New Begining

Adure was sat in her bedroom looking out the window into the wet night wishing that she was back home in her native Africa where she had been born and brought up. Adure had been living in England for three months where she had made some friends, there were a few racists about like Steve the boy who lived in the house next door, Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Adure was and had made it plain to her that he did not blacks, Adure ignored him when he started to rant on which he often did when he had been drinking the cheap cider that he often drank, Adure looked at the falling rain thinking we do not get much of this in Africa, as she looked out of the window Adure saw Steve staggering up the road and realised that he was very drunk, she found it funny the way Steve was falling all over the place, she watched him as he clung onto a lamp post for support and when he let go of it he fell on the ground and after quite a struggle he managed to get to his feet, Steve staggered to his garden gate unaware that he was giving entertainment to a black girl who he hated, after a few minutes Steve managed to get the garden gate open then half fell and half staggered through it then staggered down the garden path as far as the garden shed where he fell on to the ground, Adure saw Steve roll over onto his back then lay still, after watching Steve for a few minutes Adure crept out of the house and went to where Steve was laying, she could hear him snoring and thought now for revenge and some fun then after undoing Steve’s joggers pulled them right down smiling at the sight of his six inch dick and thought not as big as a block boys dick but started to rub it till it was standing erect at eight inches then slowly started to jerk it, after nearly twenty minutes Steve squirted cum in three spurts making Adure smile. Adure then went to the washing line where she took a pair of ladies panties of it and after a struggle had managed to get Steve’s joggers off him and the panties on him then replaced his joggers leaving them low enough for the panties to be seen after which she went back to her house. In the morning Adure was woken by shouts of ” mum the filthy sod is wearing my panties, Adure looked through the window and saw Steve’s sister mum and a few neighbours looking at Steve and thought explain that racist pig.

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