Mom at home

After the fuck session in June’s hotel room, Alice and Luke returned to their room and as Luke had classes starting and Alice had to drive back home in the morning, they went straight to bed. So after a tearful goodbye in the morning and a promise to return soon, Alice packed the car and … Continue reading Mom at home

School nurse

John Marshall was running down the soccer field during PE at high school when a defender tried a slide tackle that went too high and caught him right in the balls! He doubled over and thought he would throw up. When he could breathe again he went to the nurses office. “Come in John, hop … Continue reading School nurse

Gladiator Run

Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived on a run down council housing estate in the middle of East London, the estate had a reputation for being a crime hot spot with the worst record for crime in the whole of London, Sharon was known as a trouble maker who was often involved … Continue reading Gladiator Run

Scout leader

My husband is the leader for a local boy scout troop. It was summer and he had scheduled a camp out for the week. Everything was reserved at the private camp and the boys, 10 of them, were all set. Then disaster struck. My husband was called to fix a client problem at work and … Continue reading Scout leader

The Fall

For the last few days the weather had been very bad, the temperature was below freeing at night, the roads and pavements had become very slippery causing people to slip and fall, there were minor car accidents caused by the ice on the roads, the road gritting teams were unable to cope with the demands … Continue reading The Fall

The Volunteers

Asif was sitting on the edge of the hospital waiting for a volunteer to take him up onto the roof garden where he hoped to get some fresh air, after a few minutes Asif saw Dawn enter the ward, Asif knew that Dawn was sixteen years old which meant that she was four years older … Continue reading The Volunteers

Fools Day

At just sixteen years of age Adam was known as a failure, his education level was very low, he spent most of his time bunking off school and hanging around inside the derelict factory in the town where he lived, He was always playing practical jokes on people and causing mayhem, not many people would … Continue reading Fools Day