Heavy Rock Concert

The three day heavy rock concert was going ahead despite many objections from residents who lived near the field where the concert was to be held, the residents had formed an action group who had appealed the council decision to all the concert to go ahead, the action group had made legal challenges in the … Continue reading Heavy Rock Concert

Bad Weather ???

The morning weather forecast had predicted that by the end of the day there would be gale force weather conditions with heavy rain and wind gusts of up to one hundred miles per hour, Many people paid attention to the weather forecast and took precautions to safe guard themselves and their property but many ignored … Continue reading Bad Weather ???

The Split

Sharon was known as a disruptive foul mouthed bully who was racist and out of control, her parents had got fed up with her and her bad behaviour and did not want to have anything more to do with her so now Sharon was living with the only person that she had ever had respect … Continue reading The Split

The Shop Girl

Sharon had worked in the shop every Friday after school for the last twelve months she enjoyed working in the shop and had got used to the sexual comments from customers and had become quite good at fighting the advances of customers off. Calling them dirty old men. Sharon had just got to the shop … Continue reading The Shop Girl