The Fight

Sixteen year old Amy was talking with Tony her twelve year old brother who was suffering from a bleeding nose and cut lip, Tony was explain to his sister how he had accidentally bumped into Marcus a sixteen year old African boy and how the boy had then turned round and punched him in the … Continue reading The Fight


It was in the early hours of the morning when sixteen year old Tina who was in a very deep sleep was woken by her mum telling her to get out of bed quickly as there was a major fire in the paint factory just down the road from the house that they lived in, … Continue reading Fire


Tina was a loud mouth bully girl who at just sixteen years of age did not have many friends and was well feared most people stayed out of her way she had been banned from most of the shops in the town where she lived but that did not stop her from trying to go … Continue reading Owing

The March

It was a Saturday afternoon and all the shops in the town market were boarded up, none of the normal market stalls were out, and there were no shoppers about, the market was deserted even the car park that was normally full of cars was empty, a march by racists was due to pass through … Continue reading The March


Tina was a sixteen year old girl who was known for being racist, violent and mouthy, many people did not like her at all and stayed clear of her, her own family only just tolerated her, she never attended school instead was out causing trouble some where, the staff at the school never reported her … Continue reading Outcast

The Builder

It was a very hot day and seventeen year old Steve was working alone clearing up after his workmates had finished building the extension to the Indian families house, as it was hot Steve had taken his tee short off and was working in just his baggy joggers and boots. Oma who was three years … Continue reading The Builder

The Future

The years was 2040 there England had gone through many years of civil unrest with lots of cities and towns having been badly damaged and many people were killed but a new government was elected and they brought in very strict new laws, the death penalty was re instated, public corporal punishment introduced¬† and slavery … Continue reading The Future