The Spray

Abdul was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had been living in the small English country village for only a couple of weeks, he lived with his parents who were retired and in their seventies, his youngest sister who was six years younger than what he was  also lived there as did his brother who was two years older than his sister and had the nickname of ape because he was always swinging around in the trees. Since moving into the village Abdul and his family had soon found out that they were not wanted in the village and not liked at all, the villagers were racist and treated the Bengali family very badly, the owners of the shop would not serve them, they suffered violence and racist name calling, their car had been set alight and windows in the house smashed, the family had decided to move to another place to live, It was a Saturday afternoon and a plane was flying over the village and fields spraying the crops. The radio of the plane was not working so the pilot did not hear the urgent message telling him he had the wrong stuff in the tank and not to spray. Ape was walking along the lane towards the village with his sister and was being followed by two boys who were two years older than what he was, the boys were given ape and his sister verbal racist abuse, when the plane flew over head spraying as it went. After a few minutes Ape heard one of the boys say” I got a fucking hard on” and heard the other one replying that he did as well, Ape looked back and saw a bulge in each of the boys shorts, One of the boys said ” I need a fucking wank” and the other said ” I am going to have one,  Ape looked back again and saw both boys had their shorts down stroking their dicks, he told his sister to have a look, his sister did and went wide eyed, Ape said to her just like in that magazine at home, the pair stood watching, Ape was bi sexual and liking what he was seeing after a few minutes one boy said ” I am going to spunk up” and squirted his cum in four spurts not long after the other boy squirted his cum in three squirts, Ape walked on taking his smiling sister home, Abdul was looking out the kitchen window when he saw Tina who was his age and lived next door in their garden she had her hands up her hoody and obviously rubbing her boobs he saw her sister July who was the same age as what Ape was come out of the house wearing just a dressing gown, Simon the eighteen year old boy from the shop arrived and after a few minutes was snogging Tina then to Abdul’s surprise he lifted Tina’s hoody over her head and off letting Tina’s naked boobs come into sight, Abdul watched in awe as both Simon and Tina stripped naked and could hardly believe his eyes as Simon pushed his nine inch erection into Tina’s love tube and start to thrust away, when he looked at July he saw that she had taken her gown off was stood naked with her little nipples erect and was pushing a fork handle up her love tube, Abdul saw ape and his sister walking up the road and when they got to the house ape told his brother about him about the two boys and also told him they had seen a couple by the river having sex, Abdul went out into the street and walked towards the shop on his way he saw Simon’s sister who was the same age as ape sitting in the bus shelter her jeans right down rubbing her bare love tube, Abdul watched her for awhile then walked on he saw Cindy the sixteen year old ring leader of the kids in the village kneeling down with the dick of the vicars son in her mouth after watching for awhile Abdul walked on, he could hardly believe his eyes nearly all the villagers were naked having one form of sex or another, Abdul started to walk back home as he went he saw sixteen year old Mark a friend of Simon in the bus shelter thrusting away in and out of a the love tube of Simon’s sister, when he arrived at the house that he lived in he was surprised to see Tina still naked and sucking ape’s dick, Abdul went into the house and saw his dad being sucked off by the woman from the house naked door and his mum sucking the dick of the man who lived door, Abdul went upstairs and saw his sister stroking the dick of a boy who worked on the farm and was about seventeen, Abdul went outside he saw July standing naked, he undid his trousers and let his seven inch dick spring out, and smiled when July said ” yeah come on then come and fuck me” as she did she lay on the ground parting her legs, Abdul went over knelt between the girls parted legs bent forward and slid his dick  into the girls waiting moist love tube and as he did he heard July cry out ” oh yes at long last I am getting fucked” Abdul started to thrust in and out of July’s tight love tube loving the way she was moaning and after a while he felt her cum after a few more thrusts into the tight love tube Abdul  pulled his dick out of July’s tight love tube then went to Tina and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube rubbing her boobs as he did, ape was stood by the gate and saw the two boys who he and his sister had watched jerk off both were naked their dicks fully erect, ape went to them and rubbed their bums one of the boys went over to July and knelt down in front of her and was soon having his dick sucked by the girl, ape moved behind the other boy and started to rub his bum with both hands, when the boy turned ape thought he was going to get beat up and was totally surprised when the boy said ” go on man give my bum a good fucking” then knelt down on his knees with his hands firmly on the ground it was not long before ape was thrusting in and out of the boys bum.  Abdul heard voice through a loud hailer on a car, say ” warning this is a warning stay inside do ” the voice changed tone and said ” oh fuck to late and I guess you know” later that night Abdul was on the airfield where the crop spraying plane operated from, he had broke in the store room and after reading through books found that the crop sprayer had sprayed a chemical that gave those it came into contact with a very strong uncontrollable sex drive, Abdul also learnt that the urge would last a month, Abdul then switched labels on drums of chemicals and check more books and two days later was in the town where a racist march was taking place, he had already told the Bengali community of the town what to expect but they had dismissed him as a nut case but when the march had started and the crop spraying plane had been over they changed their minds when they saw the teen racists starting to undress and were soon looking at the naked white teens a Bengali girl of nine years of age was stood watching as a white racist thug stroked his dick right in front of her, the girl had been told what boys do with their dicks but this was the first time she had seen a boy doing it Abdul was thrusting away in a girl he knew was about his sisters age while her sixteen year old sister was being banged by a boy Abdul knew was two years younger than what he was. Later that night Abdul was back in his village listening to the groans coming from the girls who lived in the house next door to where he lived from his window he could see his sister stroking the dick of Simon  his brother was thrusting away into the backside of somebody that he did not know  Abdul did not care  he rolled over onto  the shop owners daughter and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube wishing his dad would make less noise as he fucked the vicars wife. In the morning Abdul walked to the local shop on his way he saw the vicars daughter sucking Simon’s dick while Ape was thrusting into his bum. Abdul smiled and thought perhaps we don’t need to move after all.

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