Mile high club

True story.

This is a story I wasn’t going to share. But now Im no longer work as a Air hostess I can.

I had always had a fantasy about fucking a passenger in the toilet. I have joined the mile high club anyway but at work with a passenger extra nice. A couple of other work colleagues had also talked about it. So this flight I was working business class. And been a international long haul flight. When everyone is asleep. Its a good time to pounce. I really wanted it. I was extremely horny.

Id worked out a plan with a couple if colleagues. There was a business man I was flirting with. A older guy mid 50s. He was flirting back. I had a chat to him and I knew he was wanting more with me. I asked him if he wanted to join the mile high club. He asked with who. I said me. He agreed. I was 25.he was 54.

I closed a toilet for cleaning. I told him to go in and wait. I saw him go in. My colleague looked at me and smiled. I went in seeing him and closed the door. I was extremely horny.

I sat on the toilet and lowered his trousers his cock springing out. I grabbed it and started sucking it. After a while I stood he undid my blouse and unclipped my bra pulling my tits out sucking my nipples and fondling them. He sat down and I took off my skirt and underwear. He rubbed my pussy and licked my clit putting a finger inside me. I tried not to groan loudly as he pleasured me. I smiled down at him. He seemed to be enjoying tasting my wet pussy. I then turned with my back to him and grabbed his cock. I found my vagina opening and slid down his cock. God it was nice. Been a member of the club already I knew how to fuck in airplane toilets. I rode him for a few minutes. I plane hit turbulence. That was freaky. Eventually he cum in me filling me with his juices.

I got off and wiped my pussy clean. We dressed and smiled. I went out first and when no one was looking I let him out.

The flight landed. I said goodbye and hope he had a good flight.

That’s ticked off my bucket list.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I love writing about and been involved in all. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. Happy reading.