Milo’s Tongue

Sierra sat on the couch scrolling through Netflix. It was just her and her dog Milo, her parents having gone away for the weekend.

Milo was asleep in the kitchen and Sierra was horny. She had closed the curtains to the living room and was looking for a show to block out her moans.

Settling on Gossip Girl, Sierra leaned back, slipped her panties off and started to rub her pussy.

Sierra’s eyes were closed as her fingers started to make her pussy wet.

Something cold touched it, making Sierra jump and her eyes fly open. Looking down she saw her it was her dog Milo,

“Go back to bed boy,” she told him, gasping when his tongue suddenly licked her pussy.

“Milo, go back to oh,” she moaned as his tongue licked her again.

As Milo kept licking her Sierra closed her eyes again, leaned back with a moan and opened her legs wider.

Sierra couldn’t stop moans that escaped her mouth, nor did she want to. The sensation of Milo’s tongue licking her pussy was amazing. Her pussy was wet and drilling in minutes, clit getting hard and perfect to play with.

Sierra felt herself getting closer to an orgasm with ever passing moment, so she slipped her hand down and started rubbing her clit. The fuel sensation sent Sierra into ecstasy.

She felt her orgasm approaching and pushed against her fingers, making Milo’s tongue slid in deeper. Moaning and panting Sierra gripped onto the couch, screaming out as he orgasm hit.

As Sierra came down from her high, Milo pulled away and sat there waiting.

“Good boy,” Sierra told him.

The rest of the weekend Sierra didn’t wear panties, letting Milo’s tongue bring her to an orgasm any time she wanted.