The Big Treat

Simon was a sixteen year old youth who was a loner, he lived with his mum in a small English village but went to school in a neighbouring town, at school Simon was known as the school nerd and also as a swot box he did not join in the fun and games with the other students but went to the school library to study instead, he had became a target for the school bullies but this did not deter him from carrying on with his studies, one Saturday afternoon Simon was out looking for frogs he was down by the river just outside the village when he saw Amy who was four years younger than what he was, Amy was riding her bike along the river bank, when she got to where Simon was she got her bike and asked Simon what he was doing, after Simon told her what he was doing Amy said ” I am going in for a swim watch my bike will you ” Simon told her he would, Amy took her tee shirt off, Simon was surprised to see that she was wearing nothing under it and he had a clear view of her developing boobs, Simon watched as Amy undid her jeans when she took them off Simon saw that she was now naked and admired her bum as she dived into the water, Simon sat down to hide the obvious tent in his joggers caused by his erection,, Sion watched as Amy swam around in the river then after twenty minutes when Amy climbed out of the river onto the bank Simon felt his dick twitch as he looked at Amy’s smooth love tube, Amy lay down on the grass then to Simon’s surprise she started to rub her love tube, Simon saw that Amy’s nipples were erect, Simon sat watching as Amy rubbed her love tube, when she pushed fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate Simon could hardly believe his eyes but sat watching then after ten more minutes Simon saw Amy gush as she did she let out a deep groan, After five minutes Amy dived back in the water then after swimming around for a few minutes climbed out and dressed, then as she cycled off said to Simon ” thanks for watching my bike ” Simon thought that is not all I was watching and it was better than watching your bike ” After a hour Simon headed for home as he crossed the field he saw Amy’s sister July who was two years younger than what he was, July spoke with Simon saying Amy told me you watched her swimming, Simon did not say anything, July then said ” she was naked why did you not fuck her she would not have stopped you ” again Simon did not say anything, July said that is our favourite swimming place lots of girls go skinny dipping there so do boys and we often fuck, July walked off towards the river, Simon waited a few minutes then went back to the river as he approached the river he saw July standing on the bank naked her hair hanging down her back dripping wet, when Simon approached July turned, Simon admired her ample boobs that had erect nipples and her hairless love tube, July did not say anything she just lay down in the grass and started to rub her love tube, Simon dropped his bag on the ground and took his joggers off, July looked at his nine inch erection and said ” that is fucking impressive ” and parted her legs further, Simon knelt down between July’s legs and after a couple minutes slid his dick into her love tube as he did July cried out, Simon started to thrust in and out of July’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could and hearing July groan as he did, after five minutes Simon felt July cum as she did she let out a deep groan, Simon carried on thrusting in and out of July’s love tube causing her to climax three more times before he removed his dick and squirted cum over the grass, After a few minutes Simon stood up as he put his joggers on Simon saw that July had a glazed look in her eyes, After ten minutes July stood and dressed, As Simon walked away July said ” mum and dad are going to be out all night tonight come round it will be fun. Later that night Simon went round to July’s house the door was opened by Amy who was wearing just a towel as he went in to the house Amy shouted up the stairs that Simon had arrived, Simon went into the lounge where Amy gave in a glass of squash that unbeknown to Simon had a few viagra tablets crushed up in it, as she gave Simon the squash Amy took her towel off revealing her naked body, Simon smiled as he did July walked into the lounge like Amy July was naked then to his surprise but great joy Janet who was July’s best friend walked in she was also naked Janet was followed by Sara one of Amy’s school class mates, Simon sat looking at the four naked girls and thought those viagra tablets I took earlier had better work well then stood up and stripped naked, once he was naked, once he was naked Janet said ” fucking hell his cock is big this is going to be fun ” Simon reached out and started to rub Amy’s love tube while Sara took hold of his dick in her hand and started to stroke it, Janet moved forward saying not like that like this and after pushing Sara’s hand away from Simon’s dick knelt down on the floor took Simon’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it, after five minutes Janet was laying on the floor groaning as Simon thrust in and out of her love tube. Three hours later Simon was leaving the house as he left he looked at the four well satisfied naked girls laying on the floor, as he walked up the road Simon thought studying might not be all that good after all, as he passed Sharon who was the girl friend of one of the school bullies who gave him hassle Sharon said to him, ” somebody told me that you have a big cock and know how to use it is that right, ten minutes later Simon was in an ally thrusting in and out of a moaning Sharon’s love thinking find out for yourself.

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