Steffi’s Punishment – Part Seven

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended.

Part Seven.

Steffi nodded and looked directly at him. “I accept your punishment, Herr Bauer. I will comply with your conditions to keep my scholarship.”

“What I have just set out is hardly a punishment, Fraulein Muller. Just some preventive measures to help keep you out of further trouble. And having your own apartment would normally be considered a reward for good behaviour, rather than a punishment for bad behaviour. I gave an undertaking to the police that you would be severely punished, and you will be, but I will come to that later. However, firstly I have to tell you that as your Moral Tutor I will be writing to your parents in due course to advise them what has happened.”

“Oh please no, no, Herr Bauer,” Steffi implored him. “Please don’t do that. You cant. Please don’t tell my parents. It would kill them. They couldn’t do anything. They’re thousands of miles away in Germany. They would only worry. I wouldn’t be able to look them in the face again. Ill do anything. You can punish me in any way you like, but don’t do that, Ill do anything else.”

Steffi stood up, leaning across the desk and gripped his arm. She burst into tears. He stood up and moved round the desk and eased her back into her chair. “Don’t distress yourself, Fraulein Muller.” He handed her some tissues from the desk, and she sat down. He walked over to the window and seemed lost in thought.

“I have certain responsibilities to you and your parents. But I understand what you say. You are now legally an adult, I suppose. I will have to sleep on the matter. I will think about it further and let you know what I have decided.”

“Thank you, Herr Bauer, thank you. Ill accept any other punishment you say,” she said hopefully. She would do anything to persuade him not to do that.

“We can leave that for the time being,” said Herr Bauer. “There remains the matter of your actual punishment. I gave my word to the police that you would be punished, and you shall be. It is only appropriate that there should be some consequences for your behaviour. And this will deter such conduct on your part in the future.”

“What sort of punishment do you mean, Herr Bauer?” Steffi asked, puzzled. “Ill do anything, but please don’t tell my parents.”

“I mean physical punishment,” Herr Bauer replied calmly. “You have caused a great deal of trouble and harmed the reputation of the Institute. You will have to pay for that. You are going to be physically punished. That is going to happen now.”

Steffi stood up, open mouthed. “You don’t mean you’re going to beat me?” she asked. “But you cant, Herr Bauer. I’m not a little girl any more, like when my father spanked me when I was naughty.” She stared intently at him, her arms folded. She remembered vaguely that Katarina had told her how Herr Bauer had spanked a girl in his office for getting drunk.

“You have hardly behaved like an adult, Fraulein Muller,” he said. “You said you would accept any punishment, that is what is going to happen. Now stand up.”

Steffi did as she was ordered. Did he really mean to beat her, to spank her like a little girl? From the look on his face it seemed that he did. Steffi felt she had no choice but to comply. Perhaps he wouldn’t take away the scholarship, but she still had to persuade him not to write to her parents. If she just accepted his punishment without complaint and without protesting, perhaps he wouldn’t. It would soon be over with and that would be the end of it. She could carry on with her life. It couldn’t be too bad. It would be humiliating to let him beat her. She had told him she would accept his punishment. But it probably wouldn’t be any worse than when Pablo performed anal sex on her that time.

Herr Bauer opened a drawer in his desk and took out what looked like two short thin black leather straps, a roll of black adhesive tape and a short rigid strap, like a long ruler covered with thick black leather. He moved the file and papers from the desktop and placed them in the drawer. Steffi looked apprehensively at these  items and Herr Bauers face. “You aren’t really going to beat me, are you?” she pleaded.

“This is going to hurt, Fraulein Muller,” he said. ” The Institute is closed and we will not be disturbed.” He told her to stand up and turn round. “I don’t want you to struggle too much when it hurts.”

He stood behind her and gripped her arms above the elbows, just below the sleeves of her short sleeved blouse. He brought her arms firmly behind her back and crossed her wrists behind her, holding both her wrists together with one of his hands. Steffi turned her head and tried to see what he was doing. She was too surprised to offer any resistance. She had already decided to cooperate with Herr Bauer anyway and comply with whatever he wanted. She had no idea what to expect.

He took one of the thin leather straps and used it to secure her crossed wrists behind her. It was pulled taut and buckled very tightly. She was now completely helpless and under his control. “Oh, that’s so tight, Herr Bauer,” she protested. “You don’t have to tie me up. Ill do what you say.” She tested the strap but there was no give in it at all. She wouldn’t be able to free her hands.

He held Steffi by her upper arms and lead her to the empty desktop. He made her lean over the desk and forced her face down with her chest resting on the desk surface. With her hands secured behind her, her chest was forced out in front of her. He turned her head to her left and held her firmly in position, with one hand holding her head and the other in the small of her back. When he had her anchored firmly in position, he moved his left hand from her head to the small of her back, holding her immobile against the desk top. She was tightly tied and couldn’t move. “You will now be punished, Fraulein Muller,” he said calmly.

Steffi still couldn’t believe it was really happening. Herr Bauer raised his right hand and struck her buttocks as hard as he could. There was a loud thwack, and her bottom visibly bounced under the impact as the blow fell on the back of her tight pencil skirt. Steffi didn’t utter a sound. She was too shocked even to feel any pain. She tried unsuccessfully to turn her head and see what Herr Bauer was doing, open mouthed with a shocked and quizzical expression on her face. But she couldn’t move. The blows rained down, one after another, both on the centre of her bottom and on each side in turn. He was slapping her bottom as hard as he could with his right hand. After the first few blows, she began to feel the pain. And it really hurt. He meant it to hurt. She tried to wriggle and move, but he held her down too tightly. After a particularly hard blow, she bucked forwards and slightly up off the desk. The hard blows and slaps echoed and sounded through the room. “Oh, please stop, Herr Bauer, you’re really hurting me. I cant take any more. Please stop.” He ignored her pleas and the blows continued to rain down on her bottom.

Steffi grimaced and bit and pursed her lips. She gasped and moaned softly. She jerked her head backwards slightly and tried to arch her back up and to the side, but he anchored her firmly in position and she could hardly move an inch. She winced as the blows continued to rain down. Oh My God, she thought, hes going to go on forever. She tried to lie still, sobbing softly. There was absolutely nothing she could do.

The spanking seemed to go on forever. Dozens of hard blows rained down, each more painful than the last. He seemed to go on continually for about two or three minutes. Herr Bauer obviously meant to punish her severely. The pain became too much to bear and Steffi began to kick up her legs, catching him with one of her heels. She was rearing up like a frightened horse, sobbing and wincing, her face grimacing in pain. It was so painful that she didn’t feel any humiliation as she was spanked. The spanking finally stopped. Herr Bauer rested his right hand on her bottom.


To be continued.