Anjana was a young Bengali girl who was living in England with her family, she hated being in England because there were lots of racists about that ave her and her friends a lot of racist abuse, her brother had been beaten up by a gang of racists and was in hospital, Anjana had been … Continue reading Saved

Taking It

Anjana was a sixteen year old girl who was now living in England with her uncle. Anjana was a girl who was often in trouble with her family, her parents could not control her, she would stay out late at night and some times all night, she often got into fights and bunked school, so … Continue reading Taking It

Sister’s Ex

Amy had been at the leisure centre for most of the day spending the last half a hour in the swimming pool and was heading to the changing rooms o get changed, as she got to the female changing room Amy saw a sign on the door stating the room was closed due to an … Continue reading Sister’s Ex

Peepers Surprise

Anjana was a young girl who was born in Bangladesh but was now living in the East End Of London with her mum and dad, Anjana was not keen on living in London and wanted to go back to Bangladesh and live there where all her friends were. Anjana was walking home from school taking … Continue reading Peepers Surprise

Telling Or Not

The small English town had been having a lot of burglaries over the last couple of months and despite the best efforts of the local police the culprits had not been caught, nor did the police have any idea who was committing the burglaries, the residents of the town were very angry and had tried … Continue reading Telling Or Not

The Cleaners

Simon was walking through the woods that were on the edge of the town that he and his mum had just moved into, he had lived with just his mum for eight years in a small cramped flat after his dad had left his mum for another woman, then after a death of one of … Continue reading The Cleaners

New Begining

Adure was sat in her bedroom looking out the window into the wet night wishing that she was back home in her native Africa where she had been born and brought up. Adure had been living in England for three months where she had made some friends, there were a few racists about like Steve … Continue reading New Begining

The Leak

The alert sirens at the local chemical plant had been sounding for over a hour, residents of the town that was half a mile from the chemical plant had followed the instructions that had been given to them on what to do in an emergency, nearly all the residents were now inside their homes with … Continue reading The Leak