The Mix Up

Sixteen year old Tina was a troublesome girl who caused no end of trouble, she was racist, homophobic and violent she was feared with few friends, her sister Sara who was four years younger than Tina had the same reputation, their dad had left home a few years ago and the sisters now lived with their mum who was an alcoholic on a run don council estate in the middle of East London, The estate had been branded the worst estate in the country with repairs not being done very few public lights worked, the grass become very overgrown, people who did not live on the estate did not go to the estate unless they really had to. Tina had seen an advert in a magazine offering five hundred pound to people who were prepared to test drugs now her and her sister Sara was sat in the lab after getting their injections and once getting the all clear they left. Just after they had left it was discovered that a mistake had been made and instead of getting an anti flu injection the two girls had been given an injection that would increase the sexual urges of elephants ten fold, despite a search the girls could not be found anywhere at all. Tina had left her sister in town and was now walking through the woods to her favourite quiet spot where she could smoke her dope in peace, Tina was feeling weird and light headed but carried on walking and then she started to feel horny and after a few minutes was feeling extremely horny and undid her jeans and slid her hand inside, Martin who was two years younger than what Tina was and a flasher and peeping tom and well hated was in the woods and saw Tina, he noticed the big pokies in her tee shirt and saw her with her hand inside her jeans and smiled, Tina walked into the bushes as she went Martin saw the top of her bum he followed her in and saw her standing jeans right down the whole of her naked bum showing he then moved in front and saw Tina pushing her fingers in and out of her love tube with one hand under her tee shirt he noticed the glazed look in her eyes, Martin undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection spring out Tina looked at it looked at Martin removed her fingers from her love tube lay on the ground and said ” fuck me” Martin reached down and pulled Tina’s jeans clear of her body then got down between her parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into Tina’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, Tina lay there groaning after five minutes  Martin pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and squirted his cum over the grass then stood up, Tina looked up and said ” don’t stop keep fucking me” Martin walked away hardly believing what had just happened. Sara was just arriving home as she walked down the landing of the flats where she lived she saw seventeen year old Asif the Pakistani boy who lived next door to her, July went into her flat leaving the door open, After a few minutes Asif walked past the flat looked and stopped when he saw naked on the floor rubbing her love tube Asif went in the flat smiling said ” want a hand” and when Sara said ” I want cock” Asif undid his jeans pulled his eight inch erection out knelt down and pushed it into Sara’s tight love tube and started to thrust in and out as he did he saw Tina walk into the flat he saw that she had no jeans and was being followed by a group of boys, Tina was soon laying on the floor with a boy pounding away into her love tube he saw another boy pulling Tina’s tee shirt up and off revealing her ample boobs which were soon being rubbed by one of Sara’s classmates after a few minutes Asif was squirting his cum on the floor while sixteen year old Palash was pushing his dick into Sara’s now vacant love tube, fourteen year old Pia was stood in the flat watching as the two girls were serviced by different boys and loving the sight of all the boys stood with their erect dicks out waiting for their turn, it was twenty four hours later and the two girls were still laying naked on the floor all the boys had gone home happy sixteen year Pia and her mate Pao who were lesbians were sat on the floor playing with the naked bodies of the two thug girls. At the lab the senior tester was telling his staff that they needed to find the girls explaining that it would take about a week  or more for the stuff that the girls had been injected with to leave their system.

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