Willing Girl

The bus was travelling through the small country lanes, the bus was full of passengers returning from a day out in town, all the seats were occupied there was standing room only. Sixteen year old Steve a well known thug was seating on the back seat of the bus next to an Indian family, Pia who was four years younger than what Steve was did not have a seat and was standing in front of Steve, her elderly gran suddenly with out any warning grabbed hold of Pia’s wrist and pulled her backwards causing her to land on Steve’s lap saying sit on the nice boy’s lap, Steve laughed, Pia put her hand on Steve’s leg for support to stand up as she did the bus hit a pothole in the road, Pia slipped as she did her hand slid onto Steve’s lap as it did she felt the out line of Steve’s dick, Pia quickly moved her hand saying sorry and was surprised when Steve said ” no problems all is cool ” as Pia started to get up Steve got hold of her hips and pulled her back down saying ” you can sit on the nice boy’s lap it is better than standing ” Pia sat back down, When the bus went round a ben Pia held Steve’s leg for support, Steve put his hand on top of Pia’s and pushed it across to his lap Pia felt his dick through his joggers, when Pia went to move her hand Steve pushed it back over his dick, Pia looked at him thinking ” he want’s me to feel his dick ” then when Steve ran his hand over the top of her bum Pia smiled, Steve moved his hand off of Pia’s she looked at Steve and smiled leaving her hand where it was, Pia realised her mum and gran could not see what was happening and slowly ran her hand over Steve’s dick, Steve moved his hand inside his joggers, Pia looked down and saw the tip of Steve’s dick over the top of his joggers, when Pia looked at Steve he smiled, Pia moved her hand up and touched the top of Steve’s dick then slid her hand right inside his joggers and held the whole of Steve’s seven inch soft dick and gently squeezed it and felt it start to thicken and soon felt it was hard, Pia started to jerk it slowly, Pia’s mum stood up as she did she said ” next stop is ours ” her gran stood up, Pia took her hand out of Steve’s joggers and stood up then looked down and saw Steve’s nine inch erection sticking out of his joggers and smiled. Before she could move down the bus Pia’s mum told her to stay on the bus till the next stop and get some bread because she had forget it in town, Pia said ok I will ” and quickly sat back down beside Steve who slid up to the end of the seat with Pia following him, Pia saw that Steve still had his dick out and was soon stroking it and after a few minutes when Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts Pia said ” wow ” At the next stop Pia got off the bus and walked to the shop thinking ” I have just wanked off a white boy ” after getting the bread Pia started to walk back to her house as she did she saw Steve’s brother Martin who was two years older than what she was he was stood by the derelict house, as she got closer Martin lowered the front of his joggers letting his six inch dick out and said ” want to give me a wank as well ” Pia smiled as Martin got an eight inch erection when Martin went into the derelict house Pia followed him and was soon stroking his throbbing dick and when Martin squirted his cum in two spurts Pia smiled. Pia walked home hardly believing that she had just jerked off two white boys hoping that she would be able to do it again and hoping that she would be able to do it again and jerk off some more white boys big dicks.

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This story Willing Girl appeared first on newsexstory.com


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