The Escort Home

Steve was a sixteen year old thug who was well feared in the small town where he lived, he was well known for his violent behaviour which had caused many people to stay clear of him, he lived with his gran and twelve year old sister Amy who were the only two people he really cared cared about, his mum was an alcoholic who was serving a three year prison sentence for hitting a police officer with a bottle, this was why Steve and Amy were living with their gran, Steve had just met Amy from school and was walking home with her through the park, as they walked they saw four white boys pushing an Indian girl around, Amy said ” that is my mate Pia we are in the same class at school help her ” Steve started walking towards the group shouting ” get off her as he did ” the four boys looked straight towards and quickly ran off leaving Pia on the ground, Steve then walked home with Pia and Amy following him, once they got to where Steve and Amy lived Amy went into the house while Steve took Pia the rest of the way to where she lived, the pair took a short cut through the woods where part of the way through Steve said ” he wanted to have a piss ” and went behind some bushes where he undid his joggers and lowered the front of them, Pia was stood on the track and when through a gap in the bushes she saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick appear she smiled broadly liking what she was seeing, when Steve rejoined Pia he asked her what she was smirking about, Pia said ” I saw your dick through the bushes it is nice and big ” Steve looked at her and said ” big deal I do not care ” Pia ” if you do not care show me it again ” Steve just looked at Pia who said ” go on get it out ” Steve smiled and said ” ok I will but do not tell Amy or anybody else ” then watched as Steve lowered the front of his joggers once more ” Pia stood looking at Steve’s dick and after a couple of minutes saw it twitch then watched in awe as Steve’s dick slowly grew and stood looking in awe at Steve’s nine inch erection and said ” wow you have got a hard on ” Steve said to her ” if you want to you can play with it as long as you do not tell any one ” Pia smiled and said ” you mean give you a wank ” Steve nodded his head, Pia said ” cool I will wank you ” Steve said ” come on in the bushes ” and walked back behind the bushes with Pia following him, Steve stood looking at Pia who reached out and took hold of Steve’s dick, Pia held Steve’s dick in her hand loving how stiff and warm it felt ” then started to stroke it slowly hardly believing that she was jerking off a white boy, Pia slowly got faster hearing Steve breathe heavier and heavier after ten minutes Pia felt Steve’s dick twitch and saw five long spurts of cum from his dick followed by a couple of shorter ones, after a few minutes Pia let go of Steve’s dick and after Steve had wiped his dick and put it away the pair continued their journey to Pia’s house. The following day when Steve met Amy from school Pia was with her after dropping Amy off Steve walked Pia home stopping in the woods for a sit down in the bushes.

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