All gone

The training centre for trouble making youngsters was well understaffed and today there was only 1 staff member on duty so the kids were doing as they wanted to when the big explosion from the government test centre rocked the training centre the kids all fell silent for a minute but they soon started to … Continue reading All gone

Wild family

Jon and Mick, and I were playing basketball at the park. We noticed a family of four, mom dad and two girls, watching us while they had a picnic. The dad came over finally and asked if we’d like to join them. The girls were young and attractive as was the mom so we gladly … Continue reading Wild family


Steve was a well feared sixteen year old thug who lived in a small town just out side of London, nobody trusted him and a few of the residents of the small town had been beaten up by him, there had been many attempts to get him thrown out of the town but they had … Continue reading Homeless

Walking Home

The day had bean off as a very nice warm day but now as it was getting late it was starting to get a bit breezy and as sixteen year old Amy walked home from the dinner party at the posh peoples house she was feeling a bit cold and was wishing that she had … Continue reading Walking Home