Faulty Lights ???

Martin was a sixteen year old flasher who was well known on the estate that he lived on, not many people trusted him or liked him, mums and dads warned their daughters to stay away from him, he had been threatened a few times but he was not worried about the threats, his uncle was in the army and had taught him how to defend himself so he felt quite secure. Martin lived in a tower block of flats in the middle of a run down council estate that had a reputation for being out of control. Martin was training to be an electrician at college and had done small jobs for his neighbours, he was sat watching telly one evening when his mum asked him to check the lights of the lady in the flat next door to the one he lived in, Martin knew that Tina who was a class mate of his lived there, Martin went to the flat as he got there Tina’s mum was just leaving for work, she called out to Tina telling her that Martin was here to fix the lights, Martin went into the flat where he saw Tina in the lounge, earlier that day he had flashed at Tina and her mate so he was being careful in case this was some sort of trap, as he walked into the lounge, Tina said ” are you going to get that cock of yours out ” Martin just smiled at Tina then before he could make any form of reply Tina put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him hard, Martin fell backwards landing on the sofa, Tina bent forward grabbed the top of Martin’s joggers and in one swift move pulled them and his underwear right down revealing his seven inch dick then stood looking at it, after a minute Tina knelt down on the floor and took Martin’s dick in her hand and much to Martin’s surprise and joy started to gently stroke it, soon Martin had a full nine inch erection, Tina said ” there is only one thing to do with a fucking hard cock this size ” and started to lick it, Martin lay there hardly believing what was happening and when Tina took the whole of his dick into her mouth and started sucking it, Martin sighed and lay back, Tina sucked on Martin’s dick pushing her mouth all the way down the full length and gagging slightly when it touched her throat, Martin was soon breathing heavy and was soon close to cumming and said so, Tina just carried on sucking Martin’s dick and when he squirted his cum in four spurts into her mouth Tina swallowed it all, after a few minutes Tina stood up went to the kitchen and returned with a drink for Martin who swallowed it all in one go, Martin could see pokies in Tina’s tee shirt then to his surprise his dick grew to another erection, Tina smiled and said ” there is another viagra in that drink to make a horse randy for hours, Tina then pulled her skirt right up, Martin smiled when he saw that she was not wearing any panties and he had a clear view of her love tube, Tina knelt on the sofa with her knees either side of Martin’s thighs, then held his dick up straight and lowered herself onto it, Martin felt it slide up Tina’s tight wet love tube and thought nice, Tina started to bounce up and down on Martin’s dick grinning as she did, after ten minutes Tina cried out yes yes yes as she did Martin felt her cum, after a few minutes Tina climbed off Martin, she looked at Martin and said to him ” you do not tell anyone anything about what happened in here or you will never get anything again ” Martin agreed not to tell then smiled when Tina said ” there is nothing wrong with the lights I pulled a fuse to get you in here from now on you do what I tell you to I control you you are going to be my little slave boy ” As Martin left the flat he thought what’s next miss.

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