Thug Jailed Part 1

The residents of the tower block of flats that was in the middle of a run down council estate were celebrating because sixteen year old Mark had been sent to prison for fifteen years, Mark was a violent thug who many people had been scared off, he had beat up lots of people on the estate broke into houses and caused no end of trouble, he had lived with his sixteen year old girlfriend and her sister Amy who was four years younger than he was, Sharon’s mum was an alcoholic and hardly ever at home, Sharon had long blonde hair and was thought of as a real beauty, many boys and some girls admire the way her clothes hugged her body showing off her curves but were to scared to try and chat her up for fear of Mark beating them up. It was the day after Mark had been sent to prison when Sharon arrived home from school and as normal her mum was not there, Sharon took a bag of rubbish to the rubbish chute when she entered the rubbish chute room she saw her classmate Mia stood having a cigarette, Sharon knew that Mia was a lesbian, after putting the bag into the rubbish hopper Sharon turned faced Mia then to the utter surprise of Mia cupped her boobs and rubbed them, after a minute Sharon left the rubbish chute room and returned to her flat, Mia waited a couple of minutes then went and knocked on Sharon’s door, Sharon opened the door wearing just her skimpy bra and panties, after opening the door Sharon walked into the flat, Mia followed her, as she walked into the lounge she saw Amy sitting on the sofa naked rubbing her love tube, Mia looked at Amy’s budding boobs thinking very nice, Amy moved her hand away from her love tube, Mia looked thinking even better, Sharon walked into the lounge as she did Mia’s eyes lit up Sharon was naked, Mia looked at her ample boobs and shaved love tube hardly believing what she seeing, Sharon walked over to Mia and gently got her down on the floor and started to undo her blouse while Amy was undoing her skirt, Mia did not resist and after a couple of minutes was naked with Sharon sucking her nipples while Amy rubbed her love tube after a couple of minutes Any and Sharon swopped places and while Amy was licking her boobs Sharon was licking her love tube after a couple of minutes Mia felt Sharon’s tongue go into her love tube, Mia lay on the floor breathing heavy as the two sisters worked away on her body then after five minutes cried out in pleasure as she climaxed, after a few minutes the sisters were sitting on the sofa, as Mia dressed Sharon said ” I told you she was a lesbian ” Amy laughed and said ” are you sure we will find out later ” Mia left the flat in a bit of a daze thinking that would not have happened if Mark was here, twenty minutes later Mark’s brother Paul who was two years younger than Mark turned up at the flat, Sharon let him in wearing a dressing gown when Paul walked into the lounge and saw Amy who was still naked he said ” fuck me ” Amy smiled and said ” no fuck me ” and parted her legs as she lay on the floor, Paul did not hesitate and stripped naked then after a couple of minutes was pushing his seven inch erection into Amy’s love tube then started to thrust in and out as he did he felt Sharon rub his bum, Paul carried on thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube as he did he saw Sharon walk into the kitchen and saw she was naked as he admired her bum he thought nice then when she returned he saw her nipples were erect, as Paul thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube he admired Sharon’s boobs and love tube thinking I am having her as well, after a few more minutes Paul pulled his dick from Amy’s love tube just after feeling her cum and squirted his cum up her body, then lay on the floor beside her thinking I am dreaming, after a few minutes Paul had a shower after which he returned to the lounge where he saw Sharon and Amy dressed, half a hour later as he walked to the lift Paul thought I never got my book I will have to go back tomorrow Sharon can give me it. The two girls were sat in their lounge, when Amy said who is net on the list, Sharon smiled and said Mark’s mate Steve and he has a very big big cock.

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