Steffi’s Punishment – Part Two

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended. Part Two. Steffi listened intently to Herr Bauer as he went through various administrative matters. “Ill take you to see the Director shortly. Hell want to see you briefly. His name is Professor Herr Dr. Jurgen Scharfschwerdt.” Steffi giggled at the … Continue reading Steffi’s Punishment – Part Two

Erika and the headmaster part 6

     A week later, the headmaster informed Erika that Bethany Crister had been caught smoking marijuana again, a fourth offense. Stage four punishment was called for, and Erika listened intently to Mr. Smith, as he outlined what he had planned for Bethany’s punishment.      Five minutes before classes ended for the day, Erika made her … Continue reading Erika and the headmaster part 6