Confession of an Uncle – Part 5

After I got back from my trip (Clothing Optional Campground), for about a month we continued our normal routine (Confessions of an Uncle – Part 2), Most days I was having sex with my niece’s daughter Heather in the morning, Amber my niece’s older daughter I fucked in sometime in the afternoon, then I’d fuck Ricky (my niece’s son) in the shower after dinner, and I was fucking my niece Amy at night, some times on the back deck, and then some times we’d fuck right on the living room sofa.

Then Ricky would meet the men who was paying him (Confession of an Uncle – Part 4) once or twice a week and just about every time we met the men at a hotel, every one of them kept asking me about Ricky’s sisters, and then they’d tell me the money is not an issue just tell them how much, they really was interested in Heather.

I kept saying no, I knew once they started with Heather, and Amber, Ricky will lose, because he was clearing $12,000 a WEEK, and all 3 guys were paying him $2,000 each time they cum, and then all 3 guys would cum at least twice in him.

Yeah that’s 36,000 a month and the first month when it first all started he made much more.  They clearly was showing me money was no option and Ricky now has college funding.

When we’d get back from meeting the guys, Amy (Ricky’s mother) would always ask how it went, I’d always say; “good but they asked again about the girls”, and Amy always replied; “it’s your call, I trust you, and will do anything you want me to do”.

Then one time Amy suggested that we setup a gangbang party with these guys, I asked her what she meant, she said; “we have them come over here one day and charge them every time they cum”, she paused a second and said; “there are 3 of them and we have 3 pussies here”.  I said; “it’s not a gangbang if there is 3 of them and 3 pussies, besides I’m not sure how Heather would handle it, I’d hate to shoot one of them in the head cause he hurt her”.

Amy replied; “Heather will do anything you ask her”, I told her about the fact Ricky will lose money, and so not yet.


Another couple months went by then one day Amber’s teacher calls, I tell him Amy is out that I was her husband (even though I was her Uncle), and asked how I can help him.

He told me that there is no problem but he would like to meet me, and told me he likes to met all parents.  I said; “sure, when can I come in and meet you”?  He said that he goes home not to far from our place and asked if he could just stop by on the way home which I agreed.

As soon as the kids walked in I asked Amber if she may have said anything to him about what we do and she looked at me saying; “I’m not stupid daddy geeee”.  So he shows up, Amber runs up to him saying; “Mr. Nelson” as she’s hugging him, and I tell him to have a seat, which he sits on the sofa, and then Heather crawled in.

He starts off by telling me how smart Amber is and she’s way ahead of the class already.  Then he goes on telling me about himself, how he’s studied child physically, how he sees Amber as a very loving, and well nurtured.

As he’s talking with Amber I’m looking him dead in the eye, but I can see Amber is rubbing his crotch, and as he glanced at Amber for a second, I glanced down, and then back up real quick.  There was clearly a bulge in his pants and Heather’s hand was rubbing the bulge.

So I say something like; “yeah we try and teach her something new about life all the time” and he responds telling me that he has to commend me.  He says that him and his pregnant wife, who’s having a girl, wants to raise her the same way we’ve raised Amber.  He then goes on to again saying how Heather is way ahead of the class.

Amber is still this whole time rubbing the bulge in his pants, I say; “well we try to let her explore as much as she wants and until the point that the exploring is going to hurt her, and I will pull her in to protect her.

I pause a second then say; “here’s a great example, it’s like Amber rubbing your cock (his eyes got the oh shit look), she’s clearly likes you because she’s doing it, and clearly you like it because you’re cock is clearly rock hard, and then have not pushed her hand away. So if Amber wants to explore, that’s fine with us, we let her explore as much as she wants until it becomes a danger to her, and I step in then” Then laughed.

He says; “yeah, I have to bring another pair of underwear with me because she likes to set on my lap behind my desk during recess and do extra work”.  Then he again says Amber is way ahead of the class and how she’s a well rounded girl who is very understanding of things.


I said; “Amber sweetie”, she said; “yes daddy”, I said; “do you like playing with Mr. Nelson’s dick sweetie” and she answered with a shit eating grin; “yes daddy”.

I then said; “why don’t you help Mr. Nelson get his pants off and show him your sweet little pussy”, she jumped up saying; “okay daddy”, and Mr. Nelson was setting there looking at me totally dumbfounded, and then Amber says to him; “well stand up silly”.

He stood up, Amber went right for his zipper pulling it down, he unbuttoned them, and he pushed them down exposing his rock hard 6″ cock.  I called Amber over to me handing her a tube of lube, she runs back to him, and looks up at him saying; “well sit down silly, we can’t do it standing up”.

He’s setting down as Amber is rubbing lube into her little hairless pussy, his eyes are glued to her, she climbed up in his lap facing him but this time her legs were on each side of him, she leaned forward reaching between her legs talking a hold of his cock, from the back I seen her line it up to her pussy, and sat back taking at least half his cock inside her.  Then she put both her hands on his chest pushing down even more into his cock and he announced; “I’m going to cum”!

I said; “go ahead” and he said; “OH, oh, ooooh, mmmm, damn, mmmm” as I watched the cum running down the shaft of his cock.  After he was done cumming in Amber, she’s laying on his chest, and I say; “Amber baby why don’t you clean that up for daddy”, as she got up I seen his cock unplug her little pussy, and then his cum started leaking out of her little hairless pussy.

Amber went to get a towel and he said; “damn I’ve never cum so quick in my life, you raised that girl right”!

I laughingly said; “she guides herself and I’m just her junk yard dog on a leash, if she says bite, you’re done on this earth”.


Stay Tuned… More to cum….