Racial Tension The Start

The council housing estate in the middle of East London was a well run down estate, the crime rate on the estate was the highest in the country, it was almost impossible for the residents of the estate to get any repairs carried out because the workmen had refused to go on the estate for fear of being robbed of their tools and vehicles, the ambulance service would only enter the estate with a police escort, there was a high percentage of Bengali residents living on the estate, there was also a racist gang of youths that lived on the estate, over the past year racial tension had risen and many people feared that there was going to be a race riot before long the police knew the situation on the estate was very bad and had drawn up plans to deal with a riot if one broke out which they knew was very likely to happen. Sixteen year old Steve was the leader of the racist gang and well feared, his twin sister Dawn was known to be friendly to everyone and was not racist at all, Dawn was walking home from school through the estate when she saw Abdul who lived in the house next door to her, Dawn saw that Abdul had a nasty gash to his forehead and went to help him, Dawn got on well with Abdul who was two years younger than what she was, Dawn learnt from Abdul that a bottle had been thrown at him which hit him in the head causing the gash, Dawn took Abdul to his house where she used her first aid skills and dressed the wound when Dawn asked him if he needed any other help Abdul smiled and said ” my middle leg is stiff it needs massaging badly ” Dawn smiled then to the surprise of Abdul Dawn pulled the zip on his trousers down put her hand inside and pulled his six inch erect dick out and started to jerk it, Abdul sat enjoying the hand job and after a few minutes squirted his cum in four spurts, then after wiping her hand went to her own house thinking the teachers did say we should work to relieve tensions I only did what they said to do. Dawn was making a cup of tea when she saw Abdul’s brother Asif approaching her door, when she had got in Dawn had taken her uniform off and was wearing just her bra and panties but still opened the door when Asif knocked on it, Asif looked at Dawn and said ” that should be the new uniform for girls ” Dawn asked him what he wanted, Asif made no reply instead he cupped Dawn’s ample boobs then lowered the cups of her bra and massaged Dawn’s naked boobs then after gently pushing her back into the kitchen slid his hand inside her panties and started to rub her love tube before sliding her panties down and laying her on the table and removing her panties and bra completely then started to lick and suck her nipples while rubbing her love tube, after a few minutes Asif stood up and undid his trousers releasing his eight inch erection which he was soon sliding into Dawn’s love tube as he started to thrust in and out Dawn groaned out loud and was soon moaning in pleasure as Asif thrust in hard and deep into her love tube, after ten minutes Asif felt Dawn cum as she did she cried out yes oh yes, shortly after Asif pulled his dick out of Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, after ten minutes Asif had done his trousers up and was leaving when Dawn said to him, ” you never said what you wanted ” Asif said back ” I can not remember but will come back if I remember ” but was thinking actions speak louder than words, Dawn went and had a shower then after dressing left to go and see her friend, as she walked down the road Dawn saw smoke rising in the distance then saw rows of riot police vans and thought it has started earlier than what was expected.

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