Steffi’s Punishment – Part Two

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended.

Part Two.

Steffi listened intently to Herr Bauer as he went through various administrative matters. “Ill take you to see the Director shortly. Hell want to see you briefly. His name is Professor Herr Dr. Jurgen Scharfschwerdt.” Steffi giggled at the odd sounding name she had first heard the previous day. Herr Bauer silenced her immediately with an icy glare and she blushed with embarrassment.

“I have been designated the Moral Tutor to yourself and the other students at the house,” he declared. “Obviously you are all of age and over 18 now. But the Institute has certain responsibilities to your parents and has to act in loco parentis for the duration of your scholarship. You will have a great deal of freedom here in Argentina compared to what you have been used to, Fraulein Muller. But it is important that your conduct and that of the other students does nothing to damage the reputation and all the hard work of the Institute. If that should occur, severe disciplinary measures will be taken. In particular, there is a zero tolerance policy to drugs of any kind. There have been some complaints from neighbours already concerning noise at the address, and I have to warn you that I will take action if necessary.”

“You have been given a laminated card which acts as a pass for the Institute, and you will find certain contact numbers on the rear of the card in the event of any emergency. Those are my contact numbers. If any problems arise, I will do whatever I can to help.”

“Thank you, Herr Bauer,” she said. Steffi thought that having a so called moral tutor was a bit of an imposition, but it seemed unwise to argue with him. “You will also be required, as a condition of the scholarship, to carry out some work for the Institute, assisting at cultural events with the other students. These duties are not particularly arduous or time consuming, and you should find them enjoyable. Amongst the documents you have been given in your welcome pack is an order form for suitable clothing for these events. You will take this to the tailors on the order form and you will be fitted for these items. Now I will take you to see Professor Scharfschwerdt.”

Herr Bauer escorted her to Professor Scharfschwerdts office on the top floor, and introduced her to the elderly and distinguished silver haired academic, who welcomed her to Rosario and wished her good luck in her studies. After this brief exchange she left the Institute and returned home.

Steffi chatted with the other girls over a few glasses of wine that evening. She asked them about Herr Bauer and what him being their moral tutor involved. They told her that he had been generally helpful in sorting out various problems and difficulties that had arisen, but Katarina said that he got angry when she had tried flirting with him once. And there was another occasion when she first arrived here when they were helping out with another girl at one of the functions at the Institute. This student, who had since returned home, had got rather drunk and made a bit of an exhibition of herself. Herr Bauer was furious and gave her a spanking in his office afterwards.

Steffi gave a start. She couldn’t imagine that had actually happened. She asked what the work at the functions involved. “Oh, its dead easy, said Erika. “You just greet people, take their coats, show them to their seats, and serve drinks, then help tidy up afterwards. It can be a bit boring sometimes, music concerts and so on, but its okay. Sometimes they even have sports stars and actors there. And they give you a really nice dirndl to do it. You’ll look really good in one, Steffi.”

Steffi thought she wouldn’t mind the music concerts. She had brought her clarinet with her. It didn’t sound too bad. So that was what the clothing card for the tailors was for, a dirndl, the traditional Bavarian woman’s costume. This consisted of a low cut blouse with puff sleeves, a tight bodice, and a full knee length skirt with an apron. Women sometimes wore them for special occasions at home. Her mother had one. She never had. The blouse and bodice tended to emphasise the bust, and she had tried to cover hers up at school.

Steffi soon settled in at the house and campus. She began attending lectures and really enjoyed her course. But she was struck by the steady stream of young Spanish men coming round the house. They had dark Latin looks and were very romantic, bringing gifts and taking the girls out in their cars. Sometimes they just disappeared to one of the girls bedrooms for a couple of hours. All the moaning and noises and bed springs coming from Katarinas room next to hers left little to the imagination. It seemed that each of the other girls had a different boyfriend whenever she saw them.

It surprised her as well how open the other girls were when they were together and comparing notes about boyfriends. Sometimes she was quite embarrassed by their talk about sexual encounters and penis sizes. During one of their drinking sessions in the lounge, Katarina started talking about Latin men and their liking for anal sex. Sophie said she didn’t mind it that much, but Erika complained it was just too painful with her boyfriend because he had such a big cock, so he had to be satisfied with oral. It was obvious Steffi hadn’t got a clue what they were talking about, and after a few more drinks it came out that she was still a virgin.

The other girls laughed and stared at her open mouthed. It was obvious with her looks they simply didn’t believe her. Katarina had already told her she would give anything for her bust. When they finally believed her, Katarina said, “Oh my God, Steffi, you must be the last virgin in Rosario. But don’t worry, well soon cure you of that. Well soon fix you up. All our boyfriends have got brothers and friends. You’re going to have a good time.”

Katarina took her under her wing and sized her up. “You’ve got a great figure, Steffi. You need to show it off more. Try some of my stuff on.” All the clothing Steffi had brought with her was loose fitting. Katarina was about her size (apart from her bust), and lent her items that were completely new to her. Short, tight skirts, including a really short tight leather skirt. Tight, low cut tops. Tight, stretchy mini dresses with strapless and halter tops. High heels. Katarina had quite a wardrobe and put it at Steffis disposal. She said she was going to make Steffi her special project. She also schooled her in using make up, which Steffi had hardly ever used before. Steffi tried out all the different outfits and looked at herself in the full length mirror in Katarinas room.

She didn’t recognise herself in the mirror. She looked completely different. In fact, she looked like a hooker. She wouldn’t dare wear anything like that back home. She wasn’t sure she could wear things like that outside the house here either.

Katarina and the other girls insisted that she join in at parties at the house and at friends houses. With Katarinas wardrobe, Steffi was soon the object of a lot of attention from the men of the town. With her bust on display, they were drawn to her like a magnet. At first, she found this difficult to cope with. But she soon began to get used to it and enjoy it. The men were very handsome, romantic and attentive. She had a series of boyfriends and started making up for lost time with a vengeance. The loose fitting clothes were a thing of the past. Tight top, mini skirt and high heels were now Steffis standard dress. Her virginity disappeared one night in one of her boyfriends cars. She had never enjoyed herself so much before.

Steffi soon found a regular boyfriend in Francisco, who was 2 years older than her and in the final year at the university. He was studying engineering and came from a wealthy local family. He had his own car and they began to develop a more serious relationship. He was her first real boyfriend. He could be very passionate but was also possessive and jealous. This caused a few arguments because she would go out with other men she met at parties or who were friends of the other girls. Francisco was a hot blooded Latin man and on more than one occasion he slapped her after seeing her talking to other men, once leaving her with a black eye to explain. She broke up with him twice but somehow they always made up after their arguments.

Steffi attended various functions at the Institute with Katarina and the other girls, generally helping out with the guests. The low cut blouse and bodice of her dirndl outfit really emphasized her bust and drew a lot of attention from male guests. Sometimes they asked her out and even tried to put notes with phone numbers or money down her cleavage. The functions themselves were often quite good fun, though some, like an exhibition by a famous sculptor, were  pretty boring. Herr Bauer was always on hand to supervise the girls and make sure things went smoothly.

One function that was held at the Institute involved a famous German racing driver. His car was brought to the Institute on a low loader and put on display inside the main hall of the building. The driver himself gave a presentation in one of the lecture rooms. All the girls were on hand to deal with the guests. Steffi was approached by a dark and strikingly handsome Spanish man, and she was instantly smitten. He reminded her strongly of Antonio Banderas, the famous actor. He asked her out, and told her she had to agree because of his services to German exports. His name was Pablo. He was 10 years older than her, and owned a luxury car dealership in Rosario selling imported German cars. He had a Porsche and a top of the range BMW. He had originally been signed up as a professional football player, but things hadn’t worked out and he had gone into business instead.

Pablo called for Steffi at the house the following day in his Porsche. He took her for a drive and allowed her to take the wheel herself. Steffi had only ever driven her mothers old Polo before, and found it really exhilarating to drive the sleek sports car at speed. Though she later felt like a bit of a slut, she gave him oral sex in the car that night on their first date. This became something of a routine with regular blow jobs in his car. She soon became something of an expert at it.