Cut Off

The small country village housed just under one hundred people and was twenty miles outside of the nearest town, there was a twice daily bus service to the town which meant that unless you had your own transport of one form or another you had to walk to the town to do shopping. Sixteen year Mandy was walking back to the village from town after missing the bus, she had walked about five miles when she felt the first flakes of snow fall as Mandy continued to walk the snow started to fall heavier and after awhile a blizzard was blowing and Mandy was finding it very hard to make any headway, As she battled against the snow Mandy saw the abandoned farm and decided to shelter from the now harsh weather conditions there and after a struggle had managed to get to the farmhouse and was lucky enough to find an open door and after going into the farm house propped the door shut, after checking the house and finding it empty Mandy set about making a fire and soon had a decent fire burning in the fire place which soon had the place warm Mandy then set about rigging up a line on which to dry her clothes, Mandy was glad that there was so much old stuff in the farm after rigging up the line Mandy stripped down to her bra and panties hanging her wet clothes from the line as she did then thought what the heck I am alone and took her underwear off hanging them over the line, Mandy was startled when she heard banging on the door and heard somebody shout ” let us in” Mandy quickly wrapped an old blanket round herself and opened the door and found Martin who was two years younger than her and the school fool who did stupid things and his two mates Dean and Simon who were also known to do stupid things, Mandy let the three boys in, Martin smiled said ” a fire lets dry our clothes and started to undress his mates also started to strip and soon Mandy was looking at three naked boys and was surprised to see they all had big dicks wth Martin’s being the biggest at seven inches while the other two were about six inches, the boys stood in front of the fire then Dean got can’s of cider out of his bag and the boys started drinking Mandy accepted a can and started drinking after awhile Mandy saw that Martin had a semi erect dick which was stuck out straight she smiled and after a few more minutes she saw that both Dean and Simon were semi erect after a few more minutes Martin had a full nine inch erection and when both Dean and Simon got full eight inch erections Mandy started to feel horny and after five minutes of seeing the three naked boys with full erections Mandy was feeling very horny and stood up letting the blanket fall to the floor, Dean said ” fucking hell look at those tits” Mandy said ” fucking hell look at those cocks” and went and stood by the fire and soon felt hands on her bum and Martin started rubbing her boobs while Dean rubbed her love tube it was the first time Mandy had had three boys paying her attention and she was enjoying it, Martin started to suck her nipples as he did Dean slid his fingers into Mandy’s love tube fighting it very wet, Martin gently lay Mandy on the floor and when she parted her legs Martin did not wait and slid his dick into Mandy’s love tube and started thrusting in and out, Dean and Simon were both sucking on a nipple each, Mandy was really enjoying what was happening and after a few minutes climaxed as Martin thrust into her very deeply and not long after Martin was squirting his cum over the floor Simon quickly took over and slid his eight inch dick into Mandy’s love tube and after five minutes of thrusting in and out of her love tube Simon felt Mandy cum but carried on thrusting in and out making Mandy cum a second time before he squirted his cum over the floor and soon Mandy felt Dean’s dick slide up her love tube and start to thrust away making her cum twice before he was squirting his cum on the floor, after ten minutes the four were sat round the fire talking and drinking cider and after a hour Dean stood up his dick solid pointing up like a mini flagpole and when Mandy knelt and started to suck on his dick Dean thought yeah Simon and Martin both stood up their solid dicks bobbing about, Mandy carried on sucking Deans dick and felt her bum being rubbed and when Simon slid his dick into it Mandy cried out then carried on sucking Dean’s dick and when he squirted his cum into her mouth Mandy swallowed it and when Martin slid his dick into her mouth Mandy sucked it dry while Simon thrust in and out of her bum. after three days Mandy had sampled each dick in her mouth her love tube and her bum as well as between her boobs having sperm splatter her face she was now laying on the floor still naked as the three boys left the house, after a hour Mandy got up dressed and started to trudge through the snow to the village as she went she thought the last three days have been super cool the sex was super great better than anything I have had will have to try them again some time and Dean can have top place he was extra super cool after getting home Dawn found the house empty, she found a note from her mum saying dad broke leg gone to the hospital, Mandy ran herself a bath and twenty minutes was soaking in the hot water wishing that dean was there with her. Dean was on the stairs of the hospital sliding his dick into the love tube of Mandy’s sister Amy who was four years younger than Mandy as he thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube as he did he thought I hope she likes what her sister likes and pushed in deeper.

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