Mark was walking home along the icy country lane when ahead of him he saw car headlights coming towards him, Mark moved further off the very icy road to let the car pass him, Mark saw the head lights suddenly veer off to one side and heard a loud crashing sound as the vehicle crashed through the hedges, Mark ran to the crash site and saw a car in the river but nobody was getting out, Mark did not hesitate he very quickly scrambled down the river bank and into the icy cold river then swam out to the car where he was able to get the door open and pull out the girl in the front passenger seat who he saw was Cindy who at sixteen was two years older than what he was, Mark got the very dazed Cindy to the bank then returned to the car and then rescued Tina’s sister Sara who was two years younger than what he was, Mark made repeated trips to the car and rescued Cindy’s seventeen year old boyfriend Martin and his sister Mandy who was his age, after getting the group to the bank Mark felt the effects of the icy cold water and he started to get dizzy he then felt as if he was on a roundabout and the last thing he remembered was seeing the ground rushing towards him. Mark slowly opened his eyes blinking against the bright lights as he did, he heard somebody say ” he is awake” he then felt people prodding him, after awhile he was taken to room where he was told that he was a hero and that the four he had rescued would recover well. Mark fell asleep after a few hours Mark woke and heard voices just outside his room he heard somebody say ” that’s the fucking pervert from school he pervs on everybody boys and girls” he then heard the reply of ” yeah he might be a right pervert but he saved four lives last night including my brother so fuck of and leave him” the door to his room opened and Tony the sixteen year old brother of Martin walked in, Tony looked at Mark and said ” you done well everybody is happy with you your going to be well looked after” then to Mark’s utter surprise Tony lowered the front of his joggers revealing his six inch hairy dick, Mark looked and smiled, Tony pulled his joggers up and said ” we are going to hold a thank you party which will raise your blood pressure and give you the biggest hard on you ever had” the door opened and a nurse entered, Tony left the room with Mark still smiling. A few days later Mark was discharged from the hospital and headed home after a couple of hours Mark got a phone call then after speaking on the phone headed off out and went to the house where Martin lived, Tony let him into the house, Mark smiled when he saw that Tony was naked, he then saw Mandy and thought he was dreaming when he saw she was naked her well developing boobs moved around as she walked down the hall and when Sara appeared also naked Mark thought he was definitely dreaming, Mark looked at Sara’s just developing boobs with erect nipples and when Cindy walked into his view also naked Mark could hardly believe his eyes he looked first at Cindy’s smooth love tube then her large boobs with erect nipples, Martin appeared from the lounge, like the others he was naked, and supporting a nine inch erection, Mark looked at the group of naked friends as he did he saw that Tony now had a eight inch erection which Sara was stroking, Cindy smiled at Mark and said ” we owe you big time and are going to reward you so take your clothes off, after a couple of minutes Mark was naked his solid six inch dick throbbing, Cindy handed Mark some tablets and as she did she told him that the tablets were Viagra and that he was going to need them, Mark swallowed the four tablets and followed the naked group up stairs feeling Mandy grab his throbbing dick and saying I am first as they went, When Mark entered the big room he saw a large round bed taking up most of the room, he watched as Cindy lay on the bed and part her legs he then smiled deeply as Martin slid his throbbing  erection into Cindy’s love tube and start to thrust in and out, Mark looked down just as Mandy took his throbbing dick into her mouth and start to suck. Mark lay on the bed thinking who else wants saving as he squirted his cum into Mandy’s mouth and saw Tony squirt his cum in big long spurts

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To be continued.

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