Double Delight

Danny was the most hated boy in the school that he attended, he was known as the king pervert due to the fact that he was a flasher and peeping tom, he had been beaten up a few times and had been in hospital a few times after being beaten up, the police had warned … Continue reading Double Delight

Mum is Away

Asif sat in the departure lounge of the airport, his mum had just flown out of the airport to their home country of Bangladesh to be with her very ill brother, Asif had wanted to go as well but because his passport was lost he had been unable to go with his mum so instead … Continue reading Mum is Away

The Return

The bus drove into the village square just after five in the afternoon, the residents of the village that were in the square paid no attention to the bus that was untill the owner of the small shop said ” oh shit they are back ” people turned and looked at the bus in dismay … Continue reading The Return


At one time the small English housing estate had been a very well kept estate with many people wanting to live there, but now after being open for a hundred years the estate was very well run down, rubbish was left in the streets the grass was not being cuts repairs were not being carried … Continue reading Vigilantes

The Twins Part 1

Tracy and Sara were known as the twins in the small country town where they lived, they were not related in any way at all but were known as the twins because they were very close friends they hung out together and both had a very bad reputation for causing trouble, they hardly ever went … Continue reading The Twins Part 1

Double Surprise

Sixteen year old Steve was not liked in the town where he lived, he was a flasher and peeping tom, many parents told their kids to stay away from him, he had been banned from the local swimming pool as well as the gym and most of the shops in the town, he was considered … Continue reading Double Surprise