Bath surprise for wife

Lisa and I had been married about 4 months when we got interested in swinging.  One Wednesday she told me she wanted to find out what it was like to have sex with a black man.

The next weekend I had an African American friend who need his car repaired so I told him to bring it over.

When we were almost finished Lisa said she was going to get ready to go shopping and since she had been cleaning I knew she was going to take a shower.  In the past when she did I would sneak in naked and start washing her back which she enjoyed.  It hit me I asked my friend if he wanted to do me a favor and i would not charge him for the repair, and he agreed.

That night Lisa gave me a big kiss and thanked me, she said she was washing her hair and some sope had gotten in her eyes and she was trying to get the soap out when she heard the door open,  she said think it was me she smiled at the though of me washing her back.  She then said when she opened her eyes while she was bending over  she felt him press agains her and then saw his dark feet.  She said she was scared at first but did not move as he started to massage her breast and then she turned to kiss him.

she said he carried her to the bed and made passionate love to her and that it was wonderful.  since then there have been many encounters for her.