Clothing Optional Campground

My boss called one day saying that our company was rolling out some new software and there were a few of our clients I had to install the software on-site. The companies were in two different states, I always drive my camper, towing my car, and pocket the travel expenses which was a few thousand dollars.

It was nice to get away from home and I thought it would give me a break but what little did I know.  I drive the back roads because I could make better time and after a day driving I stopped at a campground.  The lady at the desk said she was not sure they had room for me, as she was checking, she was asking a lot of questions, where I’m from, where I’m going, do I have kids, and she asked me a question which puzzled me.  She asked if I’m okay with naked kids running around and she paused a second, then said it was because they are a clothing optional campground, and have a small lake so some times kids will swim in the lake naked.

I thought; “Oh what little do you  know” (Confession of an Uncle), I answered her saying that my nieces live with me, and always running around naked so I’m used to it.  She went into a small side office to call someone, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, and soon come out to say they’re checking that she will know if they can take me in a minute or two.

Then a naked girl came into the office, she was skinny, long blonde hair, she was hairless, and really had a nice round bubble butt.  The lady introduced her as her daughter, the girl went to set in a chair, when the lady and I started making basic chit chat.  Before the girl got to the chair, she stopped at a plant on the floor, then she bent over as if to check the wetness of the soil.

I couldn’t help but to notice how she bent over, she had her legs spread a little when she bent over exposing her pussy from the back, and the fact she bent over as opposed to squatting down.  So I couldn’t help but to keep taking glances at her nice little butt and her diamond shaped bald pussy as she’s bent over.

The whole time the lady is asking about my nieces, just making small talk, and the little girl stands up, walks over to the chair, and then sits down.  Again I could not help but to notice the way she sat down in the chair, she sat on the edge of the chair, and her legs were spread a little.  Again I couldn’t help but to steal glances, noticing this girl’s pussy was just about open.

So I turned the conversation to the girl asking if she’s her mother’s helper around the campground, she replied yes and started telling me all about the campground, while she was talking I continued to take longer glances at her pussy, and then I swear the girl spread her legs even more.

The lady spoke up saying that if I can drop off my car trailer right next to the office she will give me a spot by the restroom and shower area.  As we were doing to paperwork I continued to talk to the daughter and continued to almost stare at her little bald pussy.  So we get the paperwork done, I drop the trailer, and get into the spot.

After setting up I had to pee, the restroom shower are was right next to me, so I walked into the men’s room, one side was the shower area (one big shower with 3 shower heads), and the other side was the sinks, then three stalls. I walked into the middle stall to piss and there was rather large gloryholes in both walls of the center stall which kind of made me think; “WTF?”

It was already night time, so I just hung out setting outside of my trailer, and around midnight I figured that I’d go jackoff in the restroom, maybe a guy would come in so I could use one of them gloryholes to get sucked off.

I get in the restroom, picked the last stall, went in, dropped my shorts, sat down on the toilet, and started jacking my cock.  Not even a minute later I hear foot steps on the gravel around the restroom entrance, I hear their steps come into the restroom, and they picked the middle stall.

I bent down to look under the stall divider and it was boy’s feet, then I thought to myself; “damn it kid you’re cock blocking me” (lol).

I set back on the toilet, I continued to stroke my cock, then heard his feet move, I looked back down, and you could tell he was standing up facing the stall divider trying to look through the gloryhole at me.  I figured the kid likes watching guys, maybe he’s a little voyeur (because I’m damn sure that I love to be an exhibitionist), I leaned back, and started stroking my cock again.

As I sat there stroking my cock for a minute or two, I could now clearly see him looking through the gloryhole, and he did something which kind of shocked me, he stuck two fingers through the gloryhole, he then started running his fingers back, and forth on the bottom of the hole.

EVERY gloryhole I’ve been to, that’s what the guy does when he wants you to stick your cock through the hole, and you get your cock serviced.  I sat there still jacking my cock for a second, then thought; “what the fuck, why not”, I stood up, stepping out of my shorts as I walked up to the gloryhole, and stick my cock through the hole.  I felt a hand take ahold of my cock, then I felt a warm mouth on the head of my cock as the shaft of my cock was being jacked, and then he stopped, releasing my cock, and then I heard his stall door unlock.

I stood there with my cock through the hole for a second before looking down under the stall, I seen him walk out of his stall, and his feet now were standing in front of my stall.  I unlocked the door and stepped back.

The stall door opened and I was SHOCKED!

It was not a boy like I was thinking, it was the girl from the office, she stepped in, locked the door, looked up at me smiling, and dropped to her knees.  She took my cock and started sucking me.  As I felt the cum boiling in my balls, she stopped, stood up, and said set down.  I sat back down on the toilet, I watched this girl walk between my legs, turn around, spit in her hand rubbing it on her pussy, she then bent over reaching through her legs, she took ahold of my rock hard cock, squatted down a little to line my cock up to her pussy hole, and she slowly sat down on my 7″ dick.

She then started riding my cock and we heard foot steps on the gravel outside of the restrooms.  My heart dropped, then reality set in, and I went into panic mode because I’m in a restroom with a girl I just met setting on my cock.

I lifted her legs so her feet were on my upper part of my legs, my cock was still buried in her little pussy, and someone walked into the men’s room.  I was freaking out, they went into the middle stall, and sat down.  Her and I were setting there still, my cock still inside her when I heard a male voice say; “Tina, you’re not bothering that nice man are you?”, and the little girl said back; “no daddy he likes it”.

I’m thinking at this point; “oh fuck it’s her fucking dad”, I’m looking down, then I see his feet move in front of the gloryhole, and now I’m thinking; “fuck I’m going to jail (because my cock is still inside)”.

Then the guys says; “mmmm, your big cock looks good inside my daughter’s pussy”, I’m still froze trying to process what’s going on here, and the guy says; “it’s okay man, go ahead and fuck her little pussy”.  So I put my hands under her ass, picked her ass up a little, and started slow fucking her.

The guy says; “fuck I can’t see”, he then opens his stall door, and is standing at our stall door peeking though the door crack. I set her down on my lap, then say to her; “go unlock the door for your dad”, she puts her feet on the floor, and slowly stood up as my cock slid out of her pussy.

The guys walks into the stall, turns around locking the door, when he turned around towards us, she says; “daddy do the sling thing”, and she says to her; “okay baby turn around”.  She turns her back to him, she’s now facing me, with her back against her dad, he reaches down grabbing her behind her knees, and picks her up.  Now her legs are spreading wide open and her ass is hanging low.  I stood up, took my cock in my hand, and worked it back in her little bald pussy.

After a minute of slow fucking her, I picked up the pace, I put my hands on her hips, and as I thrust forward, I pulled her into me.  I soon was just drilling her little pussy, she was moaning, her dad was saying; “fuck yes fuck her”. then I felt the cum boiling in my balls, and announced; “I’m going to cum”.  Her dad replied; “oh fuck yes, fill my baby girl’s pussy with seed” and with that I started pumping cum inside his little girl.

My thrusts slowed, I slowly pulled my cock out of this guy’s daughter, and my cum poured from her gapping hairless pussy.  The guy set her down on her feet, then he dropped to his knees, she turned around, and the guy stated licking my cum out of his daughter’s pussy.  After he gave her a good cleaning, he looked up at me, then looked at my cock, and I said; “how about you clean your daughter’s pussy juice off my cock”.  He slid over, took my cock, and started sucking it.

I looked down at her, she’s looking up at me, she says; “my daddy likes dick too” and I replied; “yes I can see, but if he keeps sucking me, he’s going to make me hard again, and I may have to do your pussy again”.  He kept sucking, when I got hard again, he said; “how about you come to our trailer and we can finish this (shaking my hard cock in his hand), we went to his trailer, and I ended up fucking their daughter three times as they watched, I fucked her until the sun was coming up.

Come to find out later that night by her dad, that girl was watching me setting outside my trailer, and waiting for me to go into the restroom.


Needless to say I was late getting to the first work site in the next state and had to tell the boss that my car broke down.