Confession of an Uncle – Final

I think my wife is cheating on me, but who am I to say anything because I’ve been having sex with her niece (confession of an uncle), and really I just wanted to know if she was seeing someone else.

So I added a keylogger that takes screen shots on her laptop and after a week or so I got my answer.  She was going to see a black guy, he was telling her that she loved big dick, and he can get her big dick.  Then he told her that she knows that she enjoyed then guys and she made a few hundred bucks too.

She’s telling this black guy that she has a job and can’t just leave.  He’s telling her that she’ll make 10X more than she can make at her job.  She’s saying to him, what would she tell her husband (me) where she’s going, and he’s telling her she needs to find an excuse for her to bring me to met him and he’ll bet that I’ll be fine with it.


YES, he’s been pimping her out, he’s been setting men up for my wife to to fuck, and she’s done at least one gangbang if not more.  She likes it (I was guessing) because of course a lot of black guys have horse cocks.

So, she comes up with an excuse, she tells me that she needed to go to this guy’s house, and show him how to setup an oxygen machine (she sold hospital equipment for a company), then she wanted me to go with her just to be safe.

I agree, we end going over this black guys house in the evening, we walk into the living room, and his daughter was laying on the floor in front of the television.  My wife and I sat on the sofa, he sat in a chair.

He introduces us to his daughter Tabby, she gets up to say hi to us, and then sets on the other side of me on the sofa.  When she sat down, one leg was on the floor, and she folded her other leg on the sofa to face me.

As I was talking with her, she leaned back to lay on the sofa arm rest, and her crotch was like right there almost in my damn face.

I glanced down, there was a rather large hole in the crotch of her panties, and her pussy was showing.  Fuck it looked like she was wearing crotch-less panties and it was like she was wanting me to see her pussy.

Then I felt my wife get up off the sofa, I turn my head, the black is holding both her hands, he was back peddling, she was following him toward the hallway, and the black guy says; “you two just continue on and I need to use her (meaning my wife) for about an hour, then they went down the hallway.

I looked back at the black girl (she is setting up again, off the arm rest of the sofa), she smiled at me saying; “there going to screw again”, I replied; “yeah wants to put his dick in her”, and she says; “do you want to put you dick in me”?

I told her wait one second, I get up walking to the hallway, and I look down the hallway.  The guy’s bedroom was at the end, the door was open, they’re just inside the doorway, and my wife in on her knees sucking his cock.

He sees me looking down the hallway and nods his head to the side telling me to go ahead.  I walk back over to the black girl and she already has her panties off, she was setting there in a t-shirt with her legs spread wide.

I got on my knees, lifted her legs in the air, then started licking her pussy, she was really getting into it grabbing the back of my head, and thrusting her hips up when I sucked on her clit.

After about 5 minutes of he licking her pussy, I heard my wife getting fucked (I could hear her moaning), so I stood up, pulled out my rock hard cock (she’s still holding her legs up in the air spread), then I started rubbing it up and down her little wet hairless pussy.

I could clearly tell this girl has been fucked before, so I lined up my cock to the opening of her pussy, and pushed the head of my cock in her.  She didn’t flinch, moan, or anything, she just was looking at me smiling, so I pushed my cock deep inside her, and then I got a moan. lol

I started fucking her and she says; “mmmm, your dick feels good”, I say; “you like that cock” as I start really fucking her, and she says; “that’s it, fuck my little pussy”.

I sort of was shocked she said fuck, but most of all I was shocked she was talking dirty as I was fucking her, so I said; “you like your little pussy fucked” and she replies; “oh yeah I do, I want you to fill my pussy with cum”.

Well that was a total turn on, a girl who talks dirty as you’re fucking her, and my cum started boiling because her little pussy felt so good, then I said; “I’m going to cum”.  She replied; “that’s it daddy, cum in my pussy, pump your cum deep inside me” and I started filling her little pussy with cum.

The way this girl was talking dirty hit all the right cords getting me to cum so quickly because I was already used to fucking my nieces and Tabby totally fucked better than most porn stars.

After filling her pussy with cum, I slowly pulled my cock out of her, she slid off the sofa getting on her knees, and started sucking my cock which kind of again shocked me.  Then she told me to sit down, so I sat on the sofa, and she sucked me a good 10 to 15 minutes until I got hard again.

We end up with her kneeling on the sofa, her hands on the back of the sofa, and me behind her just drilling her little bald pussy.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see her dad walk by the living room going into the kitchen, and he says; “don’t let me interrupt you two I just need to get some water”.

When I first saw him I froze, because I have his daughter bent over on the sofa drilling her pussy from the back, and when he said that I started slow fucking her again.

As I’m fucking her, all of a sudden I hear him right behind me, and he said; “oh shit mother fucker, gape that little pussy out”, I didn’t say anything, and just kept fucking her, then he says; “you have about 20 minutes more so don’t forget her little asshole needs a good stretching too”.

He walks away, turns the corner to head into the hallway and Tabby looks back at me saying; “you want to fuck my ass”?  I pulled my cock out of her little pussy, Tabby reaches back grabbing her butt cheeks spreading them open, I spit on her asshole, and I was impressed how easily my cock slid into her little asshole.

I know my wife heard Tabby moaning as I fucked her little bubble butt and Tabby kept talking, shit like; “oh that’s it, fuck my little ass”, “oh shit your cock feels good inside my butt”, “I want to feel you cum inside my little ass”.

Usually if I fuck, get hard again, and fuck again I last it least an hour, but shoving my cock inside this African American girl’s asshole as she’s saying shit like; “cum inside my little ass”, I soon said; “yes baby I’m going to fill your butt with cum”, and then started pumping cum inside her tight little asshole.


After we were finished, my wife came out again, then the black guy and I exchanged numbers, and we went home. There really was nothing said about what just happened and it was just general chit chat.

Then a few days later, it was at night in the middle of the week, that black guy calls me saying he has a few guys over that he wants my wife to come over, and then offered me to come over.  I said that my wife can go over and spend the night working if he returns the favor letting Abby spend the night with me some time which he replied; “hell yeah, shit just tell me when and come pick her up”.

Later I found out that they were talking in chat and she told him to call me. So she heads out and comes back in the morning.  Again really nothing is said because again really what can I say, “NO” when I’m fucking her nieces.

A couple days later it was the weekend, the black guy calls me up in the morning saying he want my wife to spend the weekend, I tell him sure if Abby can spend the night with me, and that I may have a few friends over too.  He tells me sure, they better be safe (meaning no STDs), and no hitting.  I agreed, said the same for my wife, and before I know it, the black guy was dropping off Abby, and then picking up my wife.

Well Abby, Amber, and Heather hit it right off!  Amy and I were setting on the back deck while the girls were playing in the backyard, and then with me telling Amy about my encounter with Abby, Amy said; “I’ll bet them guys would pay a small fortune to fuck them two”.

I told her that I’m not sure about letting Amber work yet.  Amy tells me that she lets her teacher fuck her all the time and you (meaning me) fucks her a lot so why not.

So right there, I snapped a closeup picture of Abby, called one of the guys (the real estate developer), and sent him the pic asking if he’s interested, which he replied; “fuck yes”. I tell him 10,000 an hour, I also said the other three (the ones fucking and paying Ricky) will most likely be joining in too, he paused a second, then asked me when, and where.  I told him it’s happening tonight and I’ll text him where.

After I hung up with the guy, Amy laughed and said you should have asked for more.  So I call the next guy (the dude who owns a large construction company), and same thing basically, he didn’t bat an eye at the 10K per hour.

That night three of them came over, we were all sitting on the back deck, Heather was already in bed, and the two girls were hanging out with us.  The real estate guy pulls out a coke grinder and does a snort.  Amy wanted some, so the guy pulls out a bag of coke, and it had to be a couple ounces of coke.

We all start doing coke, which when I do coke, I want to fuck, and Amy is the same way.  So Amy and I start fucking around, soon the three guys were undressing.  At first the girls were giggling and playing coy.

Then I told Abby to get between a the real estate guy’s legs and suck his hard cock.  As Abby started sucking that guy’s cock, I watched Amber get between one of the guy’s legs ( think the construction contractor if I remember right) , and she started sucking his cock.

Then I really can’t tell you exactly what happened, it was just a total fuck fest with Abby and Amber being the center of attention.  I do remember letting the girls do a few lines of coke to keep them jacked up, and into getting fucked, talking dirty shit to us as we fucked them.  We fucked them all night, from like 10pm until at least 5 or 6am, because the sun was coming up, and all us guys were about wore out.

In the morning as we’re all getting dressed, the girls were in the house, I told the guys since they fucked all night I’ll just charge them a flat 50K and funny enough, they all brought 60K with them, so they all had such a good time with the girls all three of them tossed me the 60,000 in cash they brought with them.

After they left, the girls were wore out too so they were sleeping already, Amy was looking at 180,000 dollars in stacks of cash, she looks at me with a huge grin, and says; “so when can you get Abby back over here and I bet we can get more for Heather’s tight little pussy”.  We became very wealthy by having sex parties for several very rich men.


That’s my confession.