Glory Hole Mistake

It was well known that in the public toilets of the local shopping centre there was a hole in the adjoining wall that separated the men’s toilets from the female toilets, the toilets were soon nicknamed the glory hole toilets and became very busy. Sixteen year old Steve who was a local racist thug was in the shopping centre with his girlfriend Sally and her ten year old sister June who hated Steve and wished that Sally would dump him and find a new boyfriend, the trio were sitting in one of the cafe’s when sally passed Steve a note that said ” meet you in the glory hole toilets you go down first, Steve smiled as he read the note and gave Sally the thumbs up then after a few minutes got up out of his chair and made his way down to the toilets, when he got there he was pleased to see the cubicle next to the adjoining wall was empty went in and closed the door, Sally started to make her way down to the toilets, Anjana who was a Bengali girl that was four years younger than what Steve was went into the ladies toilets and into the cubicle that adjoined the men’s toilets, Steve heard the door close and with out looking to see who it was in there undid his jeans and slid his dick through the hole assuming that it was Sally the other side of the wall, Anjana gasped then smiled when she saw the seven inch white dick come through the hole, after looking at it for a couple of minutes Anjana started to run her finger up and down the dick and after a couple of minutes the dick was sticking out straight, Anjana carried on running her finger up and down the dick which was soon fully erect, Anjana looked at the nine inch dick then held it in her hand and liked how warm and hard it felt in her hand, Anjana started to slowly jerk the solid dick slowly stopping after a couple of minutes then starting again like her older sister had taught her to do, after five minutes Anjana could feel the dick throbbing in her hand then after a couple of more minutes felt it twitch and four spurts of cum shoot out, after another minute Steve pulled his dick back through the hole, Anjana quickly used the toilet and left the cubicle to find Sally waiting outside, Sally went in the cubicle then after waiting five minutes and no dick appearing left again and found Steve waiting outside, Steve kissed Sally and said to her ” you get better at it all the time ” Sally told Steve she had not been able to get in the cubicle because Anjana had been in there, the pair saw Anjana walking up the stairs Anjana realised that it had been Steve who she had jerked off, Steve said ” fuck she wanked me off I thought it was you, Sally looked at Steve and said ” you should have checked ” and stormed off, Steve saw Anjana talking to June both girls looked at him and laughed, Steve knew that he would not live it down and went after Sally.

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