Weather Change

The weather was very hot, it was the hottest day since records had been kept, Martin was in the school potting shed transplanting plants into bigger pots, Amy and Carol both 16 years of age and a few of years older than Martin were working in the gardens when there was a massive clap of thunder that startled both girls and Martin, this was followed by a couple of flashes of lightening, then there were a few spots of rain followed by a drizzle of rain that quickly turned into a very heavy down pour, both girls stood in the rain with their faces pointing towards the shy enjoying the much welcome cool rain after weeks of very hot weather, Martin stood watching the rain fall then noticed that the girls white nylon blouses had become see through and were clinging to their bodies neither girls were wearing bras and their boobs were clearly showing, Carol ran to the shed told Martin to join them saw the way Martin was staring at her looked down and saw he was looking at her boobs, Carol went back to Amy who looked down then looked towards Martin both girls went to the shed, Carol said ” you had a good look at our tits” Martin carried on looking at the girls boobs, Amy said ” he probably never seen a pair of tits” the girls went into the adjoining room closing the door, after a minute Martin heard Amy calling he opened the door and got a big surprise both girls were naked sat on chairs with their legs wide open showing their open slits, Martin stood and watched as both girls started to masturbate themselves after a couple of minutes Amy said ” I’m cumming” then Carol said the same Martin watched as both girls gushed. shortly after the girl gave Martin a warning about not telling put their soggy clothes on and left, Carol asked how old Martin was Amy told her he had just started the big school. Both girls walked along laughing.