Spanked by a Stranger

My parents never really spanked me as a child, I would get the occasional slap on the leg but that was it and that was very rare. But I got spanked by a stranger and I guess that’s when I started to think about spanking and started to spank myself.

There was this wood near my home were we would play, but we very rarely saw anyone else in the wood. On this day none of my mates could come out but it was such a lovely warm day, so I went up there by myself and was riding my push-bike around the trail we had made. After a while I was feeling hot so as no one else was about I decided to strip down to my underwear to cool off, I rode the trail in my pants and then being a dirty little teenager I thought I would take them off and ride the trail again naked. I felt really dirty and stopped a few times to play with myself. I rode the trail a few times naked each time stopping to play with myself a little bit before riding off again, then on one of the circuits as I went around a bend I saw a man walking the other way and I had to stop because I couldn’t pass him. I got off my bike and turned around but by the time I had he was right with me. He said “you should be ashamed of myself and I should give you a good spanking”, being a cheeky teen I said “go on then”. He sat on a tree stump and told me to get over his knee, I just stood there for a second not sure what to do but it felt good being caught naked so as he was already seen me naked and was sitting there looking at my bare bum I thought “I wonder how it feels to be spanked on the bare bum” so I would give it a try and let him. So I put my bike down, put my hands over my penis and started to walk over to him but he said “move your hands theres no point covering up that will just get you a worse spanking” So I moved my hands to uncover myself and walked over to him, I knew if he hadn’t seen my penis when I got off my bike he sure could now. I went over to were he was sitting and got over his knee as he had told me to. I had been given the slipper on my bum standing at the front of the class in my shorts when I was younger but had never been spanked on my bare bum so I didn’t really know what to expect and as the first slap landed on my bare bum I thought it wasn’t to bad, after about ten slaps he stopped and I started to get up but he put his hand on my back and said “your not done yet boy that’s just to warm you up” I didn’t know what he meant but I soon found out as he started to spank me again but harder than the first time saying “every ten I will stop but then the next ten will get harder till I think you have learnt your lesson”. As he said he stopped again then when he started again they where harder than before and my bum was starting to feel warm as he spanked me, after a few sets of ten I was starting to cry as he was spanking me so hard that the slap of his hand landing on my bare bum was starting to echo around the woods. Then he stopped and told me he had finished and I could go get dressed but he didn’t want to see my naked body again or it would be worse. He then just walked off in the other direction, my bum was so sore as I tried to ride my bike back to where I had hidden my clothes. When I got back to my clothes I felt kind of strange and I guess although I didn’t really know it then I was turned on by the experience, I was sure that he had gone so being a dirty little teenager I started to play with myself. I was standing there naked with my cock in my hand when I heard a cough and realised he was watching me wank, he said “I see I must of let you off to lightly, bend over ” I bent over but he didn’t spank me straight away I felt nervous waiting to feel his hand land on my bare bum again. Then I jumped as there was a loud crack and a burning pain right across my bum, he wasn’t using his hand this time but the reason he took a little while to spank me was he had taken his belt off and was using that. He told me not to move as he was going to give me five with his belt but if I stood up he would start at one again, he gave me two more and I jumped again and he said “bend back over” then “one” as the belt landed on my bare bum and I knew I had to stay still. Then he said “well go on then, play with yourself do it while I watch” I was standing there naked in front of him and my cock was harder than it had ever been when I had played with it before. He then said “you can have another ten from my belt or you can start playing with you cock” I didn’t want to be spanked anymore so I started to play with myself. I was still in the early days of wanking and although I had a few times before I hadn’t really cum a lot but this time felt different and when I cum it shot out for the first time. When I finished as I stood there I felt the belt across my bare bum again and a few more followed, this time he stood there and waited till I got dressed then I rode off towards home with a very sore bum.