaty part of her thighs. Zoey felt the hot poke lower this time, closer to her pussy and jolt of excitement shot through her. Todd pushed back into the little girls legs and almost came from the sensation, he let out a loud ‘Ohoooohhhh’ as his cock sliced between her thighs, he couldn’t help but imagine it was her pussy he was pushing into. He had to hold still for a minute to keep from blowing, his breath in short ragged gasps, sweat was beading up on his brow.

Zoey sighed as she felt his hot cock slid between her thighs, it felt way better than her knees, her pussy tingled from the stimulation of her thighs. She looked at the red object staring back at her, there was a hole in the end of it that seemed to pulse open and close, she looked at the hole in fascination. After a minute or so she felt Todd move again, the invader retreated between her thighs and out of sight, though she could still feel the fleshy knob between her thighs pulsing, then it came pushing back through. Zoey liked watching his thing move between her thighs, she like how it felt even more though it wasn’t as good as what they did yesterday, her little hand went up to feel it as it returned into view. Todd gasped when he felt her fingers graze his cockhead, he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from cumming, he felt the fleeting touch of her thumb and first finger as she lightly pinched it. Zoey pinched at the head of his cock as it popped out from her thighs, there was a small amount of slimy stuff coming from the hole and her thumb and finger slipped through the stuff making his cock spurt from her pinching fingers. Todd gave a guttural grunt when he felt her fingers almost snap on his cock, it was an unusual an new sensation that put him on the verge. He gave one last press of his hips and held onto her legs as his began to shake.

Zoey felt Todd press against her hard and hold, his cock seemed to swell in front of her eyes, she reached up and pinched his head again but was surprised to find it very hard. The hole in the end opened some and she felt a strong pulse surge between her closed thighs, then his cock lurched in front of her eyes and a glob of white stuff shot out of it. The first glob hit her square on the lips and spattered up her face, reeling from the sudden impact she tried to put her hand in front of her eyes. Despite her effort to shield herself another strong pulse surged out and shot right up her nose, a small amount going inside her nose the rest splattering over the bridge and then into the lower sockets of her eyes. She gave a yelp when she felt the cum go up her nose, just as a third shot smacked her open mouth in her upper teeth, her teeth deflected the shot mostly into her mouth. The cum in her mouth and up her nose made the girl panic and cough, every time she tried to breath in some of the slimy substance would enter her airway. A few more pulses from Todd’s cock glazed her torso as his orgasm died off, he let go of her legs and flopped back on the floor spent. He could hear Zoey sputtering and coughing but was so blissed out he couldn’t move.

Zoey finally managed to cough up the cum from her airway, a few more swallows and a hard blow from her nose cleared the rest up, leaving her to lay there gasping for breath as the cum cooled on her skin. She wiped her eyes to get the gunky stuff out if them then looked at her hands and body. She was cover from the waist up in Todd’s sperm, she ran her fingers through the slimy stuff on her chest playing with it slightly. She sat up to look at Todd but felt more of the stuff slide down her face, she was a mess. Wiping her face as she turned to Todd, she looked down at him for a second before something caught her eye.

Turning her head she saw a girl a little older than her looking in the front window with huge saucer eyes and a shocked look on her face. Zoey was immediately embarrassed and scared.

“Taawwd! Who’s that?!” Zoey’s voice ran up the octaves as she spoke the simple sentence, Todd’s stomach and heart slammed into each other when he heard her. His head snapped to the window to see Bonnie looking in at them.

“OH Fuck!” Was all Todd could say.