The personal assistant (Bianca Sex Toy)

It was 3 pm. Jean sat at his desk his cock hard . He pressed the intercom to Bianca.

” Bianca can you come to my office please ? ” .

A minute later she appeared closing the door behind her.

” Lock it. ” Jean said.

She locked it and Jean beckoned her. She walked over.

She wore a short mid thigh black skirt a white satin v neck blouse her hair in a clipped behind her ears hanging down her neck. She wore white high heels.

” Fuck you look good today. ” Jean said as she stood in front of him.

” Thank you. ” She said.

” Your welcome. ” Jean replied unzipping his trousers. She pulled out his cock.

” You enjoy sucking cock ? ” He said.

” Yes ” she said.

” Good, take your panties off. ” He said.

The agreement anything any time. ” She reached up her skirt pulling down her black g string taking it off.

” Nice pass them here. ” He said reaching out, she passed them to him.

” Nice and lacy. ” He said putting them to his face sniffing them wanking his cock.

” Smell delicious. ” He said. ” Mind if I keep them ? ” He said.

” No ” Bianca said knowing she would have to go by some before she went home. Her husband would ask questions if she went home wearing no underwear.

” Lift your skirt, lets see that pussy. ” Jean said.

She lifted it up her hips standing her pussy on show.

” Wow hairless, love a bald fanny. Rub your clit. ” He said.

She reached down rubbing her clit.

” Lean on the desk. ” He said. She leant on the desk her bare arse cheeks on the wooden desk.

” Play with your pussy for me. ” He said leaning back sniffing her underwear playing with his cock watching her play with herself. Her clit, labias vagina. ” Put your fingers in your pussy, finger fuck yourself. ”

She did as she was told sliding a finger in her pussy fingering herself.

” Fuck yes babe ” he said.

–Not your babe– She thought playing with herself.

” Lick your fingers now. ” She took them out licking her fingers.

–Fuck you taste good– she thought licking her pussy juices off her fingers.

He opened a drawer pulling out a dildo handing it to her.

” Suck it and finger yourself. ” He said

She grabbed it returning her fingers to her pussy sliding them in and putting the dildo in her mouth sucking it.

” Fuck yes Bianca ” he said sniffing her underwear and wanking himself.

” Fuck yourself with the dildo and rub your clit. ” Jean said.

She opened her legs and slid the dildo in her pussy groaning slowly sliding it in and out of her as she rubbed her clit leaning her head back moaning. She was loving it but not loving having to do it for him.

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” That’s it Bianca. Fuck yourself. ” He said wanking sniffing her underwear.

” Orgasm baby. ” He said stopping wanking himself watching her push and pull the dildo in and out of her pussy. Seeing her wet juicy pussy lips around it rubbing her clit.

She orgasmed.

” Yes babe. Hand me the dildo. ” She pulled it out and put it in his mouth sucking it and licking her juices. ” Suck my cock, swallow it. ”

She knelt down between his legs putting his cock in her mouth sucking it, as Jean sucked the dildo licking and sucking her pussy juices off it. She wanked and sucked his cock on hand on her head pushing it down his cock. He cum. She swallowed his semen and licked his cock clean.

” Yes baby. You can go now. I will be keeping these though he said dangling her underwear from his finger.

She pulled her skirt back down off her hips covering her pussy and arse straightening herself.

” You can finish early, you’ve worked hard today. ” He said

On the way home she went to the mall. She entered the lingerie shop picking out a new g string the same as the one she wore today. Her husband saw her dress today. He would ask questions if she came home with different underwear.

She would go to her car ans dress. She purchased and turned around seeing Kevin and his wife. A short busty lady wearing a long dress.

She smiled at Kevin as she passed him returning to her car, the taste of Jeans cum still in her mouth.

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