Hi dear friends this true story. I am very happy to write my stories, First of all I thank to our, dear friends I am VIJAYRAJAN 5.6 Feet height, I am 36 years old, white colour, I am a good person, I have no drinking or smoking habits, I am from Bangalore. once I was coming from Bangalore to Chennai in train, there was no seat for me to sit because I was in general coach, so I was standing near the door, there was a husband and wife, husband was sleeping by standing besides me and his wife is standing like facing front of me, she was leaning on her husband’s chest but she was not sleeping, so because of the crowd I was touching her, wherever I go I used to take my laptop bag so that I can hide a woman that no one can see that I am touching women’s area, I slowly touched my hand on her thigh, First time she resisted and moved little away from me, again I went near to her and I touched her thigh that time she didn’t resist me, I became bold and this time I moved my hand on her vagina and very softly fondling her vagina, and slowly I pulled her vagina hair, she was enjoying, as soon as the station came I got down. I missed her to ask phone number because her husband was with her. After next day when I am returning to Bangalore, a married woman was sitting in last seat, I went near to her, I was standing close to her shoulder, I knew her husband did not come with her, slowly I touched my penis on her shoulder and she didn’t resist me, I became bold and I was rubbing my penis on shoulder for 10 minutes and I released my sperm. My pant became full of juice. Still I didn’t get any chance by God Grace, if I get a chance I won’t leave I will grab her and I will lick her whole body.

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