Aha was a ten year old Indian girl who had been nick named aha because she often said aha, aha was not very happy because of the lockdown due to the pandemic she could not go out and meet up with her friends and wanted to be back home in her home country of India … Continue reading Lockdown

The Street

To fully understand this fictional story you need to have watched Coronation Street on the telly and followed the story lines, Rumours were all round Coronation Street that Corey had broken out of prison and was believed to be in the area of Coronation Street, Amy was sat with Simon in the cafe and she … Continue reading The Street


Simon was a well known sixteen year old violent thug who did not have many friends and was not trusted, even the members of the racist gang that he belonged to did not like him very very much. His girlfriend Dawn was the same as him and even her parents would have as little as … Continue reading Strict

The Captain

Mark had been born on his dad’s boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and all his life was raised round boats, his parents had decided on living on a boat instead of in a house, Mark loved boats and the sea so when at fourteen years of age he earned certificates that allowed … Continue reading The Captain

Parents away

Tina had been very happy when her parents had told her that they were going away for a couple of weeks and were going to leave her in charge of the house and her younger sister Sara who was two years younger than what she was. After her parents had gone Tina did not waste … Continue reading Parents away

Flash back

Parents in the small English town were worried because there was a flasher operating in the town and despite their best efforts to catch the flasher the police had failed to catch him, the parents were unhappy and set up people to escort their daughters home from school and other places that they went to. … Continue reading Flash back