The Big Change Part 1

Dawn had been known as being a racist, she did not belong to any racist organisation or was violent she just did not like anyone who was not English, Dawn would quite often get very verbal in her dislike for those people who were not English, she often told her sister Amy to mix with her own kind only, Amy disagreed with Dawn over her views which often resulted in the pair having big arguments which would some times turn into physical fights, every year during the school summer holidays Dawn would spend a couple of weeks with her granddad and grandma at there house in a small country village, Dawn at just arrived back home from her grandparents where she had celebrated her sixteenth birthday, as she entered the house Amy’s friend Asif who was in her class at school was just leaving, to the surprise of Asif Dawn moved to one side to let him out instead of telling him to get out of her way. Then later in the day when old Mr Khan tripped on the kerb instead of walking by Dawn asked him if he was ok and helped him up, Residents of the estate where Dawn lived began to notice how she was less verbal towards the none English residents they also noticed that she was now going into the small Indian owned corner shop a place that she never used to go into. It was a very hot afternoon when Dawn went into the Indian corner shop to get some cans of soft drinks, Abdul who was two years younger than what Dawn was was stacking shelves, he saw Dawn enter the shop and noticed that there were pokies in Dawn’s tee shirt, Dawn went to fridge display as she did she saw Abdul looking at her then to Abdul’s surprise Dawn said ” do not strain your eyes have a closer look ” and lifted her tee shirt up exposing her naked ample boobs, Abdul stood looking at Dawn’s boobs feeling his dick going stiff as he did, Dawn lowered her tee shirt then after paying for the drinks left the shop, Abdul could hardly believe what he had seen but liked what he had seen. A couple of hours later Amy went into the shop asking if they could do a delivery telling them that Dawn would be there to take the stuff in, Abdul saw Amy get on a bus with her mum and after getting the order together took it to the house where dawn lived when he knocked on the door Dawn opened it and told Abdul to put the bo on the table, after doing so he looked at Dawn who said ” did you enjoy seeing my tits earlier ” Abdul smiled saying that he had and when Dawn asked him if wanted to see them again Abdul smiled and nodded his head when Dawn said or do you want to see me naked, Abdul nodded, Dawn took her tee shirt off, as Abdul looked at her boobs noticing her erect nipples then watched as Dawn undid her jeans and took them off, Abdul looked wide eyed at the now naked Dawn admiring her hairless love tube and erect nipples as he did he could feel his very erect dick pushing against his joggers and when Dawn said ” have you got a hard on ” Abdul told her yes, Dawn went over to Abdul and in one pull got his joggers right down then knelt on the floor and started to suck Abdul’s throbbing six inch erection, Abdul could hardly believe what was happening to him but was not complaining he stood enjoying the blow job and after a few minutes his knees buckled as he squirted his cum into Dawn’s mouth, after swallowing the cum Dawn stood up. Twenty minutes later Abdul was walking down the road still in a bit of a daze but hoping that he would get to deliver more deliveries to the house something that he had never liked doing before because of the verbal abuse that he had always got from Dawn, back at the shop Abdul heard somebody say that Dawn was changed, Abdul nodded.

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