The Succubus and The Incubus

I know I have a Habit of writing long stories, I have tried to shorten this up and only hit the high points, this did not happen as I have explained in detail my demon fuck story. Sorry for the length, you will never hear me say that to a woman. First I will say that My wife and I have loved Writing about our real sexual encounters. We have gotten so turned on writing about our real sexual encounters that I sit here with a hard on and touching my cock and my nipples. I have caught my wife sitting at the computer totally naked, legs spread wide apart fingering her cunt and pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit with her head flung backwards going off just from writing about her sex life. This however is a work of Fiction with little bits of truth thrown in here and there. Like meeting with a Realtor and having sex. So without further delay, here, here, here we go. My wife and I had been looking for a house to buy that we could afford. There was this one that my wife fell in love with, it was an older home built in the 50’s. It needed some work but not to much. It had a huge front porch that wrapped 3/4 of the way around the house. About 10 or 12 steps going up the front, Giant boulders made the foundation, Half moon shaped windows in the basement, 9 foot high front door. Two fire places, lots of rock work, large ornate Moldings, hardwood floors a stair case to match and large rooms. A great Attic space that I had already claimed for a painting room and an extra room that was perfect for my wife’s arts, she had several different hobbies that she loved doing. I hoped one was me. We had got to go in a couple times when the realtor was having open house. His name was Paul Deiter. Paul was a nice very relaxed guy, not pushy and very willing to help anyway he could. My wife had made the comment that he was a very nice looking guy and easy to talk to. I would catch him looking at her several times, almost with hunger in his eyes, I told my wife this but she said oh you’re just being crazy. Paul was younger than us by a good 10 years, we were both in our 40’s and 50’s. It was strange that every time we were in this house, either one or both of us would get so horny that we could not finish looking at everything, we would leave and end up either playing with ourselves  or each other on the way home. One time we pulled over onto this over grown vacant lot and fucked for almost an hour. My wife fucked me so hard and sucked my cock dry, She had given me head before many times and loved giving me deep throat but never like this. She even took in one of my balls this time. She was biting down hard on my shaft like she wanted to bite it in half. Then she jumped on my cock and rode me so hard, my hips were sore the next few days. Then she did not remember doing it. When I showed her the claw marks on my chest, that I had to put gauze pads on and might have needed a stitch or two, she could not believe she did that. I told her not to worry about it that I loved every minute of it. She did say that her pussy was sore but she did not know why, so this explained it. We were going to settle for this smaller house but when I met Paul at the house alone, he told me that the owner came down on the price because he just wanted to get rid of it. He had already ran our credit and filled out the papers, all he needed was our John Hancock and we were ready to move in. What happened while we were there was shocking and had no reason for it. We had been walking around the house talking about all the repairs and how much they would cost. We were walking up to the Attic when I caught myself looking at Paul’s ass as he walked. I was thinking about him fucking my wife for some reason and starting to get real horny. When we got into the Attic the feeling grew stronger and stronger. I caught Paul touching his crotch and looking at mine, I was about to say something when Paul walks over and grabs my cock through my jeans and kisses me. He started jerking my cock really fast and then squeezing it hard. He said I want to suck your big cock so bad, Please let me suck your cock. I reached down and unzipped his pants and stuck my hand in his zipper, I felt that he was so big and hard. I started jerking his cock off in his underwear. There was some old furniture sitting around covered up, I turned and uncovered a sofa, so I pulled my pants all the way off and sat down stroking my cock while he undressed. Paul Got between my legs and started licking the head of my cock while he kept stroking my fat cock in long slow semi circle strokes, bobbing his head up and down on my thick hard cock, taking almost half, then he all at once swallowed the entire 8 inches and kept pushing his throat down like he could take more. Oh damn it felt so good, then he came up for air and said I love your cock down my throat, then took it right back in, over and over, he would swirl his tongue around my shaft while in his mouth. I was cumming within minutes, never before had I cummed so soon. It was intense as I shot the biggest load down Paul’s throat, he kept sucking while my cock pumped every drop out of my balls, it felt like he was sucking the cum right out of my balls all the way up my shaft and down his throat. After I finished and gained myself  back to reality, I sat Paul down and we switched. His cock was sticking straight up about 9 or 10 inches, His cock was very pale at the head and about an inch down then had a dark ring around it and then the rest of his big thick cock was darker. The Skin was very thin and stretched so tight I could feel every vein and ridge up and down his shaft. I grabbed it at the base, his cock was smooth shaven but a little thin hair around his pubic mound. I started stroking his cock while looking him right in the eyes, then I smiled at him and took his cock into my warm mouth, licking and sucking all around the head, which was very fat and meaty, I loved feeling the meaty rim of the head in my mouth and all the ridges as I slid my tongue  around his fat shaft. I took my mouth off of his cock and grabbed it with both hands and pumped it fast and hard for a few minutes then pushed his whole cock down my throat. I gagged and pulled back off, then took it back down about all the way. I could not take the whole cock without gagging. He said that feels so fucking good, damn I love it. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. I had to pull back when he started shooting his load. I had a hard time swallowing cum, I did take some in my mouth but most shot up in the air so high it hit him in the lips and on his chest, Cum ran down my hands onto his big smooth balls. We got up and dressed, then we walked back downstairs, it was as if the farther we got from the Attic and out of the house, the more we came back to reality and had no idea what had happened. We went right back to signing the papers like we had been talking about that the entire time. I was so excited when I left, to surprise my wife with her dream house. I could not believe that I got the house for $32000, less than what they were asking at first. What was wrong with it that I did not know? So I picked up a couple bottles of wine and bought a Very expensive blow up mattress, some nice soft Comforters, blankets pillows and sheets. I got some candles and a scented wax burner. Some food and a cooler and ice. I set everything up and then went home and waited for my wife to come home. I iced down a bottle of wine and had a drink poured when she walked in, I said how was your day? I am tired and hurting. I said well put your feet up and here is your drink. She said so what is up? what have you done? Nothing, It’s just a drink. Okay then, thank you she said. I asked if she would want to drive over to that old house and look at it, I said you know I wonder if we filled out the papers if we could get it, Its worth a try. We drank our glass of wine then left. When we pulled up, I said Oh NO they already sold it, the sign is gone, Oh fuck we should have tried sooner damn it! I said well lets go in one last time, Okay? Jan agreed so we went in, she said I always get horny when I am here. I think this house is Haunted by some kind of sex Demon she laughed when she said it. No not really I think its just I get excited thinking about living here. I said yeah that’s it, Lets go upstairs to the master bed room, we never got to see that much. So we did, I let her walk in first to see the bed and everything, she yelled out Oh No someone is already staying here. I said what the hell are you talking about? She stepped aside and said look, they have been sleeping here. I acted like I was looking around then said oh shit that would suck. She said what do you mean would suck? I said come here and I sat on the bed and pulled her beside me. She said don’t sit on someone else’s bed, and started to get up. I pulled her back down and said don’t worry as I pulled the papers out from under the comforter and said look here, it says that this house belongs to Mick and Jan. Then I pushed her back on the bed and said this is your house baby and kissed her very deeply. She was shocked and said what? what do you mean. I told her everything and said this is your house, she got so excited and kissed me several times. Then we started undressing, kissing and our hands were all over each other. We were feeling so much passion and excitement, our tongues melting into one, feeling my cock press against her soft luscious skin. Her soaking wet cunt hunching my leg, her big beautiful breast pressing against my chest. Then she said I want your cock in me now, she got up turned around and and sat back down on my cock slowly taking my cock all the way into her pussy. Her nipples were so hard and her Dark Areolas were to tight and excited. I sat up pulling her down deeper onto my cock, kissing her and pinching her nipples. Then we scooted back against the wall as she road my cock like a horse. Then I told her to get on her knees, I put two pillows under her stomach and raised her ass in the air. I mounted her from behind, shoving my fat cock hard and deep into her dripping pussy. Her face was in the mattress and I drove my cock in her warm wet pussy fast and hard. I just happened to look up and saw Paul standing in the doorway stroking his cock. His cock was sticking out of his hand while he pumped it at the base. He looked right at me, I motioned for him to join us. So I bent over and started kissing Jan and cupping her big tits in my hands, caressing them and fucking her slowly and deep. I started kissing her on her cheeks and lips, I raised her head up and told her to close her eyes and open her mouth. I started saying, would you like to suck a cock while I fuck you? would a cock in your mouth feel good right now? I said just open your mouth and act like you’re sucking a cock. She opened her mouth and I pulled Paul’s cock into her mouth. She pulled back and opened her eyes, I said its okay, just suck his big cock. She made a warm MMMMMM Sound and took it right back in her warm wet mouth. She reached up with one hand and started stroking his cock, Oh she got so excited and hot, she was deep throating his cock. I started fucking her harder and faster pumping her cunt very deep, she was moaning and sucking very vigorously, loving sucking Paul’s very big cock. Paul grabbed the back of her head and got a hand full of hair, he pulled her head down onto his cock and started fucking her mouth slow and deep. Watching his cock slide in and out of Jan’s mouth was so hot I just started pumping her cunt so hard. When I thrusted forward it shoved Paul’s cock down her throat. We all started going off at the same time, I pulled out after Jan had cummed and I shot a giant load all across her beautiful ass. She swallowed a lot of Paul’s cum but the rest went on her face and tits. Jan was yelling and cumming pushing her cunt back on my cock. We all fell down onto the mattress and regained our composer, then Paul said, I saw lights on and figured people were in here messing around. I said you were right, we all laughed and then got a drink of wine, we ended up fucking again, as my wife wanted to see me and another guy have sex, so she got her wish. We must have all fucked and cummed another time or two. A few months had passed and we were settled in, we had been hearing noises, feeling very horny and we had dreams about fucking, mine was always the same woman, Jan’s was always about the same guy with this huge very thick cock. It seemed that whenever anyone would come over they would get to feeling very horny and all they could think about was sex. We had friends coming on to us, having sex with each other or with us. Then one night I was up late doing some paper work, When I went to bed I could hear moaning coming from our room. I figured Jan was dreaming again, but when I opened the door, I could see she was laid out with her arms sticking out to the sides, and her legs were wrapped around something that was on top of her. Hell I could see her pussy stretched open and closing like a cock was being pulled all the way out and then going back in, it was very thick too, her pussy was gaped open wide. Her big tits had hand impressions on them and one of her nipples was being sucked, I could see it being pulled and sucked in the air, she was held down and asleep, yelling Oh god, oh yes fuck me with that huge cock, fuck me. I tried to run over but got knocked backwards back against the wall and held two feet off the ground. All I could do was watch my wife get fucked by a ghost or A demon. When I saw cum run out of her pussy it freaked me out more than I already was. After it was all over I woke her up and told her what happened. We called a friend that was in the Catholic church and was also into this type of thing, Ghost, Demons, and other stuff. Jim Ryder, We told him everything, he said it sounded like we had a Succubus and an Incubus, They were the types of demons that came to men and women in their dreams and would fuck them and drain their life. They could also take over a persons body and make them have sex with someone, the person would not remember what had happened until later.  He said now that we had found out and saw them, that they would cause more trouble and pain. Jim said we needed to have the house cleansed to drive them out. He got his team together and set up all their equipment to catch any activity going on. I did not know how I felt about being recorded getting fucked in my sleep or my wife being taped getting fucked and everyone there seeing it. All I knew is that it could not go on this way. So we ate sat around talking and wondering when they would show up. Jim’s team was Two Women and One Man. Traci, Shaneya and Clyde. All three were young attractive and strong. Very dedicated to their work. We had Cameras covering every inch of the house, nowhere to go that was not seen. It all started around 11 pm, Jim had gotten a priest and a Psychic to come in and perform an Exorcism, Father Tom  Earl and Hanson smart, They started in the Attic where the feeling was stronger and most stuff had happened, Reading from the Bible and Doing what Hanson said was a smudging. There was not much at first, the two women were watching the cameras while Clyde was listing to the sounds being recorded. Traci started feeling her clit getting very sensitive and her pussy getting wet for no reason, Shaneya was feeling the exact same thing, Traci leans over and starts kissing Shaneya. They were both very sexy good looking women. Shaneya was out of her clothes and undressing Traci within seconds. Shaneya’s big smooth Black breast pressing against Traci’s very big white silky smooth Tits were enough to make me cum. Their flat hard stomachs and nicely shaved fine trimmed Cunts shining wet and swollen lips were lovely to watch being touched and caressed. Traci’s fingers slipping between Shaneya’s black pussy lips and Shaneya pumping her two fingers in and out of Traci’s beautiful swollen pussy was so hot and sexy. Jim walked down to the video room to check up on them while making his rounds and found them engaged on the floor licking and finger fucking each other. He stood in the doorway for a few minutes rubbing his massive cock until Traci looked up and saw him. She only said come fuck us Jim, You know you want Shaneya’s lovely black pussy. Shaneya turned around on the floor, aimed her pussy at Jim, bent her legs up, spread them wide apart and then spread her lips and told Jim to eat her pussy, come lick my Black Cunt you son of a bitch, Let Traci fuck that big cock of yours, We both knew you were hung like a horse. Jim Quickly undressed and started licking Shaneya’s sweet pussy. Oh How he loved her juices all over his face. Shaneya turned over and sat on jim’s face while Traci lowered her pussy slowly down onto Jim’s Very Thick cock, it was so hard he could have broken rock with it. Oh how Traci moaned and squirmed, pumping her cunt down onto Jim’s massive Cock. Shaneya started kissing Traci and rubbing her tits and softly pinching her nipples. Traci had big plump nipples, very hard and erect. Traci’s tongue was darting around Shaneya’s  lips and clit bringing her to a very hard climax, grinding her hips back and forth, pushing her dripping pussy down on Traci’s face. Jim’s cock thrusting deep into Traci’s stretched cunt. One after another cumming and cumming. They yelled, moaned and squirmed, hunching and grinding as they cummed. After a few minutes they got up and was getting dressed, just then Tom and Hanson walks in to find all three confused and getting dressed. They asked what the hell just happened? They could only guess because they could not remember exactly what. The demons were running and hiding being driven out room by room, Tom and Hanson moved to the next room. It was 12 midnight the Witching hour, Jim had told us to try sleeping and act as normal as possible. Jan was taking a hot bath and relaxing, she dozed off soaking in the bubbles. Clyde did not know that Jan was in the bathroom, when he walked in he feeling very horny and Jan had started dreaming of being fucked. Her hands were caressing her big natural breast and fingering her throbbing swollen clit. Clyde’s  cock grew hard as a rock right then. His was not as big as Jim’s giant cock but it was large enough, 7 inches very hard and about an inch and a half wide. He was able to satisfy. He walks over and  rubs the head of his cock across her lips. Jan  opens her mouth Licks his cock and takes his  head into her mouth, she reaches up and grabs Clyde’s  rock hard cock and starts stroking it. He is letting his head fall back and grabbing her head and pulling it down onto his cock. She tells him to fuck her mouth, she is fingering her pussy, jacking and sucking on Clyde’s cock. She takes every inch down her Throat over and over giving him the best sucking of his life. He reaches down under the hot Bubbles and starts slowly rubbing her very sensitive clit. She is moving her hips all around making the water splash out onto the floor, Clyde puts his legs over into the Tub and Pulls her head all the way down onto his throbbing hard cock. It was not Long until he was shooting his load on her face and tits. Then he just gets up and walks out of the bathroom, leaving Jan wanting to cum. She gets out of the Tub soaking wet and comes walking through the house to the bed room downstairs calling my name and saying, don’t you want to fuck this hot cunt anymore baby? Her voice got deep, low growl as she started laughing and saying, Now I am gonna fuck someone to death. I ran over and grabbed her and led her to the bedroom, I laid her down and then smacked her across the face, she woke up like out of a trance, not knowing what had happened or how she got downstairs. I got Jan some close and we decided to go to a room that had been cleared. That seemed to be the safest way not to be attacked again. Tom and Hanson  continued Moving Through the house room by room, clearing each one until they reached the basement. The Basement was a large room we had turned into a Very Big Den/playroom for Adults, We had Purchased several Pieces of sex furniture, Had set up cameras and Had some other Toys, one was a Motorized Saddle with a big Life like cock sticking up out of the saddle. We never really thought that anyone except for close friends would see this room, but what the hell? So Tom and Hanson enter the room and right away they know its different, the feeling is stronger because its the last refuge for these evil demons. Now Shneya and Traci are drawn into this room right behind Tom and Hanson. Tom says you need to leave before ,,,,, then Jim walks in and the door slams behind him. Hanson runs to the door and tries to open it. It is not Budging. We can watch what is going on, on the monitors. Clyde joins us in the main home base room, Tom is still reading from the bible and sprinkling Holy Water around the room. Hanson is trying to concentrate where the two demons are and what they are feeling, Sex, Horny, Fear, excitement, gaining sexual power. Shaneya and Traci move toward Jim and pulling their clothes off, Touching their breast and saying Don’t you want to fuck us anymore? We want you to shove your huge cock in our dripping wet pussies. Jim is feeling his cock grow and I mean grow, it was bigger than before as if magic took over and made him somehow have a bigger cock like a horse. The girls were slowly undressing him pulling his enormous cock out, both getting on their knees and holding his cock in all four hands. We all looked at each other in disbelief and thinking there is no way they can take that. It was a monster, We could hear Jim Laugh in a low deep evil laugh that chilled us all. The girls were mesmerized in a trance, slowly running their hands up and down this Anaconda, it was so fat and thick that they must have had two inches before their finger touched. Tom and Hanson stopped for a minute to watch, they got distracted for just a second while the power of the sexual demons grew. Hanson starts to walk over to the three undressing as Tom is yelling at him to come back, don’t give in. It is not working. Hanson walks up behind Shaneya totally naked now and presses his body against hers from behind and starts humping her back, rubbing his long had cock all over her, he cups her breast and rubs his fingers around her erect nipples, pinching them and pulling them. He leans over her side and kisses her, then licks, sucks and bites her neck, he reaches around and strokes Jim’s giant cock, running his hand down the full length on top of his cock. The girls are licking and biting it as the hold it up, then out of the Blue his cock stands straight up as he laugh and says time to stretch your cunts out Bitches. Right away Traci gets on all fours and says fuck me like a dog motherfucker. Hanson pulls a fuck chair over and sits down in it, he leans back and tells Shaneya to bend over in front of Traci and let her lick her ass and pussy while she goes down on him. Hanson’s cock is a good 9 inches and thick, almost 3 inches wide, really thick. Shaneya takes Hanson’s cock and starts trying to work it into her mouth as Traci is licking and sucking on Shaneya’s pussy lips and clit. Jim has started spreading Traci’s lips apart and pushing her swollen thick pussy lips wide, wide open. The tip of his monster cock it poking in her pussy. She is moving her nice big hips around trying to help woke that cock in. As Tom Reads the room is shaking and stuff starts flying off the book cases at him. The demons were still devouring the girls and Hanson and Jim, as if the cock was not enough to distract Tom. Jim Thrust his cock three or four inches deep into Traci’s Now very stretched cunt, she is screaming and yelling as her pussy is torn apart. Shaneya is deep Throating Hanson’s cock then bits down on it really hard sending Hanson’s load down her Throat. Shaneya is still humping Traci’s face as Traci is getting the fucking of her life. Jim is thrusting his massive cock all the way in and all the way back out of her cunt, he is picking her tits up in his hands and squeezing them. We are getting turned on and starting to touch each other while watching them fuck. Jan kneels down and starts sucking my cock, Clyde is rubbing and jerking on his cock while watching us, I tell Jan to get up on the table and lay back with her head hanging off the end. I start going down on her, she is wiggling and moaning. I tell Clyde to fuck her mouth, to which Jan Moans and just says oh yes! So we are fucking watching them fuck. We are all so turned on and sucking, fucking and swallowing, moaning and yelling when we all started cumming. Tom is at the End of his reading, as he is at the end and saying how God is the power and sends them back to Hell where they belong, the House shakes, trembles and then all of a sudden come to a stop. We are all like confused and can feel the difference in the air and the feeling of stress gone. Why are we all naked? Why are our cocks so hard? Why are the girls’ Pussies so wet and full of cum? Why is Jim’s cock still in Shaneya? Why was Clyde fucking My wife’s Mouth? We had no idea until Tom told us what happened. Well we were all amazed at that story, little by little it started coming back to us, all of us were amazed but Hoping that this kind of thing would never happen again. The sex was great but we were slowly  drained of life. Thank God for Tom and Hanson for Believing us and helping us. Having the courage and desire to stand up to this Evil.